1. BoPeach

    WTS Shadow Iron Pedestal

    Rare drop - Shadow iron pedestal Hue 1109 S/B 200k B/I 100K Ends 48 hours after last bid.
  2. roxju6

    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    Make any reasonable offers here or to Stevenson#8266 for any individual items or sets of items Please do not ask me how much for any items, make an offer! ALREADY SOLD: holly jolly torch white sash all Pink Easter chests Rose in a vase Ethereal Dyeing Deeds 2x santa's cape sold ( 1 left) 1x...
  3. James Franco

    WTS Selling RARE Boulder (House Deco)

    Selling rare boulder S/B 800K. B/O 2m Auction Ends some days after the last bid.
  4. T

    WTS A Tile of Water(Animated)

    Very Rare! It is animated when locked down. Could make your own river in your house! SB - 1M Increments : 100k Ends : 9pm Central Tonight .
  5. A'zah

    WTS Bolt of Void Born Cloth

    Selling bolt of Void Born Cloth hue 2070 (deco only) from recent reptile invasion. Super rare. Asking 300k or best offer. 2 available. Trill#0784 on discord Or you can pm me here Will provide picture upon request through discord.
  6. S

    WTS orange petals & deco plants

    At Trinsic Trading Company. Not displayed are my black plants. Pm Swango on discord.
  7. JW421


    Selling rare deco item "saddle" 36 HR auction will end at 10PM EST 6/10. S/B 800K at 100K increments B/O is 1.4M