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RP Character Intros and Bios

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Sir., Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Bearn Ilwind

    Bearn Ilwind Apprentice

    Jan 31, 2016
    Bearn Ilwind
    Name: Bearn Ilwind
    Age: 32
    Height/Weight: 5'10 190
    Features: Dark Mohawk and a long beard
    Profession: Ranger/hunter
    Origin: The forests near Yew
    Special Characteristics: The ability to sneak up and find you
    Alignment: Neuteral
    Additional Info:

    Raised in the harsh woods surrounding Yew, Bearn learned to used a bow from an early age. His Family was murdered by a band of orcs and his home burned. Bearn barely escaped with his life. Bearn can frequently be found near the Yew orc fort picking off orcs one by one. His sole purpose in life is to rid his home land of Orcs and Goblins alike.
    Bearn currently names Trinsic as his home, but makes frequent trips back home into the wild. He has never been one for the hustle and bustle of city life. He is heroic in fighting and fending off monsters but that does not mean that he is lawful or good. He is known to have one too many drinks at the local inn and cause trouble.
  2. Bearn Ilwind

    Bearn Ilwind Apprentice

    Jan 31, 2016
    Bearn Ilwind
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  3. Ryu Musashi

    Ryu Musashi Master

    Mar 28, 2015
    Ryu Musashi, Ryu, Ryubo
    Name: Ryu Musashi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Height/Weight: 6'0", 225
    Features: white hair, green eyes
    Profession: Trinsic Guard
    Origin: Ilshenar
    Special Characteristics:At almost six feet tall, Ryu, most often peers down on others with his mystic green eyes. Icy white hair wraps around his head and lay on his shoulders. He appears to be young, but don’t be deceived, he is almost twice as old as the Trinsic Guard. His armor is stained from battle and in spots his shadow black leather looks almost grey. Behind his rough exterior lies a very compassionate and caring man. He is dark and mysterious, but has a very large heart. The only love he ever had died many years ago, so now he pulls all of his love and places it in his home, Trinsic.
    Additional Info: Most do not know, but Ryu is a vampire, although he has not always been one. He was born in Ilshenar in the Juka City. There he was raised by his parents and trained by his father. When he came of age to wander alone, he left his home and his parents behind and went to search for a place to lend his services too. On his search he found himself wandering through the streets of Umbra and having an unfortunate encounter. It was in Umbra that he was bitten on his neck by another vampire. The man who bit him ended up giving him a bear mask to protect his eyes from the sunlight. Ryu almost always wears it ontop of his head. From time to time you can see Ryu smile at you, revealing his big white fangs.
  4. Serj Tankian

    Serj Tankian Adept

    May 8, 2016
    Serj Tankian
    #teamryu #ryucullen
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  5. Bollocky Bill

    Bollocky Bill New Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    Bollocky Bill
    Name: Bollocky Bill

    Gender: Male

    Age: 52

    Height/Weight: 5’10” / 190

    Features: Majestic locks of gray hair and a glorious beard which leaves women lusting and men green with jealousy.

    Profession: Fisherman/Pirate/Exquisite Drinker

    Origin: Bill was born in the sea, swaddled by an octopus, nursed by a nurse shark, and taught to swim by the Kraken himself. They say he was a man before he ever put foot on land. Some say he once swam from Moonglow to Magincia to win a bet while others say he was simply bored. Many recount the time Bill prevented the sacking of Britain by the midget pirates of Yew. Very few have actually seen Bill fight, but they know the tales and have heard the stories… and with that, they know it be true.

    Special Characteristics:

    The liver of a thousand whales, the mouth of the largest dragon, and the charisma of a concussed mule.

