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Update to Monster targeting / aggression.

Discussion in 'News' started by Shane, Apr 13, 2017.

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  1. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Admin Post
    We've tested this before and we've fixed most issues with it and now have re-implemented this feature.

    Currently active:

    We think in all honestly, reds / pk's at UOForever have the best of all worlds. To the point that there isn't a reason to not have a red pk player through out your three accounts. This is an issue, and has been an issue for years. This change is very basic, and honestly something that we thought of that helps those who are just trying to grind and build themselves up without getting crapped on over and over.

    This is MORE than fair, i really don't expect any backlash from this, and those who do think backlash is deserved or that this change is in the wrong clearly and notably do not know or have any idea of how good they have it, how good UOForever has treated reds, and how much the community has sacrificed to make what is now a "meaningless" pk community, As in, being a PK or murderer means nothing anymore, and that was never, ever the intention of the creators of UOF.

    Ultima Online Forever Team
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