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The Saga of the Chucros in Cove (LosBR)

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Tahuk, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Tahuk

    Tahuk Apprentice

    Aug 29, 2016
    Hya fellow sosarian adventurers, celebrating one year of Los chucros de Cove (LosBR) official creation, we follow up with a continuous work in progress composing a recollection of the adventures of Los chucros, since our arrival in this land to this day in which you read those lines.

    We will try to add at least one chapter each month, in chronological order of the events unfolding (as faithfully as we can remember).

    The stories presented here are light role play and we usually incoporate both real life events (like players joining the server or quitting) and the server history in a virtual context to help create the setting. This means that eventually other guilds or characters may take part in the story. If you feel your group have been misrepresented please let me know, i will try my best to avoid that =]

    With that said, I hope you all can enjoy.


    In Brazilian dimensions of the Sosarian multi-verse, endless wars are succeeded by apocalyptic days and the abandonment of all gods. The souls subjugated to this specter were resilient, and faced endless cycles of reconstructions of their earth, at all times observing their fruits suddenly destroyed, and lost forever, before they could be reaped. In these unstable lands that saw no diplomacy, and subjugated to various disasters that engulf the world, a select group longed to live other times. Their willpower took them on a journey to the confines of the known universe. Crossing dimensional boundaries, without knowing for sure how, they finally landed on the outskirts of Vesper, the floating city. Finally free from their storms of the past, Los chucros soon realized that their life would not be easy in the new territory that they broke into, but filled with never ending courage they took their hearts westward...

    The Arrival - July 2014

    At the mercy of thieves and dependents of the guards of the city, three young dreamers settled in the neighborhoods of Minoc, thirsty for adventures.

    Captura de Tela 2019-04-16 às 13.47.21.png
    Only picture remaining of the pioneer crew together

    For some months they studied the territory and the civilization that surrounded them, and began to engage in arms and trades, erring by hostile Britannia.
    In one of his solitary expeditions, the young Tupo was introduced to the extinct Clan that denominated thenselves NTCT (Newbies of Today, Champions of Tomorrow). This humble, small and friendly community introduced the warriors to the Cove territory, offering land in the area and lessons in combat.
    One day, however, fate preached a play in Los chucros, disappearing with all those promising warriors at once. Tupo, Queronensa and Tahukan waited in vain for news of their return and the adventures they would have lived. As the days accumulated, their houses became ruins, and it seemed certain that NTCT would not return. Nevertheless, for a long time, the coat of arms of this congregation was sustained in the chest of the Los chucros.
    The ruins, in turn, became new owners property, surrounding our adventurers by strangers.

    Next chapter:
    The purple Clashing

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    Ms BabyDoll Apprentice

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Bravo More please and thank you :)
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  3. Tahuk

    Tahuk Apprentice

    Aug 29, 2016
    The Purple Clashing - February 2017

    Solitary for a long time, and finally reaching the limits that the intrepid trio could achieve by themselves, the Chucro warriors sent their letters of presentation to Trinsic, being approved by Queen Skye herself with the rest of the recruits.

    Captura de Tela 2019-06-06 às 10.48.42.png
    gathering at the Trinsic Townhall

    Even as part of this fraternal Southern Alliance, a call echoed in their minds, keeping their fates in the vicinity of Cove. The neighbors constantly coming and going, causing bloody battles in what was left of their former properties. With a good dose of opportunism, the territories of the extinct NTCT were recovered, increasing only a little bit of the security in the region and the comfort of the Chucros.

    Despite this relative prosperity, most of the expeditions were frustrated by hordes of murderous wizards, who called thenselves the Noobs in Purple (EQMS). A few successes were observed with the insistent calls of the most proeminent veterans of the Alliance, which one time or another achieved to gather a good number of allies, but the reduced prospects and the promises of conquest in new universes, eventually warded off two out of three Chucro pioneers, Tupo and Queronensa, whose appearances in Britannia became more and more spaced.

    In those days, it seemed that the whole population would finally convert to the purple swarm, which had already affected, it seemed, almost half of the Sosarians, who would gladly pay for protection.

    Gluttony, the leader of the purple rookies, even proposed a wedding to Queen Skye, who promptly denied it. Struck by those news, Tahukan realized, had she accepted and surrendered to his will, in this very moment, Britannia would burn, and the world would collapse... and so he decided never to bow down to any threat, swearing eternal loyalty to his queen.

    Officially retired, Tupo and Queronensa entrusted the property they had built together for Tahukan to care, who promised to keep them up until the end of time, however small they were.

    Bloodsick and exhausted by the battles fought so far, and impacted by the absence of his eternal companions, the accumulation of these scars gradually undermined the spirit of Tahukan, which only dedicated his time to the maintenance of the activities of his fellow artisans and fishermen, and rare expeditions through the fields and dungeons, which were always filled with Nostalgia.
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  4. Tahuk

    Tahuk Apprentice

    Aug 29, 2016
    The arrival of Edwin Fox, the Bard - January 2018

    The times had finally changed in Britannia, and the survivors who endured this dark age did not regret their decision.

    When the situation became calamitous, the gods were forced to punish the leaders of the newcomers in purple, propitiating the emergence of a new era in which several guilds flourished, disputing for power and influence in several aspects.

    The Knights, for example, had emerged as powerful allies of Trinsic, and engaged in intense and honorable battles against the Orcs.

    Meanwhile, Tahukan was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his friend Edwin Fox, who a few months early had sent him a letter sharing his willingness to return to this world, after decades gone.

    With great joy, Tahukan received him in his humble home, happy to have an adventurer on his side again. Together, Edwin and Tahukan rediscovered Britannia. When Edwin was ready, Tahukan suggested that he apply his letter of interest to Trinsic as well, but Edwin already had different plans in mind …

    Captura de Tela 2019-06-06 às 10.46.16.png
    Edwin's new home
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    Zog'orium Grandmaster

    Nov 16, 2015
    Skahhh!! oomies need tu be klomped !!!

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