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November Patch Notes

Discussion in 'News' started by Swayze, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    November Patch Notes

    - Minor bug fixes with runebook copy pen, bod book dye tub, tmap book dye tub
    - Changed focus relic to say "focus" instead of "focal"
    - Fixed arch deamon abilities to not kill npcs for events
    - Added cauldron event
    - Added cure reward
    - Fixed issue with polymorph on staff accounts
    - made mobs guard immune
    - fixed wands with faction
    - Added new boss
    - Added new boss abilities
    - Made some changes with pots in duels
    - Removed the ability for mobs to spawn in houses/courtyards
    - Fixed some general spawners
    - Fixed timers for 5x tourneys
    - Added pumpkin rewards
    - Removed arcane gems as drops
    - Added new champ mob
    - Made granite stackable
    - Made changes to organizeme to fix some lag issues
    - Added RDA Portal banning
    - Made potions stack
    - Made potions unstack
    - Made potions stack again
    - Fixed minor issue with stat balls
    - Ships now delete blood they sail over (Is this the fix we needed for the water spawn?!?!?!?)
    - Booty Island Dungeon is now fully spawned.
    - Created 4 Booty Island Bosses.
    - Booty island is now set up for development and will soon be finished.
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  2. khajja

    khajja Well-Known Member

    Can we get more details on this particular item?
  3. Harry Berries

    Harry Berries Well-Known Member

    - Added RDA Portal banning
    This wasn't already a thing? Because I was told it was already was a thing.
  4. Ariakan99

    Ariakan99 Well-Known Member

    Which of these changes are live on the server and which are still on test only?
  5. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    So the splatter issue is fixed? Woot! Sea champ to return soon I hope!
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  6. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    Just gave you guys more pots I believe.
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  7. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

  8. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    Most are live. Some at the bottom are not yet.
  9. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, it is fixed. Should be in next restart then I would like to test with you and others on the test server and run through a champ.
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  10. toddyboi

    toddyboi Well-Known Member

    We talking more than 10 stacked potions?
  11. DubeeAshtray

    DubeeAshtray Well-Known Member

    whats the new boss? name?
  12. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

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  13. Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth Well-Known Member

    My goodness!! Granites r stackable!! Thanks for making it happened.

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  14. DubeeAshtray

    DubeeAshtray Well-Known Member

    So does this work as of now?
  15. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

  16. Steezie E

    Steezie E Well-Known Member

    Are arcane gems unattainable now?
  17. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    I think there might be a few floating around but they are useless
  18. toddyboi

    toddyboi Well-Known Member

    @Swayze glad you answered this.
  19. PhireHawk

    PhireHawk Well-Known Member

    Now just need to make repair contracts stackable...
  20. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry, it is when you die they stack.
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