    Additional Info:

    If you see Ol’ Billy in town, bring him a bottle of rum and he may tell you tale or two.
  6. Johnny Nox

    Johnny Nox Novice

    Oct 16, 2016
    Name: Jonathan Noxwell aka. Johnny Nox

    Gender: Male

    Age: Looks about 30

    Height/Weight: 6’2” / 14 stones

    Features: Caucasian
    Brown Hair / Often messy from wearing a leather cap
    Pointed Ears
    Prominent moustache

    Profession: Trinsic Guard Commander

    Origin: Britain

    Special Characteristics: Battlefield leadership, uses magic regularly, patience with recruits, cares deepy for the Trinsic Orphans

    Additional Info: Born from a noble military family, Johnny, and the other men in his family were groomed for the Officer's life.
    His father was a decorated member of Lord British’s Guard, and growing up, he was expected to join the academy. Johnny excelled at the military academy, yet he felt that he didn’t belong. He was different... his ears were pointed, and none of the other men or women had ears like his. It was something no one wanted to talk about but he saw it in their eyes. Just before his graduation from the academy, there was a political scandal that involved his family and it was starting to be unsafe for him to stay in Britain. Knowing his military career was over before it had even started, Johnny packed up what belongings he could carry and headed south. He heard there were opportunities for men like him in Trinsic.
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  7. zorgulg

    zorgulg Journeyman

    Dec 4, 2013
    Name: zorgulg
    Race: Orc
    Class: Stealth Archer
    Clan/Tribe: Shadow Clan Orcs

    Zorgulg is only motivated by his blood lust, an overwhelming need to collect shiny things and the bond he shares with his clan. Large and brutish, even by orcish standards he can be surprisingly agile, quiet and patient for such an imposing figure. A master of the unsuspected attack from the shadows, the overwhelming stench of of something akin to strong body odor, urine and decay are the only thing amiss an unsuspecting adventurer often notices before falling to his mighty bow. zorgulg wears a human scalp on his head with a swath of red hair down the center bound there over the years by dried blood, sweat and other filth, a grizzly memento of his first kill as a young orc.

    Born into the Shadow Clan, zorgulg has mastered the ability to stay in the shadows since birth and his skill with a bow is not often paralleled. Like all Shadow Clan orcs he is very territorial and was born to inflict unmerciful suffering, brutality, death and destruction on anything not orcish in Britainia.

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  8. Borrik Korisson

    Borrik Korisson Neophyte

    Nov 23, 2016
    Jim Bean

    : Borrik Korisson

    Gender: Male

    Age: Late 30's

    Height/Weight: 6ft 2in / 237 lbs

    Features: Caucasian, dark brown hair, Vandyke beard, powerfully built, , broad shoulders, square chin.

    Profession: Merchant/Farmer turned Guardian/Knight/Warrior

    Origin: Borrik owned and operated a small merchant shop and farm before converting to a warrior. The deaths of his wife and two daughters drove Borrik near madness. The soldiers stationed to protect the village he and his family lived in had retreated at the first sight of the invading bandits. They had left the village to fend for itself with pitchforks and smith hammers, dozens were slaughtered...including Borriks family, his oldest dying in his arms. For days afterward he roamed aimlessly through the village with no sense of purpose or direction. Unable to bare the loss any longer he slumped against a nearby tavern wall, the glass broken and still littered all around. Another reminder of the horrors that had beset his village. He didn't even notice when a shard of glass bit into his leg as he sagged to the ground. He closed his eyes and wept uncontrollably. In his grief Borrik had a vision. A vision of other towns and families defenseless and awaiting the same fate that had crumbled his world. It was then he aroused from his melancholy with a new and profound purpose. He would be the guardian, the protector, the sword of the defenseless. No longer would he lead the life of a simple villager...he would be something different. And so he set off on his journey to find an order within this world that shared in his cause and would bring swift justice to those that thought themselves above punishment.

