WTB Leewald's Buying List!!!


Only really looking for Bows and Heavies but if u have a solid crossbow to sell ill probably buy

Power/+5-15 at 1-3k per
Power/+20 at 5k per
Power/+25 at 10k per
Vanq/+5-15 at 8-12k
Vanq/+20 at 15k per
Vanq/+25 at 20k per

Might/+15-20 at 5k
Might/+20 at 5k
Might/+25 at 10k
Force/+10-15 at 10k
Force/+20 at 15k
Force/+25 at 20k

-Invul or Fort Orc Helms at 1k per
-Black Orc Masks 3k per
-Bear Rugs (Offer Price)
-Prospectors tools 500 gp per.

PM me any offers u have and lets get a check in ur hand asap!

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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk