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Weapons Win Wars... (Quest Recap)

Discussion in 'The Knights Guild' started by Sir., Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham

    Ye see, it all started like this...

    "Convalescing" at the NuJel'm Monastery from an injury sustained while boldly fighting orcs, Arctium Minus hears a tale from the never-present monks; far in the past a weapon of great power was fought over by the orcs and kings of old. Hazy memory notwithstanding, her curiosity was peaked and libraries across the land were delved into...

    It was here that our quest began. Captain Arctium Minus had sent a raven to Sir Rendlesham to rally a handful of brave Knights to ride out together and investigate her findings while she recuperated from her recent encounter with the orcs. In her resting pain, she realized how important an artifact weapon of legendary power like this could be in their war with the orcs...

    And so, the Knights gathered at their HQ to prepare to meet Arctium in the NuJel'm infirmary to find out what she has discovered:

    Arctium Minus was still in need of rest, but gave the Knights enough information to get started searching for information on the whereabouts of this arsenal of weaponry and the chances of finding the legendary orc slayer sword, "Valourn, Wrath of Gruumsh" rumored to have been fashioned from the broken tusk of Gruumsh himself.

    They began headed West to set sail for Cove and siege the Orc Fort over its Western mountain.

    Setting foot on land, the stench of the Orcish clans nearby was met by the grotesque waste barrens of mountain ettins at the gates. Breaking through the guard, the Knights entered the Fort and laid waste to the unsuspecting tribes inside. Cleansing the Fort, they ransacked it searching for clues of this weapon. Here, they found a broken bookshelf that contained many scrolls of powerful and arcane knowledge, and a clue for the next part of their quest. The Friar, being least laden with armor, strapped the broken shelf and it's contents to his back as they made their way East past Cove...

    As they neared the Cove Graveyard, they were met with Gargoyles that seemed to be on alert as if recently disturbed... Dispatching them, the Knights found a body in the cemeteries main sarcophagus that provided evidence that they were not the only ones in search of this great weapon. Someone before them fell to these gargoyles guarding yet held with them another clue to the whereabouts of this legendary weapon and arsenal of blades that could win the war..

    The journal of the fallen adventurer spoke of the weapon being hidden deep within fortified walls that could not be penetrated and spoke of an armory to hold it. The Knight's had decided that the depths of the dungeon Covetous would be the logical location of this description, so on they went, deeper and deeper into the mountain in search of a man-made quarter that might resemble an armory to protect such a weapon within.

    And at the bottom, there it were, guarded by a keeper of the Virtues whom had tested the Knights in their knowledge and hearts of that which they stand for. As the last part of unlocking the chest that protected the main arsenal of weapons, the virtue of Sacrifice was to be performed, and as Sir Rendlesham reached for the chests latch, he knew that this sacrifice was his as the chest erupted with poisonous fumes and an explosion that shot him to the ground. However, as an act of Sacrifice for his men, the Virtues saw it fit to return him to the living with the scars of his death left to bare. His men, quickly taking to his aid, helped him back to his feet and a condition capable of returning to Arctium Minus with the good news...

    Huzzah, Knights! The legendary sword Valourn was recovered (Supremely Accurate Vanquishing Long Sword of Orc Slaying)! Now in possession of the Knights, alongside an entire arsenal of weapons to wage on the war with the Orcs, we march forward on Gruumsh and the many orcish outposts of the lands! Well done, Knights!

    (OOC: Many many thanks to Captain Arctium Minus for putting this quest together and putting so many cool items into it! Tons of super awesome weapons, a Dragonbane title scroll, stacks of skill scrolls, slews of gargish runes, man the list keeps going! Awesome job, awesome loot, awesome fun! Huzzah! Thanks Arctium!)​
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