pet skill gain


i know i paged and got the answer of skill gains for magery, eval, poisoning are "slowed" on pets to provide more value to skill scrolls. I understand that rationale and agree to it an extent. reasons i don't agree or maybe it shouldn't be as "slow" as it is

1. forces me to rely on other players finds to make my pet back to max. Maybe there should be another route for 'scroll money' for "stable training" over a time period or something?

2. i have literally gained 500k XP on my mature dragon, and haven't even gained .1 on any of those 3 skills listed. i don't know what slow means exactly, but in my experience it's non-existent

i would've had this conversation with the in game response, but wasn't given the opportunity. anyone else have thoughts or other remedies other than "hunt them down on discord yardsale for scrolls"