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Oh the Day to Day- By Vincnzo Papino

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Double Tap, Jun 9, 2018.

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  1. Double Tap

    Double Tap Journeyman

    May 16, 2018
    Double tap Mac drizzee MaCe
    The Day to Day of a Street Rat- Part 1

    Slowly I rise to the dawning sun and the cackling of the local birds playing. My mind is in a haze of the prior night’s happenings from the rum I drank, which emptied my pockets of the few coins I managed to beg from the local street vendors. The night was long as I could tell sleeping in the gutter is starting to take its toll on my weakening body from malnourishment. I thought to myself “what do I need to do to find a quick meal.” Oh the day to day of a street rat like me.

    Vencnzo Papino is my name and craftfully eluding the guards is my game. I survey my surroundings to find I was no longer in the great city of Britain but now I am close to the bank of Trinsic. I have no idea how I got here except I remember stepping thru a blue portal as I followed a mark (Happy the other side didn’t consist of 200 Ratmen Archers like the days of old). I climb a small rope ladder to the roof of the bank and take a seat at the edge to watch the happenings. Recalling my times in the city I knew I wouldn’t see many people but the occasional Do-Gooder from the Trin guild. (The free folk) They pay no mind to a street rat like me. I like it this way, nay, I prefer it.

    In the distance I notice a lady atop a grand steed, walking towards the bank. Any citizen of Sosaria would know this Lady to be the noblest of Ladies and perhaps my ticket to a meal. “Good day Fair Lady Wolfbane” I said hoping for a spot of spare change. She glanced at me with what seemed to be a fair amount of pity. “Wouldst though be able to spot a shilling or two? So I may feed this empty stomach of mine”. (Perhaps today will be my lucky day) To which she obliged. Thanking her, I sulked off into the shadows to find some food knowing I had to get back to my hometown of Britain to start working the streets before the vendors all quit their busy days.

    With a full belly and a couple extra bits in my pocket I head to the west gate knowing the road is long, arduous, and full of perils back to Britain. If you don’t know I am a master of the art of hiding and stealth, as I am in the business of going unnoticed, I didn’t fear the road as much as the distance needed to travel with no shoes. The sores I would inevitably acquire along the way were more of a concern to me then the occasional murderous Grizzly Bear. At least my nasty hangover has lost its edge. Oh the day to day of a street rat like me.

    If you like my story and wish me to continue please let me know
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  2. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Grandmaster

    Mar 28, 2017
    Avalon Alduin, Achilles Alduin, Adams Alduin, Axgalor Alduin, Whisky Walt, Luke Thighwalker, AreYouKidden, Rusty Cleaver, The Mad Hatter
    Adams Alduin was busy updating his ledger at the home of the Trinsic Trading Company, just outside the western gate of Trinsic. Sales had been good.. Excellent in fact.. Vendors were flocking in at the droves, soon he'd have to start turning some away. The only problem was the damn paperwork.. Lady Wolfbane was a stickler for protocol.. Every last penny had to be accounted for.. At least that's what he often told himself, in order to motivate him to keep his records straight.. The reality was Lady Wolfbane, was a most generous Lady, and left the day to day operations in his hands..


    Hearing a noise outside, the Grizzly Adams wandered to the front door, to check things out.. After looking around and not seeing anyone, he quickly locked the door, and sat back down at his desk. He'd have to inform the guard someone was lurking around again, and to keep an eye out, it wouldn't due to have funny business near the TTC..

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  3. Double Tap

    Double Tap Journeyman

    May 16, 2018
    Double tap Mac drizzee MaCe
    The Day to Day of a Street Rat- Part 2

    Ahh today is going to be a good day I can feel it. As I approach the West gate of Trinsic to finally take my leave and head home, I am greeted by a beautiful blue sky set across the landscape with a bright shining sun. I can see in the distance right next to the walls of the city is a 1 story little cobblestone, bustling with activity. Busy vendors hustling about with the bright purple colors of their cities guild, set a tingle to the back of my mind. See in the land of Sosaria busy vendors mean busy shoppers and that’s always good for a street rat like me. A meal ticket one could say.

    It doesn’t appear any of them are paying attention to the front door of the house (except for a scantily clad man with pink hair who appeared to be dozing off (union work break I suppose). Perhaps I will give it a go and see if the owner forgot to lock the door. As I take in my surroundings, I keep a watchful eye checking for guards, or the traffic of pedestrian merchants running to and from the various towns lacking the magery to recall around much like myself. After watching for a few minutes I decide the coast is clear and I move in to take a closer look at the front door while the vendors are all busily distracted counting coin. I tip toe up to the front door wary of waking the sleeping merchant and grab the door mechanism and give it a shove. Didn’t even budge, however, it made quite a loud clicking noise so I hastily retreated back to the shadows to continue on my way, fearful of the potentially alerted guards. The day to day of a street rat like me. (Maybe next time Mr Adams will forget to lock up)

    Time to stop messing about and get back home, the road is long when you are walking unnoticed. Traveling light makes it easy to move around and I am making swift time, already passing the ominous guard tower seems to me to be the halfway point. I’m nervous to approach the bloody fields as there is always trouble about. At least I have the potential to loot some dead bodies as I pass. I am almost to the bridge in town now, you can always tell when you’re getting closer to the city so much more foot traffic and people busy going every which way.

    I see tamed monsters with gigantic claws and even sharper teeth stomping around making gigantic puddles everywhere. Their owners dressed as if they were peacocks with the brightest shinies on for some reason I can never lift them even if they die they somehow keep these things thru the afterlife. It’s a little unnerving to say the least.

    It’s quite difficult to go unseen in these areas. I hate this bridge, I must cross it though avoiding the mercenaries and cutthroats as well as the boisterous ever salty militia groups and there constant manhood measuring contests. (The perfect people to lift loot from) They are always so busy dealing and fighting, I almost never get caught lifting the mandrake roots from them. I am no town vagrant any longer as I have grown from that phase when I became “associated” with a group which must not be named.

    It feels good to be home, I still have a little jingle in my pocket so I will hunker down for the evening at the local watering hole and find a nice quiet corner of the city to rest for the evening. The sun is setting and the day was long and tiring. Tomorrow will be a good day and it will be time to get busy. So cheers the night the wine is warm and delicious.

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