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Platinum, Crystal Fragment, Gold, Donation Reward Ideas?

Discussion in 'News' started by Shane, May 10, 2016.

  1. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Admin Post
    Hey everyone,
    As you may now, we have been very busy implementing a vast amount of new content for the entire community to enjoy for the upcoming expansion coming very soon.

    With this, discussions concerning crystalline, platinum, gold sink and donation items came into topic. We quickly became curious if the community had any special, unique or even basic-yet-to-be-done type of rewards for specified currencies.

    So we are asking you;
    Please feel free to post below any ideas you may have now, or have had previously for certain currency rewards.

    • Please keep on topic, any person to go off topic or derail this thread will face banning.
    • Do not judge, comment or otherwise discuss any players own suggestions or ideas.
    • PLEASE keep all IDEAS to ONE POST. If you have additional idea's simply "edit" your previously or originally posted idea.
    • Post your suggestion, like other player's posts/ideas if you agree with their suggestion.
    • DO NOT post if it is not a suggestion or otherwise a well thought out constructive thought.

    Thank you!
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  2. Derwolf

    Derwolf Well-Known Member

    Aug 6, 2014
    murder reprieve deeds on plat , gold sink, or dono vendor would be legit ^_^
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  3. VeryCoolCat

    VeryCoolCat Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2015
    Why not skin dyes like the paints but keep em cheap and have em last a few weeks.

    Or polymorph skin dyes.

    Name Change deeds
    Sex change Deeds
    unbreakable unblessed tools (smiths hammer, tinkers toolkit etc)
    more blessed armors like the phoenix armor etc... keep em weak

    Wand of Chickening.... can turn a player not in combat in guards into a chicken

    Even starter. Can basically start a 1v1, capture the flag etc.... just like the well can.
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  4. PekatronIII

    PekatronIII Well-Known Member

    Jan 9, 2015
    need powder of translocation( for meta pet ball) on gold snik vendor or platinum vendor.
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  5. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Admin Post
    Which old ones specifically? We lost our entire list of old donos.
    The entire point of those old donos was to make them worth while though. Hopefully they are for everyone that has those original dono items.
  6. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2014
    Washer and Dryer Deed
    Washer and Dryer Deed Blessed. (need image) 150,000
    Kitchen Sink (east)
    Kitchen Sink (east) Blessed. (need image) 200,000
    Kitchen Sink (south)
    Kitchen Sink (south) Blessed. (need image) 200,000
    Kitchen Oven (south)
    Kitchen Sink (south) Blessed. (need image) 200,000
    Kitchen Oven (east)
    Kitchen Oven (east) Blessed. (need image) 200,000

    1285 sandels
    Animated Fish Tank
    Animated Fish Tank 7x11 tiles (need image) 1,000,000
    Murder Reset Deed
    Murder Reset Deed Blessed. Resets your murder count to 0. One time use. 1,000,000
    BBQ Grill
    Swab the Deck Deeds to remove all the dead item off you boat
    Ok shane one posting only
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  7. The Takeover

    The Takeover Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2014
    1) Need to add weapon/armor enhancing (exceptional)
    Getting TOP tier weapons/armor should not just be a BoD game.. Other wise we should all make 10 mules and stay out of dungeons.

    2) Provoke is broke
    When you provoke a monster and it say "You've successfully started a fight." They still turn on you.

    3) Skill Stones
    Stone able to transfer skills amongst your own characters..
    With all the new changes it would be nice to not have to re-work characters over and over again.

    4) Bags of Sending (for Gold)
    Its a huge pain to have to recall back & forth just to drop 6k gp.

    5) Add Color: Stardust
    Black background w/ universe/stars graphics.

    6) Balance RDAs
    Right now the big guilds are getting 99% of these and thus reaping the rewards.

    That's all I got off the top of my head.
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  8. Popstarpirate

    Popstarpirate Well-Known Member

    Nov 19, 2015
    Le Fondel, HandThatHands,WhatsMinedIsMine, Craf'Tar, Dangles Shamely, Dirty Thoughts
    1194 Meta Steed Dye.
  9. kosmoko

    kosmoko Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2016
    A deed to transform the swamp dragon to another animal form, something smaller.

