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Pilgrimage of Purification Quest 7-7-2018

Discussion in 'The Knights Guild' started by Sir., Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham

    the Commander, sitting in the guild tavern with his men, has been staring quietly into his ale all evening when suddenly his facial expression turns to a stern look of determination as he stands abruptly from his table, shooting his seat backwards, raising his ale...
    Knights! The time has come that we practice an ancient rite of Knightly orders; Spiritual Pilgrimage!

    It is our duty to protect these lands from villains, murderers and thieves of all kinds alike! In this world, the laws of man (game mechanics of blue, red or grey flags) dictate whom may or may not be brought to justice. However, there are times when we Knights, who abide by these laws, have gone above them and in order to save many innocent lives, have taken the life of one who the law protected whilst they abused loopholes to murder, steal or otherwise grief (blue noto pk's, blues who drag spawn on us to kill/loot us instead of PK, these sorts of exploits in the games flagging system)... In these times, we have made decisions that may have been above the laws of man, but were still within the realm of Virtues... We are not the judges but the servants of Virtue. We bring justice to those who seek it, but to swing the sword of the executioner comes at the cost of penance and discipline so that we do not find ourselves swinging the gavel instead, which we've no right to do so as mortal men. In this, I bring my honesty in truth to the table that I myself have slain a man that the law would consider innocent, but the virtues would deem wicked. I cannot say I was wrong, nor was I right, but I can say that in order to keep mine discipline and atonement with the virtues, and knowing I am not the only one who has done this against our own "rules", it is time we take the Holy Pilgrimage of Spirituality, Knights! I will be leading this Pilgrimage and I ask any knight who has slain an innocent in the name of virtues to walk with me on this most sacred quest. I also invite all other Knights to walk with me to merely hone their disciplines in Virtue that none of us forget the sacrifice we made to protect the good and innocent people of this world.

    OOC: We've had a few knights tell on themselves for killing blues who were obviously abusing game mechanics in ways that we could not RP against, myself included. Because knights tell on themselves for this, it shows their Honesty and true virtues. We cannot penalize this but instead react in a way of teaching, ale and quest! We will embark on a quest in game that teaches and reminds us of our duties and the virtues and that sometimes we have to correct things that the game cannot. It is going to be a very unique event that I think everyone who partakes will have a ton of fun with as a group - lots of cool/fun things in store as well as some real virtuous lessons to easily learn along the way! Hope to see everyone there who can make it!


    And so our Quest begins...

    Prior to the pilgrimage party's meeting, fasting and meditation were in order for Sir Rendlesham, Commander of the Knight's Guild, yet he found himself next to a sturdy ally, also a Commander of his regime, @Ryu Musashi of the Trinsic Guard. Curious to know more of the Virtues, he inquired about partaking in this spiritual journey that would teach him too, a master of warfare, in yet another cultures customs and beliefs, ever increasing his prowess as an experienced general on the battlefield... Other Knights began to arrive and the party began forming up well. Sir Barriston, young Mini-Knight Nym, the Blue Dragon Knight, Yuhber and later joined by the High Steward, Rick Steves. Also, for a short part of the journey, we were accompanied by a curiously gassy young fellow from one of our alliances many houses named SQUIDY.. I assume this was due to a high diet of wild beans.

    Prepared and ready for the journey ahead, they were to start this journey with nothing but clothing and leaving what provisions would be given to them to be decided by the Virtues... We started by gathering some basic resources in the orc caves where someone had done the hard work for us and we searched the bodies for essentials; a couple bandages, a few pieces of food, a pair of scissors to cut cloth into more bandages, the odd scimitar or halberd the Orcs had not taken much care of, and of course, gold for our voyage later where we found mercenaries for hire that would fight alongside us for a few coin... From here we made our way to the Northeast where we sought our first Shrine of Virtue; Justice...

    Leaving the shrine and making our way to our next destination in the desert of Compassion, we met more creatures of the wilderness that provided us with more resources to ensure we would see this quest through and safely. Our combat skills were challenged, but we prevailed even in the harsh desert sun, where the Shrine of Compassion taught us much of camaraderie, loyalty and love for our friends and allies as well as the good and innocent peoples of this world and others...

    Our next destination was the Shrine of Sacrifice to the far East beyond Minoc and Vesper. Conveniently, this would allow the party to spend some of their hard earned coin on supplies that would be needed to construct a vessel to carry them to the island shrines... However, upon reaching Minoc, they found an unexpected shortage of ingots for sale and the tailor left town a week ago forcing the party to find cloth and ingots elsewhere... Sir Rendlesham ran back to the Valley of Virtues where he met a traveler kind enough to give him his horse (shout out to Dagmar - super cool citizen!) and a Blacksmith in the Valley (Huzzah, Mountain Puncher!) willing to smelt piles of ore he quickly drug out of the cave from fallen orcs... The rest of the party (after wisely obtaining horses from the stablemaster in Minoc) headed to Vesper in search of cloth to make sails after acquiring the necessary wood to build their boat.. In a perfect synchronicity all parties merged back together just beyond Vesper to the East where they would journey to the Shrine of Sacrifice together, ready for the open seas next!

    Searching for a suitable launch point to set sail from, the party instead found a graveyard in the wilderness not marked on their maps that seemed to be a trap, luring them into their certain doom to stop them from completing their quest.. Quickly, without leaving chance for failure, the party launched their boat and set sail for the nearby Dagger Isle. Therein its mountains did lay the Shrine of Honesty where the party meditated on its wisdoms...

    We then ventured to the Isle of the Avatar where we learned of the humility in the virtues.. From here, it was a smooth and easy ride to Valor Island where even a murderer can come seek forgiveness and be returned to the living after falling on the battlefield. We learned of the relationship between the various Virtues and that courage should stoke the sword of Valor as it defends the innocent... But finally, we reached the shores of the Southern Jungles of Trinsic where we would seek out the Shrine of Honor and meditate on its wisdom through chanting it's powerful mantra...

    There was only one Shrine left, the sum of Virtues; Spirituality... We made our way far North to Trinsic where we attempted to take rest in what seemed an abandoned guard shack but were met with a surprise attack of the undead who lay still and silent for many moons waiting for an unsuspecting traveler to find refuge in this travelers tomb... Slaying the creatures with ease, we rode further into the Spiritwood just above Trinsic where we saw the Shrine of Spirituality crackling and sparkling with magical energies seeming resonating within the entire area... Meditate we did, and asked for guidance and wisdom, purification and discipline that keep us walking the righteous path of Virtue. Forgiveness of our sins is ours, those who have washed their soul in the rivers of blood and battle, but learned are those already pure that seek the wisdom of the virtues, along the path that leads to purification... Huzzah!!

    And after what seemed like days in the forests, deserts and mountains -- and on foot, boat and horseback, (4 hours in total to complete) the party found themselves close to a shrine of their own; the Keg and Anchor tavern just below them in Trinsic! Onward, to fill their gullets with ale, their pockets with slot machine winnings and tomato soup for the road, the journey had ended and their spirits revitalized with both a sense of Virtue, and the warm fuzz of ale, deep within their hearts.

    HUZZAH! Thanks to those who participated!

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