The Last Huzzah (MILLIONS in Giveaways)



The Last Huzzah

A Farewell Event hosted by the Knight's Guild

MILLIONS in free giveaways to be handed out! Read below to learn more!!)

My friends, the time has come for the Knight's Guild to say farewell and hang up our shields. This world has grown so much since we were graced with being a part of it, and we knights have made memories that will never be forgotten with all of you fine denizens of Britannia. Life is about change, and all good things do indeed come to an end, and as painful as it is to face it, our time and quest has come to an end. Although this change does bare some sorrow, we must embrace it with love; the love of the memories and adventures that you all shared with us and we will cherish forever. With that being said, there are two things we would like to say to all of you:


And Goodbye.... I leave you all with the last RP post I shall make in this great land of Forever:

The Last Huzzah: The Decay of Grandeur

Forever.... some call it the promise of eternity; where lights fade, all is shade, and zombies now stalk and promenade on this cold hallowed ground. Beyond the city walls, piles of dead with impaled heads are sunken deep in the steaming peat now wretched red. However, they say history is written in such ways.

There is a familiarity in mine platemail to trust in rust; for below me waits dirt and dust -- and within... the worms awaiting all of us. At least... that's what I heard. Yet above, the crows soar and in the dark, lions roar. It would seem that chaos rules forevermore. To this, I say, the human race is the only X factor.

When King's crouch, the throne is doomed as assassins reach the inner room and the once trusted jester has become the interloper. Though the Queen has been struck and then runs amuck, her carriage wallows not in the muck. And by the innocent that are bound to the damned, the cemetery was moved indoors.

Time has passed and some say we have lost our reason; some say we have lost our minds! But lo there, do I say unto thee, there spinning in the blackest wisdom and coveting the darkest wine.. I say, "have your host amongst us, and there you tarry for a time! All your virtue shall desert you!"... all of that decaying grandeur, in a box of pine.

From within you'll experience first the sound and then the smell, followed by sonorous; the eldritch bell. Send you, bastard of mine quest, to the seven hells... in time!

The decay of grandeur; from riches to rot. The decay of grandeur, I say, I know what it is like to have... and then have not. But lo, once more, I say unto thee...

In time, in time...... Decay.


Join us on Saturday, November 2nd at 6pm EST!!

WEAR FULL PLATEMAIL and get a 100K Check at the Door when you arrive (limited to as many checks as I have on me at the time)!

Answer TRIVIA questions for AWESOME PRIZES!!

Experience one last RP Huzzah by the Knight's Guild before we open some very special RDA's for everyone!!

Come have fun! Huzzah!!

AT OLD HAILSTONE CASTLE (Just East of the orc Caves)

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Luna Keiki

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Saying a prayer for peace and strength, Shay dons on her platemail, thoughts heavy, eyes watering as she remembers…

” Tis almost time,” she says.

Shay straps on her buckler and mace, grabs her helmet, and strides toward the door of the Knights North Tower.

As she reaches the stables and straddles her mare, Shay looks ‘round, head down and sighs…

Still in thoughts, she mutters under her breath, “Three full rotation of this world I have combated with thee all.”

Shaking her head, she looks up, raises her fist and cries out, “Huzzah Knights, mine brothers and sisters!”

Shay looks ‘round once more, turns her mare south and hasten towards the Knights Castle….
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Ms BabyDoll

Sir as I read this I can not refrain from crying.. You and the knights will be missed. Thank you for all you have done for us and the many years of fun and Until we meet again in game my friend may peace be upon thee..
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Luna Keiki

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We Shall Remember the Knights....

The veil to the ether world hath close but just a moments ago.

Shay and Arctium standing guard as they were trained to, making sure yond the remaining citizens who was in prayers art safe.

'T’s ov'r then?”, asked Shay. “At which hour wilt thee leave for the Queens Army?”

Arctium turns to Shay, “Aye, 't’s done.” Looking 'round, he continues, “All is prepared… in a f’rtnight.”

Arctium sighs, “What wilt thee do now m’lady? Have thee decide?”

Shay did look away from the weary Captain, the Lady’s eyes darting back to the spot on the Castle ground where the Knights hast just departed from.

The Lady whispers, “Mine heart is heavy Captain, I am nay sure….”

“Mine sister begs me to head to the Queens court and lay mine fealty to her as thee did.”

…“and as thee know, mine cousin Scales, is anon training with the Gypsies. Foolish knave! …and yond Sir William Stonesage, did went 'long with him”, the Lady scoffed.

