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Over 1500 Oak boards and no magic bow :(

Discussion in 'Crafting & Trade Skills' started by Brann Snow, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    Just used over 1500 Oak boards to make Bows with GM Bowcraft and I got not even one magic bow. Just exceptional and regular. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Tydeus

    Tydeus Well-Known Member

    You need to craft them in the Britain crafting area, next the blacksmith shop in West Britain
  3. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    Really? That's the only place crafting magic bows with colored wood works? I though that was just if you want a chance for slayer weapons.
  4. Expendable

    Expendable Well-Known Member

    Oak doesn't have a chance to have a modifier added you have to use heartwood/blooodwood/frost wood..... I'm about 99% sure about that.

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  5. Tydeus

    Tydeus Well-Known Member

    Somewhat pointless not to craft them there. Why pass up the possibility of a magical slayer bow?

    If you crafted 1500 boards worth and didn't get even one single magic bow, your luck is either the worst ever or you can only get magic bows in the BCA.

    I have crafted plenty of oak bows and gotten magical bows that I do not even collect but instead have my macro throw them in the trash if they're not at least yew wood.

    Oak can give you ruin and accurate magical modifiers unless they changed something.
  6. Popstarpirate

    Popstarpirate Well-Known Member

    I usually craft 5-6k logs in a beetle, 666-777 logs each time. You should be getting plenty of junky oak runics with 1500 :( bad luck!
  7. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    You keep them as logs and not boards?
  8. DrShade

    DrShade Member

    Ok, this has me confused. I just GM'd fletching today, so bare with me. What are rough odds of getting magical bow from colored wood? And can anyone provide a link to the expected bonuses from each kind of wood? My googling skills are failing me.
  9. Tydeus

    Tydeus Well-Known Member

    Oak: durable/ruin/+5
    Ash: substantial/might/+10
    Yew: massive/force/+15
    Heart: fortified/power/+20
    Blood: indestructible/vanq/+25
    Frost: indestructible/vanq/+25

    Those are the max stats for each wood type
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  10. Yoko Kurama

    Yoko Kurama Well-Known Member

    Fletching can suck, you may craft 1000 heart or blood, and not even get 1 good bow...well, aside from slayers...but to get a + 15, 20, or 25 power or vanq might take 5,000 logs=(
    I did 2k frostwood last week,which is like 500k investment, and ended up with 1 perfect, and 3 mediocre +10 or +15 powers. It really is sad how rare it is for the high end woods. Better off with a 120 carp, and make some clubs.
  11. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    Well I can confirm that you only make magic bows in the Brit Crafting Area. I tried in my house, in the woods, in a dungeon, on a boat (with a goat), and in the Yew Bow shop. Only used crappy oak, so no biggie. But I'm convinced. Gotta craft in the BCA to get magic properties from colored wood.

    Time to get thief proof.
  12. Experience

    Experience Well-Known Member

    Logs are lighter than boards

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