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Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by The_Carver, May 26, 2018.

  1. The_Carver

    The_Carver Adept

    Oct 10, 2014

    Part One: Insides
    The shutter on the window keeps me awake. Tap, tap, tap. The outside night sky can be seen through the window when the shutter flutters open. There's a thick fog which is not uncommon for this area. The stench of the swamp, although a mile away, fills my room making it hard to breathe.

    I try to pull the sheets to my bed over my head to drown out some of the stench but I can't. I sit up in bed, feeling sticky and uncomfortable from the dense air. I stand on the wood floor, the feeling of it rough beneath my bare feet. I tip toe to the window as to not wake up Papa and Mama. I latch the shutter so it'll just stay open. The stench hits my nostrils somehow even stronger than before.

    I peer out into the night and see the swamp outside my window. I don't understand. The swamp should be a mile away but it's somehow right here. The fog sticks to the swamp like a dress does to me on a humid day. That's when I see him. I see a figure in the swamp staring at me. His silhouette is all I can make out as the fog and dark of night make features impossible. But, somehow, I can tell he isn't a man; at least he doesn't look like a man.

    Frightened, I take a step back from my window. I feel him watching me. I suddenly become very cold and I shiver so much I'm scared my body will somehow be torn apart from it. I can feel him as if he's touching me, his hands upon my shoulders. Then I can feel his breath in my ear. I am so scared and I feel paralyzed.

    That's when he whispers into my ear, even though he's still outside, "Kill them."

    I sit up in my bed, letting out a small gasp and breathing heavily. My heart feels like it's going to explode out of my body. The early morning sun is barely visible above the tree line outside my window. I can hear birds and can see a clear blue sky.

    It was a nightmare. It was the seventh time I've had that same nightmare. I didn't understand it and when I told my parents about it they simply told me it was bad dreams and I don't need to worry about it. It always scared me and left me curious as to why I was having them but I tried to do as they said and not think about it.

    I got out of bed and pulled on some clean britches and a simple white work shirt. I knew I had to help Papa today with the farm and scoffed as I put on some uncomfortable boots. When I got downstairs Mama was cooking breakfast; eggs and bacon with coffee. I tried to eat them as slow as possible as Papa wasn't there and I knew that meant he was already starting on the day.

    "Taking long won't stop your father from making you help," Mama joked, flashing a smile. I shook my head and tried not to laugh.

    After breakfast I joined Papa as he was standing amongst the cows. I stopped as my stomach flip-flopped as I stared at him kneeling over one of the cows who was in agony as she had somehow impaled herself on a fence post in the pen they all were in.


    Papa looked back to me and with a grimace he sighed, "Get the sledge, please, Alix." I froze. There was so much blood and the cow looked at me in terror. It was as if she was somehow begging me not to kill her. "Alix!" Papa shouted and I jolted some from the outburst.

    "Yes, Papa," I quickly replied and headed to get the sledgehammer from the tool shed near the barn. I returned and reluctantly handed it to him. He stood over the cow as it let out a small groan. I bit my bottom lip and watched as my father swung the sledge down, caving in its head and smashing brains all over the ground. The cow spasmed once or twice before being still.

    "We need to remove the carcass from the post," Papa told me, "and see if we can't sell what's left of it."

    And that's what he did all morning. We worked at cutting into the cow, spraying its blood and insides all over ourselves, working hard to get it removed from the pole. I tried not to vomit the entire time. When it was finished, we tried our best to wrap the body parts up in old sheets that Mama didn't want any longer. We stored them all in the barn.

    Even at dinner, after I had spent a good hour bathing, I felt like blood and the cow's entrails were on me. Papa ate his dinner without an issue, shoveling beef and potatoes into his mouth like he was a pig at a trough. Mama smiled at me as if sensing my feelings of dread, sadness, and sickness. I pushed at my beef with my fork and it was almost as if I could hear the groan of the cow Papa killed.
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  2. The_Carver

    The_Carver Adept

    Oct 10, 2014
    "Are you not hungry, Alix?" Mama asked me.

    "I'm not feeling well, Mama," I told her. I looked over at Papa who sternly was staring at me. After a moment he went back to eating.


    I couldn't sleep that night. The image of the cow moaning was in my head. But then I heard it. I could hear groaning faintly. I sat up in bed and looked at my closed window. I sprang up and went to the window, throwing open the shutter. I stood there and listened. After a moment I heard the groaning again. It was coming from the barn.

    I pulled on the boots I had worn earlier even though I didn't bother to change out of my nightgown. I lit a lantern and quietly made my way outside. I crept along the grass towards the barn. The groaning continued and I was scared somehow another cow got itself hurt. But that couldn't be as the cows were all still in the pen sleeping.

    Scared, I made my way to the barn door and placed my hand upon it. The groaning got very loud and I jumped back, my heart racing. I reached for the door again and pulled it open. Inside, all I saw was the bloody sheets that contained the cow. There was no groaning of any kind.

    The hair on my arms raised as I felt how I felt in my nightmares. I felt the presence of the man that I kept seeing. It was as if he was behind me. I quickly spun to see no one was behind me but I felt him nonetheless. It was as if he whispered to me at that moment, "Taste it."

    I sat up in bed, sweating once again. It was a nightmare again. I began to calm down as I rubbed my eyes, running my hands down my face. I felt something warm on my mouth. I looked down to my hands to see blood on them. I rubbed my mouth again and wiped away more blood.