    Special Characteristics: Relentless, Honor bound, Loyal, Driven, Borderline Fanatical

    Additional Info: While Borrik tirelessly practices his newly developing skills with a sword and shield he can't help but wonder when he will face off with the bandits that shattered his world. He has pledged himself to defending the innocent and bringing justice to the unjust, but deep down he fears when at last his eyes meet those of his assailants, not even the lord god himself will have the might to stifle his wrath. Yes, one day...one day those men will know what it means to die from the inside out...
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  9. Dewderonomy

    Dewderonomy Grandmaster

    Jan 27, 2013
    Brandon Van Raily
    Name: Brandon A. R. Van Raily

    Gender: Male

    Age: 31

    Height/Weight: 5'10"/16 stone

    Features: Human. Short shaved brown hair, heavily grayed. Crow's feet, thick eyebrows and weary bags crown worn, dark brown eyes. An old scar cuts diagonally across his right cheek and another across the bridge of his nose. A half chelsea smile hooks up his left cheek from the corner of his mouth. His body is latticed with scars of every kind: claw marks, blades, puncture wounds; his body cracks and aches with every step. A Papuan tribal tattoo wraps around his right arm with a dire wolf silhouette on his bicep. Coming from retirement his stomach is a lot softer than it used to be while marriage has forced his miserable scowl into pirate smiles from time to time.

    A brace of naval flintlocks hang under his arms while a double-barreled dragoon is holstered on his right thigh. On his left hip hangs a bastard sword, whose blade has been cut down further to accommodate the cramped conditions of ship fighting, while his right drags a severely curved shamshir, the scabbard cap often skipping on uneven ground. Around his neck hangs a tattered shemagh from Nujel'm, patterned in browns and whites, while an old calico red bandanna covers his scalp. Upon his shoulders hangs a weather beaten leather boat cloak.

    Profession: Mercenary, privateer.

    Origin: Born in Paws, orphaned in Minoc at 12.

    Special Characteristics: None.

    Additional Info:

    Orphaned in Minoc at twelve, he was put to work in the mines of Mount Kendall to work for a local company, supplying ingots for cheap. This led to his first run in with thieves and murderers, where he swore to visit Trinsic and become a paladin to protect the weak. He was, however, taken to Vesper by a fellow miner instead, whereupon the boy was to help him rob graves from the cemetary. Left alone when the denizens therein butchered his friend, he turned to vagrancy, surviving in the streets of Vesper, wandering the highway past Cove and then struggling in the alleys of West Britain.

    In the midst of adolescence, he found and lost love in Minoc, blamed for her lost by a powerful clan and cast out, and sought work in the Order Guard in Vesper. Knowing little of warfare and fighting, the boy signed up for something he felt he could be proud in: a career as a soldier defending the realm of Britannia. He would learn the life of a common soldier was neither glamorous or glorious; the ranks were full of criminals, thieves and backstabbers, and the child soldier discovered a worldview that he would never shake.

    However, he learned well enough, quickly enough, and at fourteen took his first bounty. Murder came easy for the child thereafter. His friends disappeared, died or turned to hunting him; life as a paladin, defending the weak, and marrying his sweetheart were far off dreams never to come true. Instead he left to Delucia to make his own way on the Frontier.

    Gang warfare and common grunt work carried him until he turned fifteen. Opportunities to fight in the contested woods of Yew peaked his interest, and he assembled a group to seek fortune among the vying powers under the guise of contracted soldiers from Britain. This led to some success, but his gang disbanded, whereupon he made his reputation as a private contractor that would last ever after.

    Assassination, infiltration, sabotage, subterfuge, intimidation - the lifestyle was one he took to with ease, despite his age. After he turned seventeen he sought stability in Nujel'm, to create a place he could call his own, and built a community upon the island. It would not last; the peace turned to complacency, and he found himself working with contacts in the Den, abandoning the island, and returning to his life as a brigand and mercenary on the island town of Skara Brae.

    Years went by, with malice growing and rage brewing in his heart, his lost childhood recognized by a maturing mind under wicked circumstances. In desperation he sought the Virtues and perverted them through his own perspective, seeking to punish and destroy others in a delusional attempt at righting the world through force. Brutally efficient and inexplicably violent, even by his own standards, he would disappear from the public eye after years of malign prejudice, but not before revealing two things as an inquisitor:

    He had a penchant for torture, and he was exceptionally good at it.

