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Scattered Tribe - Part 1

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Grex the Goblin, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Grex the Goblin

    Grex the Goblin Neophyte

    Jun 10, 2018
    Grex huffed as he dragged the crates through the forest. Every root, every rock and every bump in the ground made his task that much more difficult. Barely four foot tall the goblin struggled to pull the makeshift harness latched to the boxes.

    "Huw much furth'r?" Grex panted

    Grex's fellow tribesman Xeezik dropped his ropes and looked around. "Umm Iz don't reeli knuw, let mez peek." The slightly smaller goblin scurried up the nearest tree and disappeared into the leaves. Grex plopped down on the forest floor catching his breath. Just as he was about to feel back to normal Xeezik's head pop upside down from the leaf canopy.

    "Iz peek a byg humiez tuwn upahead," Xeezik said as he flipped out of the tree landing, somewhat ungracefully. "Iz tink we can mayke sum guud goldz frum dem humiez. Ledz go." He grabbed his rope and started pulling, after a few seconds the heavy load started to scrape across the ground. Grex took a deep breath and followed suit.

    As the two continued towards the direction of the human town Grex became lost in thought. His mind returned to the same scene he has been preoccupied with for weeks.

    Grex awoke to chaos and panic. He quickly got up and looked out the window of the Maarg'Un common house to see the town's watchtower burning. To his horror he saw many tribe member's bodies littering the ground. Grex quickly dressed and grabbed his dagger. Instead of heading out the front door the nimble goblin crawled out the window facing the mountainside and scaled the rough log wall to the ground. He heard screeching and screaming as goblins were presumably being slaughtered. Peeking around the corner he got his first glimpse of the attackers, men in full plate wielding swords and pole-arms twice as large as the victim's themselves. Grex backed away and felt what seemed like an anvil drop onto his shoulder. The heavy chained hand squeezed tight and Grex struggled to get away to no avail. He was swung around and tossed to the floor. The human raised his sword to strike when out of tree line a group of goblin warriors charged. Startled the human ignored Grex and turned to face the small line. With one swing two of the goblins fell, the sword decapitated the first and lodged in the neck of the second. The last goblin swung his ax and landed a solid blow to the man's hip, blood started to pour out of the wound as the ax was withdrawn. Raising the ax again to swing Grex realized that this goblin was not just any warrior but Zemizeel the chief. Bringing the ax down the chief cut into the man's gut pouring out it's contents onto the ground. With a not-so-goblin intensity Zemizeel howled a battle cry. Grex got back to his senses and picked himself up off the ground. As he started moving towards the chief two humans appeared and spotted the pair. As the men advanced Zemizeel looked to Grex and gestured towards the woods with his head. Grex turned to go and watched the chief charge the two men. The tall for a goblin but still small Zemizeel was cut down quickly. Grex stared for a second but when one of the human's looked towards him he bolted into the forest as fast as he could. Hours went by as the goblin fled through the woods.

    "Iz tink were heer," Xeezik dropped his harness and stepped into a dirt road. Ahead of the two a large sandstone wall stood.

    Grex looked puzzled, "Oki nuw how we ged diz humiez to give uz goldiez for diz stuv?"

    The goblin merchant looked equally as confused, "well Iz uszt to uh markit bud humiez hav to let uz in to markit. Bud maybe we juzt set up heer?"

    "Seemz reezonible," Grex said.

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  2. Double Tap

    Double Tap Journeyman

    May 16, 2018
    Double tap Mac drizzee MaCe
    Keep it going man well done
  3. Grex the Goblin

    Grex the Goblin Neophyte

    Jun 10, 2018
    A slow but steady stream of Trinsic citizens shuffled past the two goblins. "Iz dont tink diz humiez want uny uv diz stuv," Grex said as he turned to Xeezik.

    "Diz huw it workz Grex, one uv diz humiez will giv uz goldiez, juzt wayt." Xeezik retorted while trying to make eye contact with the uninterested humans walking by the makeshift merchant stall.

    Grex, bored out of his tiny mind drifted back to day dreaming of the past weeks events.