    I could hear shouting from the barn outside. I quickly got dressed, cleaned off the blood, and ran out to see Papa angrily yelling inside the barn as the doors were swung wide open. I ran over to Mama who was at the entrance of the barn peering in. When I joined her I looked in horror as the pieces of the cow were everywhere and chunks of its flesh and entrails were taken out.

    "Wolves," Mama told me. "It looks like wolves somehow got in here last night."

    She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and I didn't know how to respond. I just looked back at the parts of the cow. Was this a dream? Had I dreamed this or did I, somehow, actually- no. It can't be. I wouldn't eat raw cow just because some nightmare told me to do so.

    That night Mama and I ate dinner alone as Papa sat at the barn, the sledgehammer in his hands, as he seemed to wait to see if the wolves would return. He tried to salvage what he could of the cow carcass. Mama ate her dinner but wouldn't look at me. I just played with my food as I wasn't the least bit hungry for meat of any kind at this point.

    It was so humid in the middle of the night I couldn't even sleep in my nightgown. I was worried, some, about my parents finding out I took it off and slept without anything on but I couldn't stand how hot and sticky it felt in the air. I shut my eyes, trying to sleep but all I could see was myself in the barn eating at the cow carcass like some sort of wild beast. As I tore and gnashed at the cow that figure was standing beside me, seemingly pleased. Then I heard his voice again, "He will be next."


    I sat up, terrified. I stood and put back on my nightgown. I lit a lantern and walked, barefoot, to the barn where Papa was still sitting with the sledgehammer. He saw me coming and stood, setting the sledge down against the barn.

    "Why are you awake?" he asked me as I approached. "You should be sleeping."

    "I just wanted to make sure you were alright, Papa," I told him, genuine concern in my tone.

    He sighed and gave a small smile. The sight was almost odd to see as his face was usually so stern. He put his hand upon my face for a moment and it was one of the first times I felt Papa loved me. He then moved his arm around me and pulled me closer, guiding me to walk alongside him to the barn.

    We sat at the barn entrance for what seemed like hours, my head on his shoulder while he held the sledgehammer. I smiled to myself knowing I felt safe with him and I soon couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and drifted off to a sleep not filled, for once, with nightmares.

    The air was cold as I shivered awake, looking sleepily at our home, bathed in a bluish morning light. I smiled to myself and turned to see Papa on the ground with his head caved in with his brains splattered all over just like the cow. I jumped up and screamed in terror.

    I was shaking in absolutely panic as I looked down at my arms, hands, and nightgown. All of them were drenched in blood. No. No, no, no. This cannot be. Oh God. I couldn't have done this. This had to be a nightmare. Please God let this be another nightmare.

    Mama came running out as she heard me scream and ran to me. She stared in shock at Papa dead and she let out a mortified yelp as she fell to her knees. She stared at me, scared, and I realized she was scared of me.

    "Mama..." I whimpered, tears flooding my eyes and soon streaming down my face.

    "Alix..." she whimpered back and all I could do was collapse.

    When I awoke I was in my room, laying in bed. Mama was standing at my window, staring out. She turned to me as I sat up in bed. She slowly came over and sat down at the foot of the bed.

    "What did I do?" I asked.

    "What I had hoped was never going to come out of you," she replied, crying softly.

    "Did I-" I began, trying to not cry myself, "did I kill Papa?"

    "Yes," she said. "But, I need to tell you something, Alix. He was not your father."

    I didn't know what to say. I just looked to her with shock. She stood and began removing her house dress. I looked away at first but I could tell she wanted me to see. When she was out of it I looked upon her naked form and I saw scars all over her torso. They looked like knife wounds that had scarred.

    "A man did this to me," she told me. "He was a monster. A long time ago he broke in here one night. This was before I met the man who you called Papa. This monster-" she stopped for a moment, getting choked up before letting out a long breath, "he raped me. And then he tried to kill me. Your papa eventually found me at the brink of death. He used to live at the farm nearby here and one of his cows had gotten loose and wandered over here. Had that not happen I would've died. He did what he could and took me to the healer in Trinsic. After weeks there I was recovering and that's when I saw the posters of a wanted man. The wanted man wore a mask; a mask I would never forget for it was the one worn by the man who tried to kill me. It looked like a pig's face. Before I left Trinsic I found out from one of the healer's I was pregnant."

    My heart sank and my mouth dropped open. I knew what she was going to tell me even before she said it.

    "That man who tried to kill me," Mama continued, "he's your real father. I tried for so long to keep you safe and do everything to keep that sickness from spreading. But I couldn't. It's in you and now it's coming out."

    This was too much to process. I felt like my entire world had just been shattered before my very eyes. I was so scared I was shaking. I looked up to Mama and asked simply, "What was his name?"

    "I don't know his real name," she told me. After taking another long deep breath she looked deep into my eyes and said, "Carver. They called him the Carver."

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  3. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh
    he's back!
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  4. The_Carver

    The_Carver Adept

    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Two: Bound
    The sun was setting, casting an eerie reddish glow, while we finished burying Papa behind the barn. We placed a large rock at the head of the burial plot. Then Mama and I stood there, covered in dirt, crying softly at dirt that we knew held a man we both loved underneath it. I tried to not think about what I had done. I tried to pretend it's not what happened. I tried pretending it was wolves and they, unfortunately, got to him.

