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Patch Notes: 2019

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Shane, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Admin Post

    - Added three items to the [shop command in game: Combat Gem, Spellbook Layer Deed, Custom Title Tapestry
    - We've added more Monster of the Month (Snow elementals) to the ratman area of Ice Dungeon.
    - Fixed spellbook slayer labeling for perma slayer books
    - Taste id now works on seeds
    - Existing avian steeds were normalized to match the newer ones
    - Made meta attacks not target miners or order/chaos guards
    - Green nets no longer work on static targets
    - Meta mage mana scalar should now be set back to the previous value
    - Added transmutation cube: Put 2 or 5 glowing runes into it, not one, not six, three and four are right out. Anything else will be destroyed
    - Krumpus adjustments
    - Raised chicken damage
    - Fixed grinch presents
    - Removed militia stealing immunity
    - Adjusted reduced mana cost for mage talisman
    - Britian galleons have been adjusted to have the same amount of cannons as a gargoyle galleon
    - GM poisoning of food can upgrade to lethal (this does not work in the duel pits)
    - The title for kalgedeth has been changed to "Gluttonous" from "Wretched Glutton"
    - Composite bows have been added to the fletching crafting menu
    - Worked on valentines cards to make them function properly
    - Added additional logging to the auto stable functionality
    - Clubs will now be able to be crafted as a slayer
    - Slightly increased chicken damage again
    - Added rift system for testing
    - Butlers are now choppable, dressable, and turnable
    - Some foraging changes, you are now revealed, and fixed some item names
    - Begging gains should work properly now
    - Changed mob armor operation slightly
    - Botanist gump has correct name
    - Dont hide when bloody explosion effect triggers
    - Fixed incorrect blank scroll item id
    - The monster contract dealer now accepts dragon heads
    - Guild warlords can invite and remove members
    - Vastly increased inner sanctum asylum key drops
    - Turned on easter mobs early
    - Rogue kills cap has been raised to 800
    - There is now a chance to get piece of cloth in hues (2962, 2956, 1151) on any bod turn in
    - Disguise kits now change hair to random
    - Meta dragon fruit progress is no longer wiped on trade
    - Foraging kits are now craftable on the tinkering menu (More details soon with begging changes)
    - Reptilian death slayers now work on alligators
    - Skill scrolls will now top off player skills instead of requiring an entire point

    There are two new craftables on the soul forge
    Rifts: are craftable items that you can use to open a rift, it opens where you stand and spawns very large amounts of hard monsters the monsters only loot is Plasm. Plasm is used for crafting more rifts and other items
    Plasm decays at a rate of 1 per hour

    A Forked Bough: which can be used to summon a ligneous wight this is a tamer controlled creature with daemon pack instinct and will become more powerful as you apply plasm to it. It is a one slotted pet and cannot be bound.

    - Spring Creatures now spawn around the world.
    - Rifts are now spawn-able on the isle of Ocllo.
    - The Royal Decorator can now be used in a house you are co-owned to.
    - Removed Winter Donation Vendor
    - Added Spring Donation Vendor (click).
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