“The Gypsy wilt have his hands full with those two. But I’ve nay doubt Sir William wilt keep an eye on the knave,” says Arctium.

“Hmm, maybe it’ll be the other way 'round, nay?”, he laughs. “Nay matter, the Gypsies wilts’ take care of them two, as they do with their own kind.”

After a few moments with their own thoughts, Shay turns and say, “I shalt take a journey to the Shrines, I believe”. Sorrow and confusion clearly visible on the lady’s visage, “I’ll pray and make peace with all that hast happened, in hopes… mine path is shown to me.”

Arctium nods and places his hand on thy lady’s shoulder and say, “Take thy time m’lady.”

Shay and Arctium looks 'round once more, making sure yond all are well. The Captains breaks the silence, “The road ahead is shadowed, th're dang'r waits untold. Didst we bethink to cometh this far unchanged? We're Knights and wh're th're's life th're's desire.”

With understanding and acceptance, he continues, “Farewell Knights, safe travels to thee all. We shalt meet again in another life…”
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Great event, sad reason.

I've helped quite a few of you all in finding a place to call home throughout the years. Sad to see you gone when I'm just coming back myself.

Whatever it is you decide, I hope the next chapter gives back to you as much as you've given here.

Safe travels.


For coming to our Last Huzzah, for playing with us for all these years, for supporting the jousts and our guild and seeing the good we tried to give back to you all... Thank you guys; for everything.

This event was especially important to us because we felt that it was better to go out with one last Huzzah instead of fading off into memory and archives.

I would like to thank the Knight's themselves personally, as I have never been blessed with such an amazing group of people. They give me a lot of credit for the fun we had, but I keep saying that all I did was bring good people together and they made the real magic happen. Thank you, Knights, for some of the best memories of my life.

What I learned by leading this exceptional group of people was that they brought out the best in each other, in me and in the community at times too. They stood on solid ground made of positive peer support, good values and morals and even embodied the Virtues in a manner that really affected and impacted people. This is the purpose of life, and these people who called themselves Knights are compelled to do good, help others and make great sacrifices to do so without even knowing why they do it. These are the heroes of our world... These are the ones we should look up to and take with us to other worlds in memory of how they would always strive to do good. Now that the time has come for us to go, we ask all of you one simple thing:

Remember us...


And with that, I give to you, a small recap of The Last Huzzah event:

The Last Huzzah: Farewell 11/2/2019

The night was filled with a buzz of anxiety and excitement at the same time. This was the last huzzah and we had been inactive for so long there was a slight worry of a low turnout in guests. But, lo, the air became warm with the love, best wishes and good spirits that many guests did bring with them. It was a huge relief to see such a turnout for such a long time since our last event...


The event started with a small ceremony to say Thank You to a couple of Knights who have been tasked with the duty of preserving the way of the Knight as wayfarers and vagabonds known as The Last Knights. For their service, Lady Shay Dreagon and Sir William Stonesage were gifted these items and both received them with much gratitude. Be proud and remain in Virtue, for you are the few Last Knights! Huzzah!



And with that, we wrapped up the ceremony portion, gave a little speech to the audience to show our appreciation of the support, fun and adventures you all shared with us over the years, and started the Scavenger Scramble! Basically, we manually unlocked all of the items on the ground around the guests as fast as we could and let them run around trying to get as much loot as they could!


The Scavenger Scramble went smoothly and we proceeded to carry on the event with a small game of UO based trivia. The first person to shout out the answer won the prize for each question. Some of the questions were rather basic, others were rather challenging but all in all, it seemed that everyone enjoyed it and some walked away with some very nice items; one of which was my old war-steed Bess, the fattest and fastest mare in all the land.. Be good to her Singapore!

But lo, there wasn't much time left before I departed this land for a time. My heart sank and I felt my legs could not move as I watched the Last Knights don their charcoal robes of remembering. The time for tender words had came and went, and now was the time for goodbye... It felt like death, but only to make room for new life. Afterall, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. We turn the page... Farewell, my friends. I will never forget any of you.

... And as Sir Rendlesham departed through a mysterious moongate, his niece, Althea of Rose, following him, it closed forever. But lo, there at that very moment, one of the Last Knights donned in black shouted, "Over there! Tis a sign!" as the crowd looked and before them stood three RDA's... In that very moment, the Last Knight's were born and took up their shields to guard the people brave enough to enter the next chapter... Huzzah!!

Remember us!!!




Holy damn. I was wondering where the Knights had gone, and I just found and read this and now I'm sad :'(