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MobileUO - Installation Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by The Archaeologist, May 3, 2020.

  1. The Archaeologist

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    Sep 2, 2019
    Note* This method will require several GB of data, so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that your device be set to use WIFI rather than data!



    Download the the early access version of MobileUO from the google play store. You can click here on your android device to visit the play store to download.

    Download the early access version of MobileUO from the App store by clicking here.


    Configuration Screen

    Step One: While the app is installing on your mobile device, go to your PC and click here to download mongoose. (You can use another program to create the web server if you like.)

    Step Two: Place the downloaded mongoose file into your client's main folder, THEN double click it.This will load the files to a web server which you will use to download the files to your Android during the shard configuration.

    Note* If you accidentally open mongoose before it's in the correct folder you must close it in the system tray before trying again.

    Also important: Make sure its your client folder and not your CUO folder.

    Step three: Open the MobileUO app on your device, and select New Configuration. Here, you will enter the shards name UOF, followed by the UOF login information which is login.uoforever.com port 2 5 9 9. Then, enter the IP address from your web servers URL with port 8080. And finally, you will need to enter the client version from the UO folder you put mongoose in. To find this, right-click client.exe in that folder, and select the details tab, as seen below.

    Client Version Location

    Then select save, and your files will begin to download!

    That's it! Once the files are downloaded, the client will open and you will be able to log in normally!

    Your next step is to check out my guide on how to set up the UI for gameplay here.

    You can visit the creators site for more information by clicking here!

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