    In the Marsh Hall of Vesper, he suddenly came into public eye, now a 25-year-old captain of a privateer, the Black Wind. Smuggling runs into Cove, gang fights around the canals of Vesper and widespread piracy made his crew strong and wealthy. It was then he had met a terrible gambler and petty rogue, Fay Tayler, his eventual purser and future wife. Traveling the world and leading his crew into multiple adventures, the captain found Trinsic to be ripe for opportunity, and so he established the Trinsic Trading Company.

    The rest would become muddled if not forgotten history: taking the seas by force and extorting the world to sail them; establishing a free, independent state of Trinsic; annexing the Den as a penal colony; closing off Khaldun to non-sanctioned adventurers; and leading the charges of the once mighty Trinsic Guard, both at home and abroad. When his crew grew wealthy and the land no longer inspired action, he took a few of the remaining crew of the Black Wind and left, seeming never to return, dead, retired or both.

    Now, a captain again emerges from the Marsh Hall in Vesper, his eyes fixed on the horizon.
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  10. m1splaced

    m1splaced Novice

    Nov 27, 2016
    Charles seethed with anger, muttering under his breath as he turned loosed a handful of darts across the room. The projectiles whizzed through the air with a faint whistle before thumping into a crumbling cork board hanging from the wall. The broad barkeep gnashed his teeth and lumbered from his start beside the grimy counter, his every step bringing a pained creek from the aged floorboards.

    In his frustration, it took Charles just four steps to cross the smoke filled taproom of the Greasy Spoon, and soon he was squinting dubiously at the dartboard in front of him. Despite its condition, each held fast – if a bit wide of their mark.

    “Yeh always did throw like shit when yeh were angry, yeh heavy bastard,” he chuckled under his breath, struggling to remove the points without destroying what cork was left. “Toss em damn hard though.”

    Stretching and giving a shallow yawn, Charles tucked the darts into his unwashed apron and could feel the anger drain out of him as he turned to survey his small kingdom. Sure, the Greasy Spoon might not be a prince’s getaway, but he made due – he had grown old here. Well, not old, exactly, but older than most in this run down town, and he had the Spoon to thank for a large part of that.

    A grin crept across his face, pulling taught the jagged scar on his left cheek as his eyes fell on the back door to his establishment – the same door local outlaws had accosted him at years ago. Without the regular payments provided from the Spoon’s account, what would keep those same thugs from coming after him in the night? Then there were the three large and mysterious bloodstains spaced evenly along the yellowing wall. Nobody seemed to know where they came from, nor why the one on the end seemed to have singed the flaking wallpaper around it, but there was comfort in knowing that the blood certainly was not his.

    And of course there were the people of the Greasy Spoon, the foul-mouthed and foul-tempered ruffians who had become his closest friends, shadiest business partners, and most likely suspects in his eventual disappearance. The same foul-mouthed and foul-tempered ruffians who were now staring at him with startled expressions and uncharacteristic silence.

    “What are yeh all lookin’ at?!” He growled after a moment before letting his gaze fall to the one thing very out of place in his bar.

    A man with long, dark hair sat alone at the counter, drinking from a dented metal mug Charles saved for special occasions – he was the only man in the bar with his back turned from the scene. He was also the only man in the bar wearing brightly polished platemail and the kilt and sash of an established family.

    “What the hell are yeh doin’ here?!” Charles all but shouted at the man. “And who said yeh could use me special mug?”

    The stranger turned around, shuffling a bit awkwardly and almost loosing his balance on the stool. He looked into his drink an slowly raised his hands.

    “Chuck, look,” he said, voice carrying clearly through the still silence. “Nobody told me the mug was special.”

    Charles crossed the bar in just four steps and glared down at the newcomer.

    “I told yeh, yer kind isn’t welcome here,” he spat, biting the end off every word.

    “And I told you that – “ the knight began rising look him in the eye and falling short by several inches. “My, you’re large…”

    “What yeh and yer brothers did, leavin’ like that,” Charles cut in, “it’s just unforgivable ‘round here. An’ unforgettable. Do yeh know how many yeh took down with yeh, Sir?”