    Grex trudged through the forest towards the west. He could not attempt to make it to the entrance to the goblin's subterranean home as the only known entrance was in the cave at Maarg'Un. Given the town's likely ravaging he did not even want to think about what might happen to his people if the human aggressors found their way into the cave system. So, Grex started towards the only other place he considered somewhat safe; the Orc fort south of Yew. The goblins and the orcs had an uneasy alliance, which Grex suspected was mostly built on their physical similarities. Both were green skinned with common facial features, but of course goblins were generally under four and half feet tall while orcs towered above, usually well over 6 feet. Grex continued towards the fort keeping far from the human's roads. During the day he slept in makeshift shelters, a hole dug in the ground with branches and leaves hiding his presence, by night he traveled. After a week Grex saw the first sign of Orc lands, a grotesque standard hammered into the ground warning to keep off of Shadowclan territory. Hesitantly Grex passed the sign and cautiously kept walking. Not more than half the night later Grex heard a noise, an almost imperceptible crunch of a dry leaf. Looking around he saw a shadowy silhouette in the distance. As he went to duck behind a tree he felt a cold sharp sensation press against the back of his neck.

    "Nub moov gulbeen, nub mooov."

    Grex froze.

    "Whut lat dooyng en da Urk Landz?"

    Grex slowly turned to face the voice, as he did this the ax slightly bit into his skin, a trickle of blood forming. "Maarg'Un iz destroy'd, Iz have no playz to go," Grez said sheepishly.

    "Sow lat grunk lat kan come tu da Urk landz? Har har! Liddle Gulbeen iz nub smurt, bud lat iz brayve. Me Gug'Nug, lat come wit me," Gug'Nug withdrew his ax and pushed Grex ahead of him. Gug'Nug made a gesture with his hand and multiple shadows started moving and scattering into the distance.


    Grex and Gug'Nug walked through the night in silence. Come the morning the fort was visible on the horizon and the pair made it by midday. Gug'Nug turned to Grex when they arrived at the entrance and spoke, "Oki lat come diz way, nub blah tu anyash untyl me blah ashzt."

    "What do you have for sale little one?" Grex shook out of his stupor and realized they had a customer.
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  4. Grex the Goblin

    Grex the Goblin Neophyte

    Jun 10, 2018
    "Iz god sum gud hydez frum sum deer und sum shiny cupz maybe uh cuple uv forkz und stuv," Xeezik said while searching through the large chest.

    "hmm, the hides... maybe. I work in at Trinsic Fine Skins and perhaps we will buy your stock and see if you can work out a deal for more." The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a small handful of gold coins, "Let me take some of the hides to my shop and check the quality."

    Xeezik nodded eagerly and handed a few choice hides to the customer. As the man walked away Xeezik turned to Grex and whispered, "Goldz, datz huw itz dun." Xeezik counted out the coins and handed half to Grex. Grex quickly pocketed the money while looking around as if someone was going to come out of the shadows and snatch it away.

    As the sun started to set the two goblins started to pack up their boxes and chests and tie up the harnesses. "Uz tink we can stay en da humiez tuwn tonite? Grex asked Xeezik.

    Xeezik thought for a moment, looking towards the gate, then the road out to the woods, then back at the gate. There was no guards posted and it seemed humans were still freely walking in and out of the city without issue. "Um wez can try."

    Both goblins hoisted the ropes over their shoulders and dragged their wares into the road and through the gate. Xeezik has been to this particular human town on a prior trade route and knew of an inn. He was not quite sure how they would be welcomed as all his previous trading expeditions always had their caravan travelling at night. After some time and a few choice stares by the townsfolk the pair arrived at the Travellers Inn.

    "Huw much fer a room!" Xeezik asked as the two stood at the counter.

    The confused innkeeper looked around for the source of the question, eventually looking down and seeing the two. "Umm, 25 gold coins a night."

    Grex reached into his pocket and pulled out its contents. He held 6 coins and a button. Xeezik had the same sparse amount and the two looked up at the innkeeper trying to put on their best puppy dog eyes. Unfortunately they were not two cute puppies and instead were a pair of kinda grotesque looking goblins. The innkeeper shook his head and pointed out the door.

    It was dark now and the two were out on their own. After a bit of aimless walking the two found a dark abandoned alley. They placed their boxes in a row towards the back and pulled some hides out of the chest to lie down out of view of the street. Grex couldnt sleep and soon drifted back to the recent past.

    Grex followed Gug'Nug through the fort, getting some nasty sneers from the inhabitants. Soon the two reached a ramp leading up to a small roofed section of the fort. "Lat stay ere," Gug'Nug said without turning and he disappeared into the structure. After a few minutes he came out laughing. "Oki Gullbean lat com wit me, me hav playze fer lat und evin uh job."