    "He was a good man," Mama finally said which snapped me out of my trance-like state remembering falsely how he died. She continued, "He loved us; he loved this farm. He was always there when I needed him. And he will always be in our hearts." She knelt down, kissed her hand, and placed it upon the soft dirt. I felt warm tears cascade down my face like tiny waterfalls due to seeing her in such grief.


    The night was especially dark that evening as I sat upon my bed knowing it was time to sleep soon but I couldn't imagine how I was supposed to actually do that. The lantern was lit near my bed on the nightstand and I looked into its glowing flame. It was the one I had carried out to see him sitting in front of the barn. The little flame inside danced around as if mocking me in my grief. I went over to it, opened the tiny glass door, and blew it out defiantly.

    My night was full of restless sleep; I thrashed and squirmed in bed, my body covered in sweat causing my nightgown to cling to every subtle curve of me. I began violently, almost without control, tearing the fabric to pieces from my body and discarding them onto the floor. My head was pounding, like tiny sledgehammers were pounding it; fitting for what I did to Papa.

    I spun onto my back and my eyes snapped wide; I saw him. He was standing over me. He was just as Mama described him. His face was that of a boar with one tusk protruding out of it. His eyes looked like mine; even in the dark I could see them staring down at me. I was terrified and paralyzed in the bed while he stared down at me.

    "So you know," he said to me.

    "Leave me alone," I managed to whisper out. "Please leave me alone."

    "She will be next," he told me in that same sinister tone he used to tell me when it was Papa's time.

    "No," I said a tiny bit louder. "I will not hurt Mama. Get out of here."

    He reached into his black robes and I got fearful again, worried he was going to kill me. He produced a knife and held it up as if showing me what it was. I wished then I could somehow just sink into the bed itself and disappear to get away from him. He placed the knife gingerly on the bed near my leg. I watched him do this, my eyes glued to the knife's blade.

    I looked back up and he was gone. I sat up, looking around at every corner of my room but he was nowhere to be found. My heart was fluttering and I hand to place my hand upon my bare chest to try to get it to stop. I looked at the knife on the bed, quickly grabbed it, and tossed it across the room.

    I walked through the house with the lit lantern, now wearing one of my work shirts and some britches, and tip-toed to Mama's bedroom. I approached her door and whispered loudly, "Mama?" There was no answer. She could very well have been sleeping but I also was scared due to the visit from the man. I clutched the door knob, twisting it, the motion of which felt like it took an eternity, and slowly opened the door.

    When I opened it completely I saw Mama sitting straight up in bed, a small butcher's knife in her hand. She was staring at me, her face caked in sweat. I realized she was waiting for me to come in. My eyes welled up with tears because I hated the fact that she was expecting me to come for her too. It made me hate myself.


    "Mama," I whimpered.

    "Did you see him?" she asked. "Did you see him?"

    My tears stopped and complete horror washed over me in a wave. It made my whole body cold. "Yes," I squeaked out.

    "What did he say?"

    "He told me you were the next one."

    She nodded as if she understood; as if this was something she expected. She looked me up and down and then asked, "Do you have anything else? Do you have anything other than the lantern you are carrying?"

    "No," I admitted. She looked like she believed me. She told me to turn around. I did as she instructed. I heard noise like she was going through drawers and when she told me to turn back around I saw her standing near the bed no longer clutching her knife. I sighed in relief, understanding she was making sure I couldn't see where she hid the knife.

    She opened her arms and I rushed to her, setting the lantern down on the way, and embraced her as if I hadn't seen her in ten lifetimes. She held me close as I wept into her gown.

    I awoke to the sound of birds. The sun was shining through the window in Mama's room. I quickly looked to her in the bed, not moving. I put my hand upon her cheek and felt it was warm. I moved my hand to the front of her face and extended my index finger just below her nose. I felt air being breathed onto it and I pulled my hand back, relieved.

    I sat at the breakfast table while she placed eggs and bacon upon my plate. She filled up my mug with coffee and I stared at the bacon in disgust. She noticed it and quickly took them from my plate. I barely glanced in her direction when she did it and then scarfed down the eggs. She sat beside me, slowly eating her eggs, bacon, and even the bacon she had taken from me. She watched me like a hawk.

    I stood at Papa's grave as the cool air gently blew my hair. I wasn't crying nor shivering; I just stared at his grave. I felt him standing next to me. Not Papa standing next to me but him. I wasn't scared, however, because I was beginning to understand. I didn't even look at him when I said, "You're not real."
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    Oct 10, 2014
    "I am to you," he told me, his voice low and gravelly.

    "Mama knew I'd see you," I said, trying my best to sound unafraid. "She knows you're in my soul."

    "You are my child."

    "You're not my papa," I barked. "He's here in the ground because of what you made me do."

    "I didn't make you do anything," he mocked. "You chose to simply listen."

    "I am not killing Mama," I told him, defiant. I turned to him, angry, and stated daggers at him.

    He turned to face me, looking down at me. Somehow, his pig face seemed to smile. He nodded and told me, "Alright, Alix. You don't have to kill Mama."

    "Now leave me alone," I said through clenched teeth.

    "Your work isn't done, Alix," he told me. "My work isn't done."

    "I won't kill anyone else."

    "Swine Land," was his answer as if that meant something to me. "You will go to Swine Land. You will know what happened there."

    "I don't care what happened," I told him, more anger bubbling and churning inside me. "I want you to leave my family alone!"

