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Has anyone seen me "Susan Sanchez" on my galleon?

Discussion in 'Ultima Online Forever: Naval Combat' started by Homer the miner, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Homer the miner

    Homer the miner Well-Known Member

    just as the title says, I had my galleon disappear when i docked it and eppy is asking to see if anyone can vouch for me that I had one. So if we met and we may have talked about and shown my galleon that would be great if you could post here, thanks!
  2. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    were are you at
  3. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    check you razor screen shout in the program files
  4. AssHat

    AssHat Well-Known Member

    ahhh the first lost galleon, my wont ever leave my bank now, i ade the switch back to small boats. was exploit killed on my galleon and now they can go missing? i dont need to lose a 5mil boat like i can lose a meta pet!!!
  5. Homer the miner

    Homer the miner Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was bad but eppy helped me out and things aren't so bad anymore. It was weird I docked my boat and then realized it wasn't in my bag. It was a nightmare lol but thanks to staff things are good now.

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  6. IndecentXp0sur3

    IndecentXp0sur3 Well-Known Member

    @Homer the miner you may have docked it just before a server restart? That is how I have lost some items before... Would not like to have lost a galleon tho, ouch!
  7. Frito Figmus

    Frito Figmus Well-Known Member

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  8. Frito Figmus

    Frito Figmus Well-Known Member

    ah nevermind..

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