    “You’re really good at making that title sound –“

    “A dozen!” Charles slammed his fist on the counter breaking the silence like a spell. Suddenly the entire bar was on its feet, all attention on the two figures at the counter. “I want yeh to leave, I want yeh never to come back, and I want yeh to realize just how kind I’m bein’ givin’ yeh that chance.”

    “Oh yes, so kind,” the knight named Talys muttered. “You just get kinder every time we do this.”

    Finally fed up with the taunting, Charles let out a wild roar and plunged his hand into the pocket sewn into his heavy apron, producing several rusty darts clung together in his meaty fist like a dagger. Rearing back, he wildly swung the sharpened point toward Talys’ throat. The knight responded with a sad smile, pursed his lips, and whistled.

    Charles seethed with anger, muttering under his breath as he turned loosed a handful of darts across the room. The projectiles whizzed through the air with a faint whistle before thumping into a crumbling cork board hanging from the wall. The broad barkeep gnashed his teeth and lumbered from his start beside the grimy counter, his every step bringing a pained creek from the aged floorboards…

    Talys directed his attention back to the counter and his drink, with a beleaguered sigh.

    “How many times do I have to…” he mumbled before turning to see many dangerous looking men standing very close to his stool.

    “You should go,” said one of the dangerous men.

    “Fine,” Talys agreed, rising from stool with a distinct lack of grace. “But I’m taking the mug with me.”



    Late 20’s

    5’ 11” / 185 lbs.

    Long, dark hair
    More slender than most knights
    Usually seen with an axe and an instrument
    Has a habit of whistling

    Knight / Bard

    The middle child of three brothers who left a rundown, crime-ridden town on the outskirts of Yew. Two of the three traveled together with the goal of becoming grand adventurers, Talys was at least along for the ride.

    Special Characteristics:
    Clever (Annoying), Wry sense of humor, Driven

    Additional Info:
    Though seemingly reluctant in many of his endeavors, Talys has shown a surprising mind for leadership and generally wants what’s best. He is a Knight who volunteers to fight for good, but may have an exterior he finds hard to shake.
  11. Nappaca

    Nappaca Grandmaster

    Aug 30, 2013
    (sorry for the bad grammar)
    Name: Nappa
    Gender: Male
    Age: 568
    Height/Weight: 236
    Features: In the daylight flesh still on the bone but when the night light is on the corpse nothing rotten flesh hanging on
    Profession: Massacring homes and villager of mortal for the guardian
    Origin: Born into a family of farmers raise to farm and raise cattle until one day he heard a strong calling from the
    darkness calling to him for something great and better. He wonder the woods until he saw a dark shadow that start whispering
    his name telling him if he server a great power he will be granted true power and the true gift of the gods
    and all he has to do is give u his soul for the master and all his troubles will go away. Then without a thought Nappa Said yes
    the dark shadows grins a fiery flame cover Nappa body burning his flesh and his soul away. After the fire was done the
    dark shadow grab Nappa pulled him up and told him for his gifts that was given. there is a price and his was the souls of his family
    after returning to his farm slaughter his family there souls are now trap into the darkness for his new master the guarding
    Special Characteristics: The need to server his master will at no matter what the cost and his eternal loyalty
    Additional Info:
  12. The_Carver

    The_Carver Adept

    Oct 10, 2014
  13. tjchats

    tjchats Master

    Jun 6, 2016
    Frath stormborn
    Voris Wulfgar
    Renato Biagio
    Horus Nightbane
    Garven Merrick
    Tormund Wulfgar
    Ellaria Windhelm
    Lagertha Wulfgar
    Serena Volkihar

    Name: Lord Voris Wulfgar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 46

    Height/Weight: 5' 11" 240 lbs

    Long Blonde Hair and Beard speckled with gray hairs
    Fair Skinned, scarred and burnt from years in the forge
    Gruff, booming, Viking sounding voice
    Heavily muscled, broad shoulders, chest and arms from decades of swinging a heavy smithy hammer
    Chest and back covered in Norse rune tattoos

    Profession: Legendary Armor Smith (Both leather and metal) Owner of Wulfgar Family Tailors. Head Crafter of the Emporium Trading Company

    Side Profession: Carpenter, Tinkerer, Miner, Shipwright

    Origin: Isle of Fenris

    Special Characteristics: Devoted, Driven, Stearn, Family Orientated. Shrewd/Savvy Businessman. Legacy of House Wulfgar above all else!