    He knelt down some so his face was very close to mine and he whispered, "I am your family."


    Suddenly I was waking up, my eyes flickering, staring up at the blue sky. I looked over to see I was sleeping next to Papa's grave. It was undisturbed and I seemed to be fine. The monster was gone and I stood up, brushing a bit of dirt and grime from my pants and shirt. Mama was there and she was wielding the sledgehammer, breathing heavily. She looked like she had been in a fight.

    "Mama?" I said, not understanding. She began to cry.

    "Alix," she cried, dropping the sledge. I ran over to her and held her in my arms as she collapsed to her knees. Oh God. Had I tried to harm her? What was happening to me? I kissed the top of her head and assured her it would be alright and that I will never hurt her nor let anyone else hurt her.

    That evening as we sat at the empty dinner table I looked at her while she stared, blankly. I simply asked, "What is Swine Land?"

    She slowly looked to me. "I saw him too," she whispered, her eyes teary. My mouth went agape some. "He told me you'd ask me that."

    I sat back in my chair, bewildered. "What did he tell you to say?" I asked her.

    "To go to Trinsic," was her reply. "To find someone who will know what you seek."

    "Someone? Who?"

    "The woman with the blue hair," she said, wiping tears from her eyes. "Then I awoke out there and you were standing above me with that hammer in your hands."

    "Did I-?"

    "No," she assured me. "You fainted not too long after, dropping the hammer. I picked it up and waited for you to awaken again. I can tell when it's you looking at me, Alix, and when it's... him."

    "I won't go there," I told her. "I want to make sure you're safe."

    "I don't think you can," she said. "I think if you stay here... I think one of us will kill the other. I don't want to have to do that, Alix. But I cannot risk what you could become."

    "Mama..." I began but she stood and walked to the back door, staring out the window at the night.

    "Go to Trinsic," she said. "Please."

    I didn't know what to say. I stood up and quickly walked to my room and began to pack things. I went back to the kitchen with my backpack full of items and Mama handed me some bread and water. I thanked her simply and she kissed my forehead.

    "I'm sorry," she told me. "I really am, Alix."

    "I am too," I answered.

    I was almost to the road, looking back only to see my home faintly in the distance, no bigger than thumb. I let out a small sigh before lifting my lantern high and heading to the road and begin the long journey to Trinsic.

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  6. The_Carver

    The_Carver Adept

    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Three: Sickness
    The morning light cast a tint that made the surrounding trees look blue as I, sleepily, continued down the road to Trinsic. I had walked all night, the lantern still lit, my fingers barely being able to hold onto the handle. I was walking in a haze and things seemed to blur together. It was almost like I was dreaming even though I was actually walking; I felt like I was watching my body trudge along the road.

    I couldn't tell if the roadside inn was real or not but I tried with all my might to stumble toward it. The lantern finally dropped from my hand and crashed to the dirt, shattering, the flame inside being extinguished upon contact with the soil. I didn't bother to even glance at it as I continued for the inn's front door.

    Once inside I looked at the lone woman who was sitting at the front table, her eyes glued to a book. I stood in the doorway for what seemed like an eternity before making my way to her. I tried to speak but was too tired to do so. Luckily she looked up at me and smiled. She set her book down, stood up, and looked at my tired face.

    "Have you been traveling all night?" she asked, genuine concern on her face. She looked older than Mama but not quite old enough to be of grandmotherly age. Her hair was black with streaks of gray and her face had only really started to wrinkle from old age.

    I tried to answer her but all that came out was a tired gasp of air. She motioned for someone who I couldn't see but before I knew it a boy who looked about my age came from the shadows, dressed in the garb of someone who clearly worked at the inn. "Yes, ma'am?" he inquired and it took me a few seconds to realize he wasn't saying that to me but to the woman behind the counter.

    "Can you take this poor girl to Room 7, please, William?" she asked, even though it sounded more like a formal way of simply instructing him to take me to that room.

    "Yes ma'am," he answered, bowing some, "right away." He motioned for me to follow him and I did even though I couldn't quite tell if I was actually moving or not. But I seemed to be as he was soon opening the door to the room and ushering me inside. I made my way to the bed and sat upon it, letting my backpack fall from my shoulders to the bed itself.


    The boy gave me a small smile before telling me, "I'm William. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask for me." He then gave another small bow and left me in the room. I had wanted to ask him how old he was but before I knew it I was passing out on the bed.

    When I woke up it was the afternoon as I could see the orange glow of the sun setting outside of my window. I sat up in the bed and looked around at the room. It was very simple from a small dresser in the corner to a simple wash basin on the wall near it. There was a full mirror next to the dresser and all that was next to the bed was a small nightstand with an unlit candle upon it. I quickly grabbed my backpack and produced some of the bread Mama had given me. I ate at it like some sort of wild animal, tearing chunks of it free from the loaf and vigorously chewing and swallowing it.

    There was a small knock at my door and I paused from eating to look up. I tucked the bread away into my backpack before going to the door and asking who it was.

    "It's William," the voice outside said. "Would you like to be escorted to the tubs?"

    I opened the door and stood at the young man who sheepishly looked at my feet. He was the first real boy my age I had seen in my life and he was as shy as I was about the fact that we were standing in front of one another. "The tubs?" I asked.

