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  1. lychee
    lychee Faytality
    i lost password game
  2. GarethDaventry
    GarethDaventry Theros Ironfeld
    Did you use to play on the Lake Superior shard back in 1997-98 or so?
  3. ABanjak
    Yew Moongate & Bank - Bohemian Grove
  4. The Archaeologist
    The Archaeologist
    Currently napping.
  5. BlitzVersion1
    Confused, but intrigued.
  6. White Wyrm
    White Wyrm Peav
    Hey! Sold mongbat?
  7. White Wyrm
    White Wyrm lollo
    Hey man! If you ready i can sell you latern
  8. White Wyrm
    White Wyrm The Gronk
  9. Fargo
    Fargo Nevada (Corina)
    Hello, you won the auction for the statue. Message me in http://discord.uoforever.com That206Guy#6342 and I can meet you in WBB. Thanks and Congrats!
  10. Popcanc
    Every day is a new awakening into the heart of infinity
  11. Popcanc
    My friends , left me to die, stronger Ive become. Amazing this life anything is posssible.
  12. PogMiHone
    PogMiHone Desi
    Well well, isn't it Ms. Cassandra Hope. You must be the one and only from Catskills? Must be! It's been what?...20 years since I last talked to you? I would hope you'd remember me. Does LacDanon and/or AmorDillion ring a bell? Oh, how time has past. I always wondered what happened to you all these years, among many others from the good ol days.

    Let's catch up!
    1. Desi likes this.
    2. Desi
      Oct 29, 2019
  13. BakedDaily
    BakedDaily Poptart
    What happened tart miss the videos from uof to uof?I was in db8 they guild u started running with in uogh
  14. diljot kaur
    diljot kaur
  15. Lukkan
  16. BakedDaily
    Dirty South
  17. dylana
    “But this was no ordinary chicken. This chicken was evil manifest.” ― Terry Goodkind, Soul of the Fire
  18. Jarlaxle
    Wts leech 3mil dispersion 5mill
  19. Russell123abc
    Hello I am new to the site.
  20. Habib
    Habib Eladamri
    Hey man, been a long time, was in aod with you, seen crow anywhere? Pro or hell?