    A deed to change the color of the swamp dragon.
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  10. kosmoko

    kosmoko Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2016
    A Surprise Box for players to throw statuettes into it, players will get something random: 500-1k regens, a paragon chest, a weapon, a pant..etc.. we will also have a chance to get a rare surprise, like: a yard of special colored cloth, an ethy mount, a special color seed, an underwear?!

    Speaking of underwear, underwear dye deed :)
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  11. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2014
    RunYourDead / GoogleMyName / Superlollo / a wandering dealer
    Vesper dye For meta dragons/steeds

    Item id chest: you charge it by dropping item id Wands in it and whatever magic item you drop inside gets identified

    SANDALS/BOOTS SLOT +2 AR PATCH!!! These would sell like hotcakes
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  12. parsnip

    parsnip Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 11, 2013
    • A new aesthetic relic for meta talisman
    • Dye for Phoenix Armour
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  13. The Takeover

    The Takeover Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2014
    7) Power weapon turn in
    8) Statue Turn in
    9) More options to craft with Gems
    10) "Make PvM Great Again!"-- I was watching a twitch stream of another server and all they seemed to be doing was running around with hyper bows. Please don't let this turn into a hyper tamer server (although is prolly too late already). The dungeons are FLOODED with meta drags and owners just saying "all guard me" "all kill". Where is the skill/fun in that? I have 11 7x Gm characters, but I sure as hell am not going to put another 100+ solid hours into training taming. If youre not a tamer then youre shit out of luck when it comes to pvm here unfortunately.
    11) New players need a reason to stay.-- Ive seen so many new player houses falling lately.. Also have noticed the small-medium plots aren't even being filled. Recently, the situation arises where a medium sized houses falls and no one places there for days/weeks/if ever. It seems like there are more and more 30x30s, keeps, and 18x18s filling up the map. Also once they realized that its gonna cost 20mil to train a meta pet or dexxer (and they are living in a small house and wearing random loot armor/weps) they quit.. and I don't really blame them.
    12) Fix the Outrageous donation prices-- Seems very unbalanced to see a simple color dye or useless deco vendor armor going for almost as much as a keep. You guys are bleeding this shard dry. ("Hmmm ettin taint my robe and sash or buy almost any item in the game.... Hmm.."
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  14. Modus

    Modus Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2014

    1) Please remove items from the Donation Vendor again after a decent ammount of time, so the items get a value and therefor it would make alot more sense buying them.

    2) Please add more things to the long existing currency platinum, you got little options on that one. I would also add some items that are nice-to-have for new players on the platinum currency. They kill their first para to drop a chest, get excited and get shit out of it - some rewards for a low ammount of Platinum could change that. I would also suggest to add a chance of 1:200 to drop some special item (deco for example) on paragon.

    edit 2.5) Make Conquest System useful please. I think those conquests should all be rewarded. Conquest Rewards keep the players doing those conquests, it keeps players playing the game. Conquests would be alot more fun to do if you were rewarded properly for them.


    3) Maybe you could add a "off to holiday - ticket" that keeps a house refreshed for 40 days once, then turns back to normal decay times. Consider: Most players here are in their mid 30s and for example i got to work in poor foreign countrys for a month sometimes, like egyptian desert or georgia (not the state in US, silly) where you dont have any internet con. The price range should be differtent for the plot size tho and the house sign should show when the timer will reset to normal decay time to anyone clicking it. Price it depending on House size or maybe add it as an option in the house menue.

    4) see point 2) in General. Add temporarily blessed suits, similar to ranger and phoenix (other hue), that are blessed for 10 deaths and lose their blessing after the 10th death. You could make them cheap for 100-200 plat coins, so new players have an item they can get for their platinum.

    5) The Swamp Dragons are nice, but does it all have to be valorite color when you go for the maximum defense %? Swampy-Hue-Tickets would be nice.

    6) Bankbox Enlargement Ticket: Add a Ticket, that creates a bigger Bank Box holding 50 items more than the regular Bank Box. You can add to the mechanism, that you can use up to 3 tickets to get a maximum 150 more item spaces for your bank.

