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My Story... Maybe sad, Maybe funny which Just want share it

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by dewin, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. dewin

    dewin New Member

    Sep 22, 2019
    - Hello Everyone... I'd been played UO since 1998 or 1999 to 2004. And also i setuped Server and i operated Two RunUO and one sphere. Was my last Roleplaye action days and i ever never played. Cos i was full to play. I didn't want more. you know sometimes feeling done... Let's say it was 15 Years ago. Moreover I was playing Ultima at Amiga or Commodore or Pc I'm not sure at early 90's :p

    - Now I returned for fun and try to remember old days because of one of my best Friend who died with more 25 years friendship that i played this game with him with together for 7-8 years. Honestly I forgot all things in game. Also to remember something is very difficult. For example if i remember i was insuring my items, makes Kegs to put at my vendors etc... I was using RuneBook to port... However i can not remember where i was getting book, did i making it with crafts or did i buy it from vendors or players or Npc i really forgat alls... And I had Vendor at Luna, I had Castles, houses etc... I had Many characters with different combinations. Maybe 30 maybe 40 chars... Now I'm trying to remember... But I don't know feeling is sometimes hurting me sometime makes me happy. Now I'm improving my BS/Tailor Craft at Minoc... and my eyes looking and searching my friend who died and my old friends...

    unconsciously this day I went to my first Castle that i built in North Minoc without realizing. suddenly i remembered it. it was 15-20 years ago.

    I remember when I first entered the game. We were going to be cut sheeps to learn skills to became warriors. experienced people would come and cut us. though we would stubbornly play. then we realized that we can make tailors, bs to make our craft. how much it affected us i can remember now... I was a musician. He played the drums and I was play guitar at band with him. Even the name of our group was Necromancer that we put this name with together...

    Now all I remember is UO...
    Ogame, Age of Empire, Starcraft... Red Alert... Cossacks....
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  2. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2013
    Great story mate. May you flourish here in his name.

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