    Additional Info:
    Voris came to Sosaria from the Isle of Fenris, a brutally frigid and deadly island of hearty, sea faring warriors. Originally sent to settle parts of Sosaria and create a permanent settlement Voris and a party of Fenrisians landed in the northern part of Sosaria near Yew. Among the party was Voris' future wife, the Shield Maiden Lagertha. Several years after establishing a colony most of the Fenrisians were either killed or returned home. Voris, his now wife Lagertha and a handful of other Fenrisians decided to stay in Sosaria. Voris eventually settled in Britain where Lagertha bore him their son Tormund Wulfgar. After decades of crafting armor masterpieces for the Lords of Britain, Voris Wulfgar was granted Lordship and given proper respect that most foreigners don't ever get.
  14. Bovich

    Bovich Neophyte

    Oct 2, 2015

    Garion Bouaniche




    5' 10" (1.78), 182 lbs

    Caucasian, with thick arms and an average torso, auburn wild hair that almost reaches his shoulders. Clean from any scratches and scars, with no flaws on his graceful face.

    A former lumberjack

    Garion comes from a fair French bourgeoisie family whom established at the city of Yew. The Bouaniches make their livelihood from the handicrafts of lumberjacking. Everyday as soon as the rising sun first lit the top of the trees the five sons including Garion (which was the youngest) used to make their own harmony beats of hitting the Yew trees with their handmade axes. This kind of daily hard labor, had toughened Garion both mentally and physically.
    In his adolescence Garion used to accompany his father and brothers to their commerce meetings in order to sale their high-standard quality logs.

    In these meetings Garion encountered quarrel mangers and many frauds which he couldn't even imagine how he would blend in this kind of behavior after he would reach his adulthood.
    Understanding the world of lies and corruption around this kind of commerce and the differences between his characteristics to his brothers, the young stud was seeking for something more meaningful and adventurous. In the confirmation of his elder brothers he decided to make a change in his life and to start his journey to Britain. A rising rumor about gatherings of fearless knights fighting the cruel and mystic world of magic draw young Garion's attention and curiosity.
    The tales in Yew about men whom honor and integrity are their main virtues, and the uncompromising battle against the witchcraft and sorcery were the things Garion used to think about while he was in the middle of the hard labor of lumber jacking. That's what helped him to keep up the hard and fast pace of work with the high supply demand.

    He wished to dictate his own individual path, to find glory and meaning for his existence...

    Special Characteristics:
    Honest, ambitious, courageous but lacks of self confidence.

    Additional Info:
    Garion's fighting skills are not good enough and he's aware of that. He hopes to prove himself with the only thing he knows to do from they day he was born, which is striking with an axe.
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  15. Vixy

    Vixy Neophyte

    Jan 31, 2017
    Name: Vixy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 116
    Height/Weight: 4 inches Tall, weighs 2 ounces
    Features: Wings!!!
    Profession: Pixie!

    Additional Info:

