Summer Bazaar 2022


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We are excited to announce Ultima Online Forever's Summer Bazaar for 2022!
This will run from this August 1st- 15th.


During the event you will be able to go to the bazaar location, pick a shop, then place a vendor in that location. This location will be advertised non stop with gates to all towns during its time. There will be casino games, auctions, bomberman, and more through out the entire event .
The Summer Bazaar is guarded everywhere EXCEPT inside the houses/tents. Please be alert when entering the house/tent areas.

Once again, house regions are NOT guarded.
  • How this will work is there will be many tents/buildings, and it will be a first come first serve.
  • You will need to have an OPEN HOUSE SPOT on one of your (3) accounts to take a vendor.
  • You will simply run to a shop and click on the sign and claim the house, then place your vendor.
  • Houses with no vendors will be removed after 12 hours.
  • You may place as many vendors in one shop as you can fit.
  • You may let others place vendors within your shop.
  • There will be bankers available.

To rent a shop you simply need to find a shop with an outside sign that says "This building is for sale or rent!" like the picture below:
Once you find a sign that means that shop is currently open for rent!
Simply click the sign and click "Claim House".

PLEASE NOTE: You will need an open house spot to claim a shop.

Many shop owners are renting out vendors within their shop. Simply double click one of the pink deeds on the ground once you find one and if their rental price suits you, accept!
Those setting up vendors may want to bank items before coming to the festival and pull items from bank to vendor. To prevent stealing inside your vendor home.

The Summer Bazaar Casino will also be available to gamblers! Please Gamble responsibly.

Auction goers can enjoy a nice ocean view while they bid!
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