    "To, uh, bathe, miss," he replied, his cheeks becoming flushed. I tried to hide a smile at the sight of it as I told him yes that would be fine. He took me downstairs, past the foyer where I had entered earlier, to another set of stairs that led down to the basement. Although darker than the rest of the inn (even with lanterns lit in the hall) it was still a peaceful feeling as he took me to a room that had an empty tub in the middle.

    I walked in while he quickly began to light coals that were underneath the tub, still not making any attempt to look me in the eye. After he lit the coals he began taking buckets of water that were in one corner of the room and filling the tub with them. I just stood there watching him do all of this with the curiosity of how he got this job serving some poor farm girl in this inn.

    "It will take a few moments to warm up," he told me, sparing me a quick glance.

    "Thank you," I replied.

    "Do you need anything else?"

    "Something to dry off?"

    "Oh my goodness," he felt flustered, "I'm so sorry, miss." He quickly disappeared out of the room and I looked at the water in the tub. I didn't know if I should just wait for him to return or not. The feeling of dirt and grime on myself was almost too much to bare, especially staring at that crisp, clean water almost aching for me to let it envelop me.

    I looked to the closed door more than a few times before deciding to quickly undress and get into the tub. The water was now very warm and soothing and I let out a small relieving sigh. I brought my hands from the water and brushed them through my hair. The water moved through it like a river and cascaded off of my like tiny droplet waterfalls.


    William returned with a towel and I could see his embarrassment as he clearly wasn't expecting me to be in the tub when he returned. "The towel," he managed to say as he quickly adverted his eyes from me and placed the towel on a small stool not too far from the tub. I watched him do this and tried not to smile at his attempts to still be professional amidst his clear embarrassment.

    He bowed to the towel, which I assumed was meant for me, and took his leave. Once the door was closed I quietly laughed to myself before bathing the filth and travel from my body.

    That night I made my way to the kitchen to find the lady from the front counter cooking something that smelled amazing in a big pot. I eyed her for a moment before she turned to me. I felt ashamed, like I wasn't supposed to be there and told her, "Sorry."

    "Oh no need to be sorry, child," she laughed. "I love it when guests come join me in the kitchen. Please, have a seat."

    I obliged, sitting upon a stool at a counter near where she was chopping vegetables and tossing it into the pot. She then stirred whatever was cooking with a giant wooden spoon with a big smile on her face.

    "What are you cooking?" I asked.

    "It's a beef stew," she told me. "But it's the best beef stew in all of Sosaria. At least in my opinion." She gave me a quick wink and I smiled at the sight. "You're welcome to have some."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Oh yes!" she exclaimed, seeming happier than ever to let me eat some of her stew. "I can't eat all of this by myself! Williams sure could but I try to make him refrain from over eating. I don't want him to get too plump."

    I found myself blushing as I could tell William was far from plump. In fact, he looked like he was very strong even under the uniform he wore while working at the inn. The innkeeper poured me a bowl of the stew and I began to eat it, slowly. It was delicious and it almost made me feel bad because it was better than anything Mama had cooked for me before.

    "So are you on your way to Trinsic?" she asked, pouring herself a bowl and joining me at the counter.

    "How did you know I was heading there?"

    "Well we're the only real stop on the road to Trinsic, child. It only makes sense that's where you're headed."

    I nodded, understanding how that made the most sense. "Yes," I told her. "I am heading to Trinsic to find a woman."

    "Your mother?"

    "No, my mother is back at home. I need to find a woman that I am told lives in Trinsic. She can help me find out some things I need answers to."

    "Well we all need answers," she smiled, taking a small bite of her stew.

    I nodded and found myself asking, after a moment, "Is William your son?"

    "Yes he is," she told me. "I've owned this inn since he was a baby. It only made sense when he was of age to put him to work. He's been working here, for me, for four years now."

    "How old is he?"

    "About your age."

    She gave me a small glare and it made me stop wanting to ask anything else about him. She seemed like she wasn't happy about my questions concerning him; a mother's need to protect her young I suppose.
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    Oct 10, 2014
    After dinner I went back to my room and looked out at rain that had begun only a short while before, the gentle sounds of it hitting the glass pane and making me forget, for a moment, about the terrible things that had occurred back at home.

    There was a knock at my door and I went over to answer it, finding William standing there, no longer in his uniform. He was wearing a simple shirt that was a little tight on him, proving I was right that he was strong as I could now clearly see, and britches with no shoes.

    "I'm sorry to bother you," he told me. "I couldn't sleep and was wondering if you were awake too."

    "I am, yes," I told him.

    "I wanted to also apologize for what happened earlier. I didn't mean to return while you were in the tub."

    "It's alright. I should've waited for you to come back with the towel."

    He smiled bashfully while looking to the floor. When he looked up at me it was as if he was in a trance and he uttered the words, "I think you're the prettiest girl I have ever seen."

    My face felt hot and I could tell I was blushing a lot; my face surely looked like a ripe tomato. He smiled at the sight of it. After he told me goodnight I went back to looking at the rain outside my window until my eyelids got heavy.


    The night felt sinister at that moment and I got very scared when I knew he was in the room with me. I turned to see him partially in the shadows staring at me; the Carver.

    "I was in love once," he told me.

    "You couldn't possibly love anyone," I spat. "Now leave me alone."

    "Amelia was her name," he said, actual sadness in his voice.

    "I don't care. I want to go to sleep. So leave me alone."