    Hello! I'm Vixy, the pixie. I grew up in Pixelland. Pixelland is a magical place, where the skies are bright pink and the clouds are neon blue. The ground is made of sugar, and creatures of all kinds are your friends! But sadly, an evil sorcerer named Theo the Dark discovered Pixelland. Late at night, under the full moon, I was dreaming. When pixies dream, we twinkle and blink. Theo the Dark discovered me, and captured me. I did not even have a chance to escape. He took me back to the Dark Castle, where he kept me in a bottle for a hundred years and never let me out.
    Those hundred years were awful. I was stuck inside a small glass bottle. People would come and gawk at me through the glass. I never got any fresh air, and the only thing I ate were breadcrumbs and little drops of water. Just enough nourishment to survive. I had to do something. I hate to escape. I came up with a plan.
    When Theo the Dark was asleep at night, I started doing pushups in my bottle. I was determined to become strong, no matter what! Week after week, I could feel myself getting stronger and more determined to escape. Finally, after years of pixie pushups, the time came. I knew I was strong enough to break the bottle!!! I waited until Theo was out gathering reagents for his evil spells. I took my chance. The time had come! I started punching the bottle over and over, and SLAMMED into it as hard as I could. The bottle fell from the table, and CRASHED onto the floor!! The glass shattered everywhere. I had cuts on my wings and face, BUT I WAS FREE AT LAST!!! I escaped through the opened window, and NEVER looked back.
    A week later, my travels led me to the SIR knights guild in Yew. I met them as I was looking for Larry the Fairy, my childhood best friend! He is thought to be hiding in a Yew Tree, probably getting fat from the farmers crops. I miss Larry the Fairy so much! He is like a brother to me!!! I told the knights of my horrible hundred year stint locked in the bottle. They vowed to keep me safe from Theo the Dark, as I search for my long lost Larry. If anyone sees him, PLEASE, Tell him Vixy the Pixie is looking for him, and one day, we will be reunited!!! Thank you Sosaria!!
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  16. Francis|The|Bold

    Francis|The|Bold Neophyte

    May 20, 2017
    Francis The Bold

    Name: Francis The Bold

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Height/Weight: 200 5'7

    Features: Bulky, Bearded and Stalwart

    Profession: Knight\ Professional Orc Slayer

    Origin: Francis was born to humble wood cutters and lived in Trinsic. While out in the forest working, the family was beset upon by Orcs and Francis's father was murdered by filthy orc scum. His mother, now minus a bread winner took young Francis to Yew to live with her sister. There, she convinced a local sell-sword to train Francis in the ways of the mace while she worked in the local kitchens.

    Eventually, Francis made it to the vale where he pledged himself to the Knights and swore to battle Orc filth until the day he dies.

    Special Characteristics: Honorable ( to a fault ), Honest and Brave. A big honest homely brave dummy who just wants to kill Orcs

    Additional Info: Francis is best known for his skill with the shield and the dark black mace made for him by a shadowy figure
  17. Pesmergas

    Pesmergas Adept

    Jan 5, 2017
    Name: Pesmerga
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Height/Weight: 6'2/ 210LBS
    Features: Long raven hair. Pale skinned. Sullen
    Profession: Sword for hire.
    Origin: Unknown. Rumored to come from an ancient clan of dark knights. May not be of this world.
    Special Characteristics: Dons black armor but still moves quietly. Proficient with a great sword of the name 'King Crimson'.
    Additional Info:Name means "He who chases after death". Came to these lands in search of someone. Very little is known about Pesmerga. Keeps to himself.

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  18. Kerry_Bunk

    Kerry_Bunk Novice

    Jun 10, 2017
    Elysia End
    Kerry waved away the barmaid -- it wasn't that he'd had enough -- he never had "enough"... a letter had caught his eye a few hours before as he sifted through the body of an unfortunate orc who attacked him earlier. This wasn't the first time he'd been attacked by orcs while hunting. Kerry meant to settle down, finish building his house and fade away... but something continued to nag at hm. A mean-streak that he could never seem to shake. He'd been ambushed twice in the past two days; the last of which left him next to dead before he was able to find a healer.

    The letter read that "The Knights Guild" was recruiting. Who knows what poor soul this orc had taken the scroll from, but it caught Kerry's interest. They were recruiting, and the urgency of violence surged through his veins again. He took a deep draw from his pipe, standing and paying his coin for the drinks as a plume of smoke drifted before him. He took up his axe, adjusted his war-torn, blood-stained armor, and headed towards the door with a tip of hat to the patrons.

