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UOForever Companion System! (2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JennaL, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. StarLord87

    StarLord87 Expert

    Jul 3, 2018
    lemme hold a meta egg, PROVE IT
  2. ABanjak

    ABanjak Apprentice

    Oct 3, 2015
    SkinBones, OceanIsLe, Bone Scribe, BLAZED, Cletus, Sinsai, Menashe, Szin Baenre, Buugor, and Burnin LOUD.
    I would like to apply to be a companion. I do not have any real UO server experience to offer. This is my sole reason for application, to prove and provide myself to UOF community. I would like a real purpose, to belong somewhere. UOF makes up a nice family. I hosted a small Tekkit and Feed the Beast Minecraft server by myself, for two years prior of joining UOF. I barely knew how to do statics at one point in my life. I have been on UOF for nearly 4 years. I also played UO on OSI, for appx. 5 years. I wrote a Stealable Rares Guide CD, back in the hay-days. My expertise is in merchanting. I try to PVP occasionally, dungeons, and militias. I try to attend every server event. I have a free character slot open, and could make a character.. open to anything. I also have well developed characters such as OceanIsle (LJ) and SkinBones (thief). I have experience across the board when it comes to craftables also. I have a 5x legendary crafter. I know some portion of the server economy and pricing. I would love the opportunity, to join and help you all. I am fairly decent with graphics, also. I have streamed UOF for nearly 2 years also. I know many of the UOF server specifics, that do not exist on other servers. Such as refuse piles, LJ bonus, etc. I have been subjected to the UOF public eyes, for quite some time. I have taken ridicule, and abuse. I have also done many, dumb things. I have seen some things, could never imagine that I should have seen. I have learned many valuable lessons in-game, these past couple of months. Experience, that many applicants could NEVER imagine would even be needed. I feel that I am very suited for the position. I have always entertained the option of becoming a companion. I however, wanted to obtain my riches.. "play the game" prior.. so no-one could say or think the companionship had anything to do with the riches. Only thing left for me in-game, is a larger home for the rune library and exhibits. I probably currently have enough to buy a castle, at the least. I am considered by many as rich in the game, and their is nothing I can gain from being a companion. Just helping others, and the opportunity to be a further valued asset to you all. Private note.... Please take into account, that my stream... "SkinBonesLIVE" is a roleplayed non-fictional character. It should NOT be used to evaluate me, in this situation. I am fully capable of being, a legitimate well mannered human being. My in-game actions, have always been spot on. I have always promptly corrected any concerns or issues in-game. I am just saying, please don't use something you heard from my physical mouth, when comparing to in this game. I have always preached that. That was the liberty of being a non-staff streamer. One of my characters is Bone Scribe. I have given away many thousands of runebooks to every one. I marked them and dropped them at the new players hall chest even before. I have made many charitable attempts to give back, and support all events. Prior to considering this companionship application. All original proceeds from the shop, ALL went into establishing my rune library with amenities, and rares exhibit. My goals were never to be a hoarder, ask some people.. They were to set up a museum. My want for a cave home, is far beyond museum. My home, would be an event with next level macros, animations, and theatrics. Long guarded haul-ways to access the vendors, and runebooks. "An experience." I would also like to add one more thing to this application, is my ability to write forever. I never lost my vision, for this server to succeed forever. I would love the opportunity to join you all further, and see if I can be of any use.
  3. Stoned.Southern

    Stoned.Southern Apprentice

    Jul 20, 2013
    I would like to apply as a companion .. I have played UOF for alittle over a year now and have played UO for 20 years. I am very knowledgeable and very helpful. I invest alot of my time into UOF would love to see it keep growing with new players!
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