    "Your work is just beginning here," he said, his tone shifting. "I wasn't allowed to keep my love and neither can you. That boy and his mother don't know what you are."

    "I'm not you!" I shouted. "Now leave me alone!"

    He vanished into the shadows while I went to bed defiantly. It took me awhile to fall asleep but when I did I dreamed of nothing except an empty, black void. When I awoke I could feel warm sun on my face. I sat up in the bed and stared out of the window at the green of trees. It was such a beautiful sight. But that sight got tainted as I looked down to find the sheets and myself covered in blood. I looked over to see in the bed next to me was William, his eyes open and glazed over. I gasped and put a hand over my mouth as I realized he was dead.

    I pulled the sheets back to see he was naked with most of his midsection cut to shreds as well as stab wounds all over his chest. I suddenly became sick to my stomach at the sight and vomited onto the floor beside the bed. I crawled to the corner of the room and curled up, still looking at William's lifeless body where I had slept.

    I slowly made my way to the lobby, seeing trails of blood everywhere. I found the innkeeper hanging from some mounted antlers above the doorway to the kitchen. She was also naked, her skin pulled and stretched over the antlers; the antlers themselves poked through some of her. Her face was that of pure terror as she hung there, lifeless, blood dripping slowly onto the floor.

    I had done this; Carver had done this. I realized now he somehow used me to this just as he did with that cow and just how he did with Papa. Flashes of memory came to me standing near her at the counter and stabbing her with a knife. I had flashes of luring William to my room, kissing him and touching his body before killing him in my bed. I even had flashes of eating some of his flesh. I felt like I was going to be sick again but nothing would come up.

    Back in my room I quickly stripped out of my bloody clothes and used the wash basin to clean my face, hands, and arms before going to what seemed to be William's quarters. I raided his wardrobe until I found some clothes that were probably things he grew out of, put them on, grabbed my belongings, and began walking away from the inn as fast as I could.

    I was shaking as I walked but I knew there was nothing I could do about what I had done. I just pressed onward. It was almost as if I could feel Carver walking beside me. I tried to shake the thoughts away and just continued anyway.

    I needed to get to Trinsic; I needed to find out if there was any way to stop this.

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    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Four: Buried
    The thought of William's mother kept plaguing me every time I closed my eyes for more than a second. Her hanging up like some sort of crude decoration kept making my stomach do somersaults within my body. I often would look around as if I expected to see Carver with me but I never did as I just kept moving forward toward Trinsic.

    I arrived on the outskirts, looking at the looming sandstone city. Walled in and surrounded by a moat, it left me with a sense of dread like the city was closed off and uninviting. I got nervous for a moment wondering if they'd even let me in; like they'd somehow know I was some sort of monster that has killed.

    I pressed forward anyway, making my way past homes and shops. By the gate was a larger house that had all the decor and extravagance I'd assume the governor of the city lived in. I paused for a moment, thinking that could be a good person to start with, but I digressed and went back to the gate. It was closed but a guard opened it up for me without even so much as really giving me a real look. I felt a little better with that since it showed maybe the city wasn't as closed off as I had thought.


    Inside the walls my suspicion and feelings of dread flew away like a feather in the wind. The place was so vibrant and alive to me with people bustling the streets, selling their wares, going off for some great hunt or, perhaps, even a dungeon raid. The guards of the city wore bright purple fabrics alongside gold or shadow colored armor; both colors were gorgeous and I almost wanted to touch them but refrained due to how inappropriate it'd be.

    I made my way to the largest building in the city which had a sign that labeled it the town hall. There were people moving in and out like ants with an anthill and I stood outside the south entrance near seating arrangements which led me to believe meetings were held in this location.

    "And executions," a voice said beside me. I didn't even look; I gritted my teeth and said nothing. "This is where they killed me the first time."

    "First time?" I finally asked, only glancing at Carver next to me for a moment before looking back at the seats.

    "I killed their people," he continued, "and held one of them in Swine Land. They put me to death, executing me in the very spot you're standing in."

    I looked at my boots standing in the soft dirt path. I almost felt like I was sinking into the ground with blood bubbling up from the dirt itself and enveloping me along with the soil. But I wasn't being buried and I looked back at the entrance of the town hall.

    "Will the blue-haired woman be in here?" I asked.

    "I don't know."

    "Who is she?"

    "Someone who tried to understand me."

    I shook my head, dismissive that anyone could understand a monster like him. I walked to the entrance and was amazing at how beautiful the inside was. With a fountain and many trees somehow flourishing inside I couldn't help but smile in awe. I began composing myself to try and find someone I could speak to amongst all the busy comings-and-goings of everyone. But then a sign caught my eye that made me rush for an office for the governor.

    I knocked on the door and a voice on the other side answered, "Enter."

    I opened the door quietly and peered in to find a woman, with blondish-gray hair tied in a ponytail, strands of it poking out wildly, a simple shirt and skirt that looked like she worked doing physical labor of some kind. She looked older, her skin having some wrinkles, mostly noticeable in her face. She was moving a book from a table onto the bookshelf when she finally looked at me.


    "Um, hello," I managed to say. "I am looking for someone."

    "The governor I'd assume," the lady answered, her accent odd and heavy; it was something I had never heard before and I winced when I first heard her say the "governor" part.

    "Are you the governor?" I asked.

    "Heavens no!" she exclaimed and let out a small laugh. It was a pleasant sound that put me at ease. "Well don't be shy, come on in, young lady. Have a seat."