    Without a word Grex continued to trail the Orc. After a few twists and turns they came upon a back area of the fort that, to Grex's astonishment, held a large pile of human heads. Now, goblins are not skittish creatures, their warriors although small are brutal combatants. Grex has seen his share of gore around the old village, but this he was amazed at the scale.

    "Ere tayke diz," Gug'Nug handed the goblin a dull skinning knife. "We hav headz bud da bozz wunt skullz, ged tu werk. Lat ged fuud en da nite und lat kan sleeb en dat cornur. Ef et were me, me ged tu werk da ashz et da bottum, dem gedding stinkier everiday." With that the Orc turned and left Grex to his work.

    Grex toiled for the rest of the day and night skinning the heads to somewhat neat skulls and soon he had a decent sized pile, nearly a foot high of finished work. He heard a couple of orcs approaching from behind and without even a word one of them emptied a sack of fresh heads on the pile. Grex sighed and got back to work. There was no food delivered that night however two more groups dropped off more heads before the sun rose. Grex decided to take a break and curled into the corner and slowly fell asleep.

  5. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018
    Fie, I say! You got quite the stomach little creature, no matter how hard life had been on ye. Natheless don't think we can't differ green from green, a Knight can seperate parsley from nightshade, hangover from poison and orc from goblin. Don't be afeared. Next time we compass that ugly shack thou call a fort, we will slay thine evil overlords and mayhap hire thou for the clean up for a few coins.
  6. Grex the Goblin

    Grex the Goblin Neophyte

    Jun 10, 2018
    For the week Grex performed the gruesome task of skinning the orc's victims. The orcs decided to start leaving food for Grex one the third day, well if you can consider slightly rotten scraps of indistinguishable animal parts food. It seemed the orcs were content with ignoring the goblin and having him slave away at the job indefinitely. Grex would not have that and on a particularly quiet night he scurried up the wall and hopped over. For the next few hours he thought he heard footsteps or leaf rustling every once in a while but when he checked nothing was seen. Soon, as the sun started to rise, Grex spotted a similar standard marking the Shadowclan territory and continued past. Grex was back in the same predicament as he was before, no where to go and alone. And so he went, keeping off the road but still close enough to keep an eye out for travelers. After a few days of aimless trekking Grex spotted long train of wagons and pack horses being led by men. One particular man wore so much gold and jewels he would have sank had he tried to swim. Grex, a pickpocket by nature instantly sprang into action, noting a full coin purse dangling on his side. He slowly crept towards he road, keeping quiet and hidden in the brush. As the man sauntered past Grex leaped from a bush with dagger in hand and cut the tether releasing the pouch into his hands. Grex tried to quickly dash through caravan and to the opposite side of the road when he felt an iron grip on his arm. He tried to squirm away but the dirty golden gauntlet would not budge.

    "Drop the gold," the human demanded in a quiet but stern voice.

    Having no other recourse Grex let the bag fall to the ground with a clank of coins.

    "You little miscreant, Captain, please dispatch this vermin so we can keep moving." The merchant said off handily as he picked up his gold.

    "I am not going to summarily execute a cut purse, thats not in the contract, not to mention a bit overkill," the captain rebuffed.

    "Fiiiiine, take a hand or something, whatever you need to," the trader flippantly responded.

    The captain reached for his sword.

    "Waaaaaaayyyyytttt!!! No, dunt du dat, hem wit me!" a small green figure burst out of a wagon. "Dis goblyn hem en iz trybe. Umm hem suppozd to meet iz 'ere.Sum ov iz peepul when dem see goldz dem looze der myndz. Led iz pay fur da truble." The goblin trader pulled out a small coinc purse and tossed it to the merchant.

    The confused captain and merchant both looked at the squat goblin. Picking up the gold purse from the floor the merchant said, "Alright, well, you better teach your kinsman some manners, if he tries a stunt like this again, ill stab him myself." The threat caused a bit of a chuckle by the captain and he let go of Grex.

    Grex ran to the other goblin, 'Xeezik! Iz dat uz?"

    When the sun rose the brightness woke the two goblins and they both gathered their wares together and headed back towards the gate. After putting up there stall they sat again, trying to make get the attention of the increasingly larger crowd of people heading into and out of the city. After a disappointing morning where the only gold they made was two pieces from a young noble boy who wanted to see goblins dance the two were quite pessimistic about this city and were contemplating moving on. As they began packing up the man who bought the hides the day before approached.

    "Going somewhere? Before you go though, my boss would like to speak about hiring you two as trappers. He liked the hides and is looking for a steady stream."

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