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    Ill buy if you still have. Stevenson in discord
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    WTS 16 x 11 No blockage or spawn 1552 storage!

    nah sold long ago
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    WTB the following statues

    Snow Ele Balron Gazer Evil Mage Ettin Terathan Warrior message me on disco - Stevenson#8266
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    WTS Pink Plants in Pink Chest!

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    WTS MOTM Slayer Vanqs

    #1 65k
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    WTB Dispersion Relic

    Want to buy dispersion relic, pm me here or at Stevenson#8266
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    WTS Cool Mytsery Lotto, Ps and Rares Vendors at the Yew Shop

    5mil on dispersion
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    Again, it's not an auction for all the items. If you have an individual item or a group of items you are interested in, send me an offer.
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    Available again! Let me know if you desire anything at a cheap price, just offer!
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    bump, available for 36 more hours !!
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    holly jolly torch and the white sash are sold
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    I didnt mean as an auction for everything, if there are any individual items or a group of items you want let me know :)
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    buy my shit i dont want it
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    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    Make any reasonable offers here or to Stevenson#8266 for any individual items or sets of items Please do not ask me how much for any items, make an offer! ALREADY SOLD: holly jolly torch white sash all Pink Easter chests Rose in a vase Ethereal Dyeing Deeds 2x santa's cape sold ( 1 left) 1x...
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