    7) Add Colored Tmap-Books (6 colors) or Tmap-Book dyes, so it isnt a mess of clicking to find what book i put in what level.

    8) If you add murder count removal tickets, dont make it an instant blue ticket, add some difficuilty to it: the person will be able to reduce murder counts by gaining fame ingame until hes blue again. If he turns red again he'd need to buy another ticket if he wants to use this mechanism again (no permanent advantage)

    9) phoenix / ranger armor dyes on plat vendor (metal colors, not too much color, uo isnt disneyland)

    10) Do Bundles of deco items, themed bundles to purchase for dono. Dont put too many single items on the dono vendors, they are cluttered. You could then do one-time-event based sales of bundles, like easter bundle or christmas bundle with unique items (or unique colored) every year (but only for some days on the vendor)

    11) The Rugs on the Platinum Vendor, can you add the sides and corners to make a good carpet out of them? they suck otherwise (to make it not too cluttered, make them come in a deed form where you decide which part of the carpet you wanna pick. Or add Carpet Deeds and remove these Rugs.

    12) Master Thiefs Lockpick. Yes - it does not break and it comes blessed. No major advantage to anyone but nice to have.

    13) Treasure Diggers Shovel - Shovel comes blessed but still has 50 charges only, so you dont mine with it - just for TMAP purposes. Like the Lockpick 12) no major advantage but nice to have.

    14) RUNE ATLAS - Bigger Runebooks (look up at stratics)

    15) Stat Ball, doesnt seem overpowered and sometimes it is nice to be able to change the stats w/o ruining a 7x gms skills temporarily.

    16) EXP Deed for Talisman. Like 20k EXP for dono coins Deed.

    17) New Talisman Aesthetics - but not too extreme graphics.

    18) Soul Stones to transfer character Skills from one to another (same account). Make them with 5 charges maybe.


    Dont do too many weird colors, the more weird colors there are, the less UO experience, keep it real.

    AND PLEASE: Dont cheapen Donation items, keep them the price they are..... (like boura price change sucked)
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  15. Volco

    Volco Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2016
    1) a dragon barding deed that can be used on ethy mounts (makes me sad spending $1000 for a boura mount, only to have to use my swampy).

    2) Runic Atlas

    3) some new aesthetic' for relics

    4) special crafting powder to raise durability of a piece of armor to maybe 500, or even 1000 depending on cost of the powder.

    5) if possible, please put a timer on donation items, so they disappear after X amount of weeks, or months.

    6) statue turn-ins: depending on the statuette, turn them in for something small like: regs, ingots, paragon chest, or even for a little bit of relic experience. No need for a small chance at anything rare.

    7) Chargeable ItemID Wands: double click a wand, then click this special wand to fill this bad-boy with more charges!

    8) Blacksmith Repair Chest: drop in repair deeds to charge (legendary repair deeds only), then drop in armor/weapon to instant repair.

    9) Tailor Repair Chest: drop in repair deeds to charge (legendary repair deeds only), then drop in armor/weapon to instant repair.

    10) buy piles of dung to throw at players. Just something small and fun for the community. Buy them off the gold sink vendor (maybe 100 for 10k).

    11) add in some more conquest achievements (maybe a dung throwing achievement ;) )?

    12) deed to upgrade talismans to a '2nd tier'. After using the deed, each talisman level gives an additional 1% chance to hit monsters (cost maybe 5-10m or something). Another idea would be to use that 'upgrade talisman deed' to allow the character to carry an extra 5stones per level. Tamers are constantly getting new MEGA OMG pets, would be nice to keep dexxers on pace with new things aswell.

    13) maybe add in a 'featured vendor house' to the [MOTD. Every month, people can submit their shops, and then the community can vote on who's featured. (no single shop can be featured more than once every 3-4 months).
    In the [MOTD, there can be a button where players click, and it teleports them under the shop sign. This would be absolutely amazing for motivating shopowners to keep things stocked, as well as allow the community to discover some new shops.

