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    Can we take another gander at this?
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    Hiding not going up

    Sounds like your doing everything right,just be patient you'll gain.
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    WTB:120 taming

    Someone get this man a scroll and quit hoarding them.
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    Char question

    I think your thinking you was playing another shard that uses them skills.Ive never heard of item lore ,and item id does what is says .
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    Recovering old accounts

    I got all my og accts still and I don't log in years at a time.Just started a back a few months ago after a 4 year break
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    Bard Tamer Noob

    It natters the animal your trying to tame.You provo the monsters to attack each other,So you can tame in peace.some even use discordance which weakens the monsters also for a short time.Also the lower the animals health is the easier it is to tame.
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    Returning after a long break since 2015

    I got a few accounts that I hadn't logged into since 2015 and they're still active just logged in.
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    Total Newbie needs hand holding

    There's plenty of guides in the guides section of the fourms.Theres also plenty of videos on YouTube.I fear that this is a troll question,or someone that is to lazy to do a simple google search.Hell my 11 yr old finds every guide himself easy.As for Zanondorf, you just sound like you gave up on...
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    Advice on existing toons after years of idle

    You answered your own question, nox not viable pvp wise if you don't want to drop it make a alcy mage.Theyre best for 1v1. Other than that scribe/heal mage is a great group templete.
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    Scroll stacking

    Just throw them away or use them.Those are older scrolls I think .Do all the scrolls not stack?
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    PKers in town... Really?

    Well how old are 10?I think you need your parents permission to even play.I feel bad for the fourm moderators personally.Quit making dumb post and harass them in discord instead ok?
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    PKers in town... Really?

    Lmao no if you want that go find a shard with trammel.Let me guess you attacked a pk in town and he killed you while you was telling Guards!?
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    Would love to play here on phone

    Bump @Shane any news my friend?
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    WTS Moonglow Guard Zone Vendor House

    Starting bid?