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New Profile Posts

  1. Arcane Gods [AG]
  2. joymax88
    joymax88 Homer the miner
    hello, do you sell 110 fishing sop?
  3. JulesWinnfield
    buying dono at 170k per 1k pm easydoesit- in disc or here, thanks
  4. wing chan
    wing chan Tofy
    I wish I could but I nearly forgotten most things about uo since I last played it when Internet 1st came out. All I remember back then was its very lagggy very crowded it was pvm&p lol i quit playing back then cause I lost my house cause I couldn't get rezzed fast to get my stuff back so this time I'm gonna need some help
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  5. wing chan
    wing chan Tofy
    Is everone on the forever server or different
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    2. Tofy
      We are all on the forever server.
      Come join us
      Jun 21, 2017 at 3:19 PM
  6. Rushh
    Rushh Brakrak
    heyyy here?
    discord Rushh#8852 pm pls :p
    1. Brakrak
      Jun 21, 2017 at 9:32 PM
  7. cody pierson
    cody pierson
    still getting used to ultima
  8. wing chan
    wing chan Tofy
    hi i wish to join my in game chars are aun'kor and aun'shi only 2 days old
  9. MadNezz
    Thomas Keller im looking for YOU. PM me
  10. PerrinBlackbow
    PerrinBlackbow devin6589
    Hey there looking to join SKG Download discord and hit me @ Dargothic#0681
  11. Kuchikuchiku
    Kuchikuchiku Dubee AshTrey
    Hi, is the Nox relic still available?
  12. id236236
  13. halv
    WTB Shadow Disciple Relic!
  14. Raiden
    Raiden mutaxlock66
    happen to still have that house for sale?
    new player looking for a home :)
  15. mutaxlock66
    mutaxlock66 Sir.
    I would be interested in joining the group. My name is Kerry Bunk. You can contact me at Discord via @MorbidAngel#0409
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  16. Levinpanda
    Which server has more player now? Kinda went back playing. Looking for a guild.
  17. feech l.m
    feech l.m
    i know what you want
  18. feech l.m
    feech l.m Axel
    hey im feech - biascica. you remember?
  19. Hexoplex
    Found a new home, now I have to move again.
  20. e2wolfe
    e2wolfe Arthis
    Good Morning if you're still looking for Dono coins I have 2k I'm looking to sell at 170k each