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    Trying to make new account (help)

    Welcome to UoF! Most of the conversations are in discord as mentioned by Shane above. You need to link your discord to your game account as well that may be why you're having trouble. You can also access the password reset here: The Wiki has a...
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    2022 Christmas Deco Competition

    This next story is inspired by our good friend Weird Al Yankovic. Santa's workshop is located at 2027, 1109 (just south of the swamp that is north of East Britain) and is open to the public. It is strongly encouraged you listen to this family friendly classic Christmas carol while you stroll...
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    Necromancer ??

    A necromancer talisman has been released! Check it out:
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    2022 Halloween Deco Contest

    Welcome to 924 N. 25th St. - The Jeffrey Dahmer Museum! Outside we've preserved the gardens as monumental gravesites to the fallen victims to his heinous crimes... but if you dare, enter the main hall to gaze upon the horrors with your own eyes. Walking up the grand staircase of the museum...
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    Zombieland 2022: New lands and more!

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    WTS deleted

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    Hi Sardo Nespa Here

    Welcome to UoF! In game you can use [c to chat with a companion as long as you have young player status if you have any questions or need help!
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    Zombieland 2021

    LOOP both macros. Attach to individual key binds. Regular Zomebieland Targeting macro: @setalias 'self1' 'self' @getenemy 'enemy' 'criminal' 'gray' 'closest' pause 750 if @inrange 'enemy' '1' attack 'enemy' setalias 'vendor' 'enemy' while @inrange 'vendor' 1 pause 850...
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    WTS Emerald Orcish Visage

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    WTS Glass Wings - 8 Year Anniversary - Hue Polar 1665

    WTS 8th Anniversary Glass Wings rare boss drop. Hue Polar 1665 S/B 2M B/I 100K
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    WTS Spring Herbal Beard Dye (Hue 2547)

    This was sold to Reda!
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    WTS Ravager Statue

    Going to put this guy on tuesday night auction
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    WTS Ravager Statue

    WTS a ravager statuette (Hue 0) s/b 700k b/i 50k
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    WTS Spring Herbal Beard Dye (Hue 2547)

    Taking offers on Spring Herbal Beard Dye Hue 2547 *** This was not a drop *** Confirmed by Fay is it a beard dye