    I closed the door behind me and made my way to a desk that looked immaculate and sat at it while she continued putting books back on the shelf that were all about randomly on tables. I just sat there in silence as she worked. I looked around the room at how clean and tidy the office was. I cleared my throat some here and there, more so to break the awkward silence.

    "Is the governor returning?" I asked.

    "Could be," the lady answered. "She is a busy bee, though, so not entirely sure. I just keep things tidy for her."

    "Are you her cleaning lady?"

    "Bah!" she scoffed but then laughed some. "Well, I suppose I kind of am but I also take care of her and help her with things that she, well, needs taking care of. I've known her for a long time."

    I smiled some and found myself introducing myself. "I'm Alix," I said.

    "Name's Sally Mae," she replied, looking at me with a smile that made me feel warm. "Nice to meet you, Alix."

    "It's nice to meet you as well."

    "I wish I could tell you when Skye was coming into the office but I'm not sure. She's dealing with so much lately."

    "I am looking for someone," I suddenly blurted out.

    "Oh?" Sally Mae seemed genuinely concerned. "Is everything alright? You know what, I'm sorry. That is none of my business."

    "No it's alright," I assured her, standing and facing her, "yes I'm alright. I mean, things are alright. Um, well, I don't know. I am here because I was told to come here. I was told there was someone who could give me answers."

    "Have you traveled far?"

    "About a day in a half's travel, ma'am. I live on a farm. Some things have happened there and I was told to come here." She looked puzzled. "I'm sorry," I offered. "I know that sounds odd."

    "I've heard stranger tales, Alix," she laughed. "Well I do suppose if you are looking for someone Skye would be the one to talk to. She holds her people in high regard. I'm sure she could point you in the right direction."

    "I hope so," I nodded. "Is that her house right outside the gates?"

    "Oh yes, and I do clean that one too. Makes this office look like all it ever needs is a light sleeping, I'll tell you what! That girl can make a mess!"

    We both laughed. She composed herself and returned to cleaning.

    "Well maybe I can see if she's home," I said. "I really want to find this blue-haired woman."

    "Blue-haired woman?" she asked, turning to me. "Well that must be Skye herself, then. She has blue hair."

    My eyes widened for a moment. Is that true? Was the woman I was seeking the very governor of Trinsic itself?

    "Yes," a familiar, gravely voice next to me said.

    I didn't answer nor even look at him. I just kept my eyes fixed on Sally Mae. "Then she is the woman I need to see," I told her. "Thank you for your help. I really need to find her."

    "Oh, well-" I didn't even let her finish. I was out of there before I even fully realized it. I was walking with determination to Skye's house. I felt a tinge of guilt for storming out on Sally Mae who had been nothing but kind but it was as if now I wasn't completely moving on my own. It was as if... he was making me move swiftly to Skye's house.

    I stood outside the house for a long moment, feeling Carver standing beside me.


    "I haven't seen her," he told me, "in a long time."

    "She tried to understand you?" I found myself asking.

    "Yes," he sighed. "I think she wanted to help me. But no one could help me."

    "You sound like you wished they could've."

    "Maybe at one time. But that faded. Then there was only blood and flesh to devour. They took everything from me."

    "So that makes killing people okay?"

    "You'll understand," he eerily said, looking to me, "one day."

    I shook my head and marched to Skye's front door. I brought my fist up and let it hover just an inch away from the door itself. I felt my throat get dry but knocked anyway, despite how nervous I was. After a long moment the handle turned and the door opened and a beautiful blue-haired woman answered, looking upon me as if she was happy to see me after a long time; like we were old friends reuniting.

    "Hello," I said, "I'm Alix."

    "Hello," she replied. "Do we have an appointment?"

    "Sorry, no," I said.

    "Oh, well, Alix, you can speak with Sally Mae in the town hall to make an appointment." She began to close the door.

    "Skye, wait!" I shouted. "I need to speak with you about the Carver!"

    The door stopped closing. There was a silence in the air that sent a chill up my spine. The door opened up slowly and Skye looked at me with terror in her eyes.

    She looked around for a moment before looking at me once more and simply told me, "Come in."

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    Part Five: Understanding
    I sheepishly moved past Skye into her home as she closed the door behind us. The house was gorgeous. The main room had a large couch that looked like it was covered in expensive fabric and big enough for at least four people to sit upon. There were tapestries upon the wall depicting battles, it looked like, from possibly Trinsic's history. A crackling fire was going in the large sandstone fireplace opposite the couch where Skye stood by.

    I made my way to her couch and sat down, most likely visibly as uneasy as I felt. She looked into the fire going, its orange-red light making her hair look almost purple in its light. I interlocked my fingers and wiggled them, nervously, not knowing what to say next. She let out a deep breath and asked me, "What's your name?"

    "Alix, I answered simply.

    I could tell she was shaken about me mentioning Carver in the first place. She crossed her arms, turning to face me as she leaned against the sandstone of the edge of the fireplace. "How do you know the Carver?" she asked, her voice stern but still a tinge of fear in it.

    I looked down at my hands, nervous. I didn't know how to answer that. How was I supposed to tell her that he came to me in a dream and forced me to kill my own papa? It sounded crazy enough in my head.

