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*New PK (Murderer) Changes, and other updates

Discussion in 'News' started by Shane, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. Tard the Paladin

    Tard the Paladin Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 2015
    Tard the Paladin
    I totally understand your point. I still PvM on a factioner and get people trying to gank me at every champ spawn. However, I am largely successful running solo because I choose my farming spots wisely and stay prepared to deal with ganks. If I do get ganked then I have at least mitigated my risks by not farming with my best equipment and dropping off my loot regularly. I usually stay out of Shame 5 and Despise titans because I don't like getting ganked. These are things that any blue PvM'er can do while making a ton of gold and rarely getting PK'd. I have a guide in the guide section that lays out a lot of useful information on this topic.

    New players will especially benefit from being part of a larger guild that has the numbers and experience to help protect them and show them the finer game mechanics. Glutt takes a lot of heat for leading a larger guild, however, he has also given a lot of time and patience to teach new players that are interested in PvP. The other faction guilds that were once active weren't interested in teaching these skills and did little to bring more players into the faction scene.

    If blue guilds took a similar approach to recruiting and training players in PvM and PvP then the shard will have a lot more fun. Blues will be chasing off reds more often than not. They will also enjoy having more guild members to do PvM content.

    I do not mean to be dismissive of blue complaints. The frustration is real and I respect that and want to see new players stick around. My belief is that a lot of players would have more fun and be successful if better sized guilds were around to help them.

    I understand the purpose behind the proposed system but I see the potential for it to benefit veteran tamers that need little assistance while placing the burden on newer players that reds will seek out in order to stay out of stat loss. More complicated systems inherently leave more room for abuse and unintended consequences. Sometimes a player based solution is a better approach. I merely offer the suggestion of larger guilds as a possible solution.
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  2. Lexington

    Lexington Well-Known Member

    Feb 20, 2013
    You can't remove that from an online game... especially a free one. Toxicity is here to stay the same as it is in every other on-line experience. Rule changes are the only thing that will ever make a difference.
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  3. Streets

    Streets Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2015
    There is no way you really feel like you will be pked everytime you take one step out of town. This sounds like you wait on the Brit bridge scared to take the last step.. I just think the examples people are using are pretty unrealistic. Streets I just used your post as an example, there are many.. Nothing personal.[/QUOTE]

    It's all good bud but yes every time I walk to a location (not recalling arround) I totally expect to be jumped. Does it happen ever single time? No not not ever time but more times than not.

    Go to a dungeon yup it happens alot
    Change dungeons still happens
    Tried fishing still get found
    I have seen crafters killed in town (the attacker gets gard waked but the player does down too usually from poision)
    Out in the open happens
    In front of my own house it happens.

    I don't know if I have the servers most shitty luck. Or maybe it's the fact I have a ceappy work scedual that only let's me play a short time and those times are high peak for server population.

    My complaints are that I should be able to fight mobs unrestricted of that was the case I would spend my money on an official server with trammel (yuck) and to be honest I spent more here in donating than I spent in subscriptions.

    Another issue is my skills, I like archery (not archer bard not archer tamer). Uo, guild wars, wow, daoc, etc I play an archer role it's what I feel close to. But i know because of this I will always have a tough time defending myself. Much like the other conversations about pvp and tamers and balance. It's just difficult to do no matter what you try.

    My point is of other are experiencing what I am then there is to much murder. Not that murder shouldn't happen, it is a game in the end.
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  4. Streets

    Streets Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2015

    But it can be mitigated by the community if it's sting enough lex. If people quit buying or selling from toxic players or decided not to associate with players with that mentality people would be more hesitant to indulge in that behavior. Yes you could make alts to be an ass but what are you going to do make a forum account for each alt you have?

    So yes your right you can't stop it but you can manage portions to a degree some of it anyway

    And you can try to curb it with in game rules as well ;)
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  5. Darkarna

    Darkarna Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2013
    Of course, the internet does breed very rude and ... unwashed.. types of people. Was just reading another thread, a thread regarding ... in fact let me just copy and paste a snippet, one sec ........



    ahh, here we go :

    Added a little italic to the area which, I think is important to my previous post on this thread. Unfortunately, with the amount of trash talk that has accumulated over the years players have forgotten about the important rule of respect. Lately, a clean-up has begun but there is still quite a blockage which needs that extra push to release. The more common sense and respect integrated into the server, the less complaints and people leaving will be very apparent.

    Understandably, toxicity will never be truly eradicated but maybe as a community we can curve it and stop some of these changes being implemented. On the off-chance I am wrong, I apologize in advance..

    Edited : Changed text colour for the obvious reasons..
  6. De Medici

    De Medici Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2015
    Cosimo de Medici
    Thats exactly the point! There are some few PKs who are griefing and they destroy it for every PK. Right now 2 mins ago, 2 PKs killed me in Shame 5 and spend about 10 minuts of their time only to kill my Pets. THESE guys are fucking it up for everybody and we are talking about some %. But till I ress my Pets retrain them after Stat it takes me like 2 hours or even more. As other person in that thread are saying: Perma Ban the worst griefers and you could let everything like it is now or maximum light changes. There are some messed up individuals like the Player MmX. Im sure he killed already several hundreds of Pets and he is not even a PK. I wouldnt be suprised if several people quitted cause of him ;-). How ever: Its a bit like in the real society: Some People are that messed up that u cannot let them participate. They will fuck it up for everybody. Farer: There is not one day where no players are killing my Pets. This is far worse than getting killed because u need to train them back and that takes hours. And they do it just because they know it will suck hard for me.

    Its really a confession of failure for that shard that this is possible.
  7. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Admin Post
    Hey everyone,
    I want to say thank you all for contributing to this very touchy subject. With 10,000+ Views you can see how popular and how interested people can be about such a subject.

    The staff is going to have a meeting about this as we look and go through it all and talk about the pros and cons of all of your suggestions.

    Thank you again for participating and keeping this on point.

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