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  1. StarLord87
    money is for jews and trammy fgts - The true Lord and Savior
  2. Lord Core
    Lord Core BananaKill
    I have a Council of Wizards Shroud if that is what your looking for?
  3. Lolitah
    Lolitah Homer the miner
    You won sphynx for 150k. wbb chest room Lolitah when ready. Thanks.
  4. StarLord87
    *plays dj sona music 10hr*
  5. Lolitah
    Lolitah King Dingaling
    I'll take anatomy, tactics, eval intell and magery. Thanks.
  6. Pare Kama
    Pare Kama
    Play around 4 months(since Jun2018). Active player.
  7. Ultra Loaf
    Ultra Loaf King Dingaling
    Hello are you Irina? I'm interested in doing the player auctions please :)
    1. King Dingaling
      King Dingaling
      lol no i believe her screen name is irina on the forums
      Oct 16, 2018
    2. Ultra Loaf
      Ultra Loaf
      Thx! Someone linked u lol
      Oct 16, 2018
    3. King Dingaling
      King Dingaling
      Oct 16, 2018
  8. Lord_Puffy
  9. -G-
    i love technology.
  10. BodyCount666
    BodyCount666 Slice N Dice
    I saw an old post of you having a Valorite Swamp Dragon on Ultima Online Forever, if you see this do you still have it would you be willing part with it?
  11. skinnywheat
    skinnywheat Kraden
    Help me with your stealing macro please
  12. Harry Berries
    Harry Berries eppy
  13. MemphisWade
  14. Izpane
    Izpane bane
    Hi bane, message me.
  15. Zoombone
    Zoombone Qalian
    this fucking beast here can carry an entire party with no assistance; they can quite seriously have my babies if I could produce such a thing with my genitalia. Truly a legit maverick.
  16. Zoombone
    Zoombone Qalian
    Such a good mage, truly, I've never seen anyone so vigilently weild a candle stick
    1. Qalian likes this.
    2. Qalian
      God, Thank you, mighty fine warrior weilding a katana
      Aug 25, 2018
  17. Zoombone
    Dancing the jig of a heretic
  18. MistaBlista
  19. MistaBlista
  20. Tofy
    Tofy Hessel
    good seller! fast and great communication.
    1. Hessel likes this.