    14) Some people have been mentioning animated aquariums +1 +1 +1 +1

    15) Deed to increase storage space in a locked down chest. (maybe add an extra +125) not sure if this would be possible. but would be awesome!

    make relics blessed. - right now, i see too often people just camping with thieves, or guilds coming in at the last second to kill everyone for relics. I feel relics should be rewarded for peoples hard work, not for 10 seconds of pvp or a quick snoop (or at the very least. have relics appear in bank instead of backpack)

    [I've been seeing a few people asking for a way to add ageless to houses. I don't like this idea, I feel it sort of promotes inactivity. (just my thought).]
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  16. Stormy

    Stormy Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2013
    1) SOUL STONES!! Either the full ones that you can use to store skills on & transfer among your characters or the fragments that have a limited amount of charges. Either one would be cool.
    2) Increased secured storage deeds for classic houses.
    3) Name change tokens ~ Because the Reds I Pwned shouldn't have to live in shame of their name forever! LOL
    4) Spell Channeling Sheilds
    5) Bring back the Lever Puzzle as part of the next expansion! The prize doesn't have to be a lamp post or inquisitor's resolution it could be anything that is popular with the players or items that are rotated monthly to keep the content fresh & exciting! This was a very popular group activity that many players miss & would be a positive asset to the server. For those unfamiliar with the Doom Lever Puzzle I offer this link to my previous post. http://www.uoforum.com/threads/please-bring-back-the-lever-puzzle.73244/#post-545209
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  17. kosmoko

    kosmoko Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2016
    It would be awesome if we can try the vanity items on before buying it off dono vendors, an UOF Fitting Room.
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  18. ProdigyOsi

    ProdigyOsi Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2015
    Calsifer [Werkt] - Guild Leader
    -Meta Pet re-skin (Mongbat, Wyvern, Gargoyle, etc): Allow user to re-skin their meta pets into fun new shapes!
    -Meta Pet hue retention/swapping: Allow meta pet owners with deep pockets to collect and swap between pet dyes (Probably should be free since it will allow us to buy more hues).
    -Increased friend/co-owner slots: Allow users to increase the friend/co-owner slots on their house.
    -Aesthetic Wearable Wings (gargoyle, fairy, dragon, etc...): Cloak slot wearable wings. (thanks for reminding me @Young Star)
    -Meta Talisman Recharge Stone (or similar): that allows user to re-charge a talisman without going to the statue to pay tribute.
    -Skill Scroll/Power Scroll storage container (Scroll Rack): Similar to the t-map and glowing rune and seed storage containers.
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  19. Young Star

    Young Star Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2015
    Bryden Rivers, YoungStar, Young Star, Tom Sevenstreams
    Yes. Adding images of wearables on a paper doll would be nice.

    This is someone elses idea that may have already been considered...
    Wearable wings for the cloak slot. Gargoyle/dragon style and feathered style.
    Maybe if others get on the bandwagon it will convince you to reconsider.

    I would like a layer deed to put bear/deer masks over helmuts. Currently the only way to achieve that is with a layered asthetic helmut or a hooded robe. The hoods default over the helmut and the masks go over the hood.

    This should probably be added to the soul forge not the special vendors...Adding a way to re-color swampy armor to another metal hue would be nice so there arent so many valorite swampies and people dont have to sacrifice armor rating to get the color they like.

    One thing that people asked for for years on OSI was armor for mounts, mainly for horses. Instead they delivered swamp dragons. Then they disappointed with the charger of the fallen. It would be awesome if you guys finally made it happen where you can buy barding that worked like swampy armor for horses and maybe later ostards, wolves, and other mounts. I know getting the artwork for them will be challenging but i am pretty sure some is out there to use, at least for horses.
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  20. FAMARA

    FAMARA Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2013
    1.deed that can turn your house ageless @ 10-20 mil gold each. ( probally a bad idea, but would sink a lotttt of gold)

    also I have always liked items that are practical, and that people need to keep buying in order to keep sinking gold.

    2.so maybe an item like the original cure, UNBLESSED , each kind a different slayer, for a decent price, 100k or something, could also make it just break upon death, so that they wouldnt flood the server, everyone would buy them for every champ with their meta dexers, or they wouldnt be able to compete.

    as of right now its almost impossible to find an exorsicm vanq weapon ect. since only silver drops on mobs.

    3. runebooks that can hold more than 16 runes, right now i carry about 15 runebooks in my backpack one 1 character...
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