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  1. mr_dad702
    mr_dad702 SidX
    Hey Sid, a guy with the name "Dont Run" has been killing players while they are shopping, usually waiting at the front door until he sees they have been inside for awhile and thinks they have bought something. FYI
  2. Swift KS
    Swift KS JoeB
    1. JoeB
      That was from 2 years ago. We fixed it back then, but we no longer use the uberscripted crystal workbenches. you need to page in game and we will replace it with a non uberscripted bench.
      Sep 21, 2017 at 1:11 PM
  3. Touchme
    Touchme Sir.
    hello I have just started the game a day ago and im wanting to become a knight and learn how to play the game, at the moment im looking at blacksmithing and swordsmanship , hoping you can help me out, im at britian area right now in game name is Shane Zabi
    1. Sir. likes this.
    2. Sir.
      Do seek us out on discord by locating one of our recruiters at the bottom of the following link, m'friend!
      Sep 19, 2017 at 6:33 PM
  4. Macguire00
    Just tugging along in the world making money, build a house, tame a Wyrm or 2, kill a few champs, get spower scrolls, and then do it again..
  5. parsnip
  6. Snakes
    Snakes Bow Jackson
    Still selling iron ingots?
  7. feech l.m
    feech l.m
    mannaggia alla madonna porcoddio
  8. feech l.m
    feech l.m the_bubba
    bubba sei bubba?
  9. Dragontooth
    It's all starting come back : )
  10. yarr
    Yeppers #4813 on Discord
  11. Screamn
    Screamn Sandman
    this is Big btw
  12. Screamn
    Screamn Sandman
    yo bro dont bid any higher on that no cut house im bidding on it u out bid me
  13. The Real Jenova
  14. Snakes
    I R New Gold Plz.
  15. Kass
    Kass JoeB
    Joe, who should I speak to about not receiving the proper amount of donation coins?
    1. JoeB
      Shane handles all donations personally. You will need to get in contact with him in regards.
      Aug 22, 2017
  16. Rushh
    Rushh poor
    hey tread 4m is good?
    i just offer :)
  17. hiroshima
    hiroshima Sandman
    120k on red mummified corpse
  18. Noctis
    Noctis Lament
    Hello, I know this is in response to an old post but do you still have the 110 and 115 Peacemaking PSs?
    1. Lament
      Yes, i do still have those PS's. PM me with an offer.
      Aug 19, 2017
  19. mastuking
    mastuking Bloo
    is DS sold?
    1. Bloo
      yes it's gone :(
      Aug 8, 2017
  20. basitgil
    basitgil halv
    Sold to him and bought from him good experience. i would reccomend