    Kerry Bunk
    Mid-to-Late 50's
    6'1" / 225 lbs.
    Worn, creased face bearing various scars--ranging from minor to major. Above average height; with a medium build--still formidable in his older age. His eyes are dark... as his thinning, but plentiful hair pulled; pulled back into a ponytail. There is no mistaking that is this man has been through wars and the occasional (and possibly recent) bar fight.
    Drifter, Mercenary, Former Knight, Former Lumberjack/Miner.
    Kerry spent his early years in Minoc, working under on his family farm and also worked as a miner. It was hard living - but gave him a backbone. After his family was slaughtered by a rival vendor, and their property burned... Kerry set out as a mercenary, eventually avenging the death of his family. By chance or luck, Kerry spotted royal caravan being being raided by vagabonds. He showed his prowess in battle, killing the highway men swiftly. Kerry then relocated to Britain; eventually being knighted as a result of his effectiveness in battle. Kerry always had a chip on his shoulder, grew tired of the hypocrisy he was surrounded by.... and killed a local nobleman who was attacking a young girl. In the midst of the fiasco -- his wife was killed. He left his duties and went rogue again--traveling the lands in search of coin and unsettled business.
    Additional Info:
    Tough as nails... Kerry also has an emotional side due to watching his family die before his very eyes and the lingering ghosts of the multiple people he has killed. This shows when he drinks heavily and becomes violent. He dislikes Orcs, as they generally tend to show up in the worst of situations and in high numbers.
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  19. TJ Smith

    TJ Smith New Member

    Aug 11, 2017
    Name: Tim the Third

    Gender: Male

    Age: age unknown but buy the look of him he looks to be in his early thirties or late twenties.

    Height/Weight: Tall/80kg

    Features: You see a man with a long red beard and hair. He is tall and has a determined look in his green eyes. On occasion when in thought you may see him rubbing his wrists subconsciously, and the more perceptive among you may notice faint scars ringing them.

    Profession: Adventurer, Explorer, Musician

    Origin: It’s a Mystery even to him... All he can remember is waking up on the beach of this mysterious land, he must have washed up from the ocean. One thing he does know for sure is that he is the “Third”. He doesn’t know how he knows this or what it means but he knows that this is fact… He has spent his youth learning the ways of this new world on the streets of Britain but as time moves on he is growing restless, yearning for adventure and the possibility that out there somewhere he may find the answers he is looking for.

    Special Characteristics: He has a quick eye, good with a bow and a determined sense of adventure. He seemed to pick up music quite quickly (mayhap this is a clue in itself?) Monsters and vermin seem to hate the sounds of his drums though.

    Additional Info: If you happen to meet Tim the Third… Be patient with him he is trying to understand his place in this new world he finds himself in.

    Tim the Third.jpg
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  20. Jax Monroe

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    Mar 29, 2013
    Jax Monroe
    Lucas Ryken
    Name: Unknown

    Alias: Kyncaide

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24 years

    Height/Weight: 5'7", Unknown (Petite)

    Features: Dark eyes, Black hair

    Profession: Trinsic Guard

    Origin: Far East

    Special Characteristics: Hardly speaks, is fiercely loyal

    Additional Info: At five years old her village in the far east was burned and her father and mother killed by the raiders that pillaged it. The man responsible, Arcturus Kyncaide, decided to spare her as she was so young and take her for his own. He raised her, teaching her the ways of magic and due to the language barrier and her never saying her actual name, he simply named her Kyncaide after himself even though he never really thought of her as a daughter. As the years went on she began working officially for Arcturus and stayed loyal to him even though he was responsible for the death of her parents. When Arcturus died in battle when she was thirteen she traveled back to the far east and buried him alongside her parents. She then sailed to Britain where she began taking mercenary jobs when she could and at age sixteen met James Ambrose and Jax Monroe who she worked with until she turned nineteen. When they left for Trinsic she stayed behind and continued to work odd jobs until twenty-four. When fighting murderers in the dungeon of Ankh, she came across Jack Scallywag of the Trinsic Guard who liked her cunning. He brought her to Skye Wolfbane who made her a citizen of Trinsic and, to show her gratitude, Kyncaide joined the Trinsic Guard.


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