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Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Shane, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Shane

    Shane Guest

    Hey Everyone,
    I figured i would make an OFFICIAL post on a change we recently made on housing decay.

    PREVIOUSLY on Ultima Online Forever we had it so houses would wear down, if not refreshed, will enter "IDOC" mode AKA "In Danger Of Collapsing".
    When a house previously entered the in danger of collapsing time, it would take EXACTLY 8.0 Hours for that house to fall, leaving all the loot on the ground to be freely grabbed by anyone, or to decay. Also that housing spot/plot would be open for someone to place a new house on this spot.

    The problem with this system is that this is the same system that has been in Ultima Online for over 10+ Years.
    Since that time, people have learned to use scripts, or items in connection with razor/uostream/easyuo etc. to TIME exactly when a house will fall. This is because once a house is greatly worn, as i stated above once it goes into "IDOC" stage there is exactly 8 hours until it falls.

    So, to put in prospective of what some of these scripts are capeable of doing:
    • Can travel around Britannia clicking random house signs, once a "greatly worn" is found, will mark a rune to spot.
    • Can sit and click a sign over/over/over until greatly worn sign turns idoc, which then TIME STAMPS into a document etc.
    • Can sound an alarm on your PC alerting you a plot or house has dropped.
    • Can auto place a plot/house once a house falls (within milliseconds of the spot being available).
    I'm sure i've missed some points as well, but it gives you a general idea of how intense IDOCING can get with scripting, etc. So what some of these guys do is time these houses almost to the MINUTE, they recall in within the last 10-30 minutes and reap rewards, doing very little work. Keep in mind some of these idocs hold alot of LOOT, magic weapons/armor, resources, gold, rares, donation coins, skill scrolls, power scrolls, and that's not including the plot itself...

    We at Ultima Online Forever have put in changes to try to right this, because as you can see, it could greatly effect the balance of the game, the servers health and economy. We have made it so you cannot place a plot unless all items etc are clear of the area you are placing. What we were seeing basically is the people who knew certain IDOC tactics were gaining wealth incredibly faster than anyone else. We have been watching it for some time, and it really was starting to widen the gap between those who knew/did such tactics, and those who did not.

    Most RECENTLY,
    We implemented a new change that, when a house goes "IDOC" or "In Danger Of Collapsing". Instead of a straight 8 hour timeline until it falls, we changed it so the HOUSE COULD FALL AT RANDOM WITHIN THE LAST FOUR (4) HOURS of IDOC stage.
    We find this is a good way to make IDOCers really justify if a plot is "worth" sitting there for 4 hours to protect that loot, and gain that plot. Put in the time, get the rewards we figure.

    With all of that said;
    I'm not saying IDOC guilds are cheating, or scripting or whatever.
    However, a vast majority of people we have recently checked or looked into that belonged to IDOC ONLY guilds have been found at every idoc, knowing every time of falling houses, and also were sharing accounts, and some have been found to be using a VPN to abuse the multiple account rule (10 accounts, with 5-6 plots, etc.). These types of people hurt the servers heart, in a serious way. They horde houses, plots, TONS OF LOOT, and are already millions of gold in richess... While everyday, if you watch the "introduce yourself" thread on this very forum, NEW players are joining trying to scramble up some gold coins to place their first house- however if we let this go on, these idocers end up totally controlling the market. If you've played popular free-servers before, you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.

    This needed to be done, and i hope you all see our side of things here.

    Ultimately we make changes, and decisions in the absolute BEST INTEREST of Ultima Online Forever. Not any individual group, skillset, person, or guild... We see the server as a whole, and that is why we are here today being the largest freeserver out there by keeping strong to that image.

    We can only hope you stay strong with us.

    Ultima Online Forever
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  2. Shane

    Shane Guest

    I should also add we plan on adding more to this decay system INCLUDING:
    • Friends will not be able to refresh a house if owner is not online for XX time(to be decided)
    • Co Owners will not be able to refresh a house if owner is not online for XX time(to be decided)
    • DIRT Plots, or houses that have nothing moved in them in XX time will decay RAPIDLY.
    • DIRT Plots that are not built onto over a XX amount after an XX period will decay RAPIDLY.
    All of the above will come eventually, to be discussed in depth first, keeping in mind that we don't want people to lose their house over certain RL reasons, etc...
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  3. Shane

    Shane Guest

    I will finally note these changes will probably not affect many of you.
    If you log in and play and use your house at LEAST once per week;


    These changes, and ideas we are having, are to get those houses out of the hands of those who just log in to "refresh" their house, those who cheat/abuse IDOC's continuously, and those who are refreshing houses/plots that they are friended or co -wned to when the owner is long gone.

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