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Lockpicking SS

Discussion in 'Crafting & Trade Skills' started by Samos, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Samos

    Samos Active Member

    Hi all,

    I tried to use +1 lockpicking SS but something strange (for me) happened.
    I used 3 SS.
    THe first gave me a +1 LP. nice.
    THe second gave me +0.9 and the third +0.8. Is this normal ?

    Thanx for help
  2. Expendable

    Expendable Well-Known Member

    It's adding the full point but it won't show it all the time as it's taking the hidden difference between actual skill and shown skill.

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  3. Samos

    Samos Active Member

    Ok, thank you for answering.
    Does that mean i'll see the real stat with the full +3 later ?
    when i switch to real skill in my paperdoll it change nothing.

    thanx again.
  4. Tahuk

    Tahuk Active Member

    It means you got 3 full points in real skill.

    Shown skill i think its a bonus based on your attributes, as your skills improve to GM the bonus slowly diminishes until you reach 90-GM real skill and at this point there is no bonus at all.

    This is why you have minimal competence in many skills, even though you have spent 0 points in raising them.

    Everytime you eat a +1 scroll you gain a full point in real skill, but as your skill get's higher the difference between shown and real skill is lowered.
  5. Samos

    Samos Active Member

    Thanks but i think it was kind of a bug.
    I was 96 and bought 4 +1 SS to GM it.
    I took three of them without waiting between each and i gain +1, +0.9 and +0.8 then reach 98.7.
    After waiting severals minutes, i try the fourth one and then gain +1. I'm in "show real" skills mod.

    Thanks for answer.
  6. TheFallen

    TheFallen Well-Known Member

    You 100% were not in show real mode to begin with.
  7. Samos

    Samos Active Member

    i didnt understood your post.
    I'm sure that i was in "show real" mode when i used the SS (if its what you re talking about).
  8. Tahuk

    Tahuk Active Member


    Samos, if you are referring to these gains that pop up as a blue system message, they are telling you the shown skill gains.

    If you have 96 REAL SKILL and eat 4 scrolls, you should be at GM.

    Who knows, you may be experiencing a rare bug, i don't think anyone ever made such claims before hehe. If you really think it's a bug maybe contact staff. They won't give your points back but may look into the problem...
  9. Samos

    Samos Active Member

    :) My English sucks :)
    Thanks for answering me, ill contact staff to give them the information.
    For the GM, ill get it with the old school way. 0.1 left now :)
    Have fun !
  10. Tahuk

    Tahuk Active Member

    yeah my english is not so good as well... hehe congrats

    thank you, safe travels =]

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