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Duke of Rocks

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by ee am Dat, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. ee am Dat

    ee am Dat Adept

    Jan 22, 2014
    The frozen stream that flows through the cave cracked and moaned. The gentle alarm disturbed my hibernation. Was the thaw upon us already? I hear not the sounds of birds or the local grizzly that feasts on their nests. Only a muffled chuckle from spring above. A sharp growl silenced the intruder. My axe already in hand when the foul stench filled the air. A familiar smell that could only belong one.

    "Wah lat wan cyclahps? Whi lat foul ee's wadur agh wak'r ee? Blah qwik! "

    The cyclops Err frequently visited the area. His translation services are sought after by many frustrated orc. Humans these days lack language skills; making ransom and extortion of their inferrior race difficult. It's unknown to this orc why he would be brave enough to taint the water supply.

    "It's nature calling Orc! To arms my savage friend! There is coin to be had"

    I bared my teeth and growled again in frustration. Though my stomach growled louder in response. I scanned the room.. the brothers were still slumbering. There was no danger; my stance relaxed.

    "Ee cuud eet.. lat still chompn' on dem knyts?"

    The Cyclops frowned briefly then quickly flashed a large smile as he tossed a rare white horse head at my feet.

    "The Knights are many and meaty. But their armors make them far too crunchy. We're after much tastier game!"

    The promise of death and food is all this orc requires. The scent of bloodstained fields will wake the slumbering horde. The Duke of Rocks lurks once more.

    Frag'duk - The last tank mage
  2. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018
    A Cyclops flashing a smile? I have seen that once and fasted for seven days on water involuntarily.
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