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The Knight's Guild New Co-Commanders (GMs)

Discussion in 'The Knights Guild' started by Sir., Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham


    Captain Sesshomaru on his promotion from Captain to Co-Commander (GM) of the Knight's Guild!
    Captain Talmanes on his promotion from Captain to Co-Commander (GM) of the Knight's Guild!


    Congratulations Baron Sesshomaru, the Red Knight! @Steele'Dish
    Congratulations Warden Talmanes, the White Knight! @Talmanes

    It is known by the wise that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, it is not my right to run this guild alone based on the Virtues of one mans standards. General @Rick Steves has been my hand and co-Commander for some time, but both he and I agree it is time to put two more legs under this table to make it stand proper! With much thought and debate, we have agreed that Talmanes and Sesshomaru have proven themselves worthy of leading a truly virtuous army of Knights in righteousness and wisdom!

    As for the infrastructure details and roles of each of the GM's of the Knight's Guild, it will operate as followed:

    1. Sir Rendlesham - Commander; logistics and PR - Sir. will advertise, announce and work with the public to keep awareness up.

    2. Rick Steves - General; PvM Expert and Adventure Extraordinaire - Rick Steves embodies the icon of the Knight in all ways. Follow his footsteps to the deepest dungeons and into the most honor bound battlefields.

    3. Sesshomaru - Baron; Naval Trainer/Expert and Negotiator - Sesshomaru will lead knights on the sea and has a knack to step in to help resolve situations on the spot as a leader, negotiator and diplomat of sorts.

    4. Talmanes - Warden; PvP Trainer/Expert and Champion - Talmanes will teach our guys how to survive and escape or fight back in PvP situations as the Warden of the Knights; he will protect their good name and virtues with his life.


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