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Ex Val Plate LBOD!

Discussion in 'Crafting & Trade Skills' started by Steele'Dish, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Steele'Dish

    Steele'Dish Well-Known Member

    After 3 years i finally got the elusive LBOD! Time to start filling this baby up!


    Guess now my questions to yous is who has some of these SBODs for sale?


    All Exceptional/Valorite:
    20x Plate Helm
    20x Plate Gorget
    20x Plate Gloves
    20x Plate Arms
    20x Plate Chest
    20x Plate Legs

    (You would figure after 3 years of BODs i would have at least one of these...)
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  2. chanceless

    chanceless Well-Known Member

    I have helm for 1 mill
  3. Steele'Dish

    Steele'Dish Well-Known Member

    I sold the LBOD to @Bobby123 so he may need it

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