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Fall Promotion Ceremony 11-18-2017

Discussion in 'The Knights Guild' started by Sir., Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham
    Please be courteous and...

    And now, for our feature presentation!

    *lights dim softly*



    The Fall Quarter Promotion Ceremony! Huzzah!!

    It has been a long strange quest we've been on nearing a solid two years within the realm, serving and protecting the good and innocent people therein. In this time we've had some of the absolute best people come through our halls and share not just adventures or ales with us, but the light of the torch within that they all carry. This light I speak of is a man's spirit. His (or her) true heart's intention without guard or greed. We have had the most positive, helpful and outgoing group of members I have ever had the pleasure or honor of playing with in all my gaming life. I truly meant it the first time I said it and still mean it just as much this time I say it! To the Knights!
    *raises ceremonial cup in toast*

    And in this amazing lot of Knights, we have to take the time to admire their dedications, contributions, commitments and duties within our guild, to their brothers in arms and the good people of the realm around them. For their outstanding duties, we've nominated the following Knights for their service to the community and guild:

    From Knight rank promoted to Knight Sergeant:
    Barriston - Knight to Sergeant
    Dox - Knight to Sergeant
    Failonis - Knight to Sergeant
    Garem - Knight to Sergeant
    Gideon - Knight to Sergeant
    Oloc - Knight to Sergeant
    Kass - Knight to Sergeant
    Masseur - Knight to Sergeant
    Raezer - Knight to Sergeant
    Swango - Knight to Sergeant
    Vash - Knight to Sergeant

    And from Knight Sergeant promoted to Knight Captain:
    Arctium Minus - Sergeant to Captain
    Angus Mac Finley - Sergeant to Captain

    And for our guild specialist promotion, we have:
    Birdsey/Cadrian - Knight to Knight Adviser

    With a strong turnout of supporters, our evening recap is as follows...

    We started the evening off with a blessing from our Knight Friar, Father Enoch Mazirion, and a special announcement that Sir Mixalot, a knight in retirement, will be joining the abbey as a Friar and specialize in alchemy for our knights on the field along with his spiritual guidance!
    And with the ceremonial head shaving, he was baptized in virtue! Huzzah!

    For the next part of our ceremony, we had our Knights whom were present step forward to be recognized for their deeds and actions and to show our appreciation for their contributions to the guild. We started with our Sergeant ranks first of course!

    First up was Dox/Macallan from House Paradox!

    Followed by Gideon, steward of the Knightly Deals guild mall and the Champ Hall (coming soon!!)

    Next we had the double headed Dragon Knight ShaZar and Kass of the same flesh! Lots of field action and respectful example of knighthood in these two!

    Raezer came next with his mentor Sir Mixalot joining the Friars. Excellent display of RP and knighthood from these lads!

    And lastly, but not least, was Vash, the Purple Dragon Knight and the knight who brought the virtue of compassion with him when he came to us!

    Huzzah, Sergeants! Congratulations on yer promotions!

    Next we had our Captains step forward, but alas only one of two were present tonight. As we saluted one, we toasted to the other and filled his cup to show our love for him at our table. Huzzah! To Captain Angus Mac Finley who could not be with us this eve!

    And for one whom could, Sergeant Arctium Minus, we are honored to present a badge of Captain rank to such a Knight who takes initiative to another level, showing true leadership skills and the ability to do so with a virtuous heart and level head at all times. We are proud to have ye as a Captain in our ranks and a leader of our men, Captain Arctium! Huzzah!

    Huzzah Captains!!

    And in the moment of camaraderie, our fellow Knight Captain, Factavi, made a special announcement for one of our older members whom is unable to be with us today for RL health reasons, but remains in our prayers and his house will stay refreshed until he has recovered and returned! To Emirikol, the Lonestar Knight!

    And for the end of the ceremony, we've initiated our second Beastmaster Knight ever! Welcome ta the Knights Guild family, Lady Noctis Aurelis!

    And to settle the all the ale consumed at the ceremony, we finished off by clearin' the Orc caves to ceremonially consecrate our initiate and her pets in orc blood! Huzzah!

    Thank ye all fer coming out tonight, fer showin' yer support of yer fellow Knights and all the hard work everyone has put in to have such an awesome RP experience with the best group of players out there, hands down! Huzzah, Knights!!! Thank you all!
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  2. Failonis

    Failonis Member

    Sep 16, 2017
    Contgrats to all who got promoted
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