    "Tell her the truth," I heard him say to my left. He was there, lurking in the shadows of the room; I could feel his icy stare. I quickly looked at him and shushed him only to immediately realize I did that and Skye could see that. Upon looking back to her there was no doubt in my mind my cheeks had to be bright red from embarrassment.

    "Sorry," I managed to say.

    "Who are you shushing?" she asked, a brow raised.

    "Oh I- I didn't mean to," I tried to explain. "I'm sorry."

    She let out a heavy sigh; a sigh that I knew was out of annoyance. I didn't want to irritate her but I felt like she felt that way. "The Carver is not something to joke about," she told me, the irritation in her tone making me want to shrivel into a ball. "If you have something to say to me..." Her voice trailed off as if she was awaiting me to say something to the contrary.


    I took a deep breath, licked my lips as they were dry, and told her, "My mother knew him. He tried to kill her."

    Her face softened and she slowly let her arms uncross. It was as if she knew my mother personally and was sad to hear what I was telling her. I figured it was that he really did something to Skye herself and maybe what happened to my mother was a reminder.

    "He did other things to her," I continued, feeling like my stomach was going to explode out of my body with how much it was flip-flopping, "but she survived."

    She came over to the couch and sat next to me, still looking into the fire, while I looked to her. She looked very young, almost not too much older than myself. How she ran a city was something I couldn't even begin to grasp as I couldn't do the same.

    "I'm sorry to hear about your mother," she said to me.

    "Thank you," I replied, a sad smile on my face. "Did you know him? Who he was?"

    "Why do you want to know so much about him?" she asked quickly. "He was a monster when I knew him. Most of the time."

    The word seemed to somehow be louder than anything else she said and I repeated, "Most..?"

    "There were times when we talked," she continued, seeming to relax some, "that I thought I could see the man."


    I looked over to my left and him still standing there, looking at me. I tried to see what she was saying; I tried to see the man. His eyes looked less cold and, for once, I saw some humanity.

    "This is a long story," Skye said, breaking my trance, causing me to look back to her, "and not a pleasant one. You should go be with your mother. I can provide you with a horse or food for your trip home."

    "Thank you," I nodded, tension building in my shoulders, "but I am trying to find a place called 'Swine Land.' I know it's where he lived."

    She looked over to me with a look of concern. "We cleared it out and built a house over it," she told me. "Why do you want to do this?"

    "I am just... curious," I told her. It wasn't completely a lie but I was not telling her the truth about what had happened. But I felt the less she knew, the less panic would be started. This seemed to be an unpleasant subject for her.

    "How old are you?" she asked me.


    "Where is your father?"

    I winced at the question; it felt like a bee stinging the back of my neck. "He's... gone," I told her.

    "I'm sorry," she offered. She looked back to the fire again and told me, "I didn't know Carver before. I just remember one day people started dying in very brutal ways. We started to get reports of a man with a pig-face. During our search our guards found him in the place he called Swine Land with a young girl. She was younger than you."

    She looked down, visibly saddened by the tale. It made me wonder if Skye knew the girl personally which brought this much sadness to her heart. She continued, "He had somehow made her like him. So... she was killed."

    I gasped, bringing my hands to my mouth; my hands trembled a little when I did.

    "She shouldn't have been," Skye continued, "maybe we could have helped her. We could've helped her... change..." She shook her head, looking at her own hands. I think, symbolically, there was blood on them as she stared at them. How could they kill a child like that? Even if she was like him.

    She continued the story, "Eventually we captured him. During his capture he and I talked. I wanted to understand how someone becomes like that. I thought maybe I could help him or help his soul at the very least. I knew the trial judge would never let him live. He was executed at our town hall and buried outside of the city. He somehow came back multiple times, either through the workings of daemons or even some mysterious figure who was able to reconstruct him. But, in the end, he was killed for good by his biggest rival, Jax Monroe; Jax lost his own life in the process. But I know Carver is gone for good this time."

    There was a moment of silence as the very air itself seemed as still as it ever could be. I brought my hands down and told her, "I'm sorry about your people."

    She smiled for the first time and replied, "Thank you." Her smile slowly faded before she told me, "I did end up finding out who he really was after some time. His real name was Alexander Quentin. He had formally been an inspector for Britain. I didn't find out much else, but just the fact I knew his real name was enough."

    "Alexander," I repeated with a sinking feeling in my stomach. It was almost too coincidental that my name was so similar to his; to my real father's...


    "He could have killed me," she stated, "but he didn't."

    "He never tried?"

    "Not that I'm aware of," she chuckled some. "Perhaps he wanted to but he never attempted to. I did try to get him to eat chicken once which he didn't seem too fond of. He preferred... different meat."

    I shuddered. "I know," I said, instantly regretting it. Skye looked at me inquisitively.

    "Oh?" she raised her brow. "Did he try to eat your mother?"

    "Yes..." I agreed, hoping it was enough to cover up that I, myself, had consumed flesh. "My mother told he tried to do that."

    "Not many were able to escape him."

    I rubbed the back of my neck nervously and said, "I don't think he realized she wasn't dead." This caused Skye to wince a bit. I quickly tried to move away from my mother by asking, "Was Swine Land near Trinsic?"

    "To the south," she replied, "in the jungles near the mountain. I can have someone take you if you really want to go or I could even have a map to provide for you."

    "A map is fine, thank you," I said quickly. The thought of someone out there with me didn't seem safe. I wanted to try to stop whatever was happening with me and I didn't want to risk someone else being involved. "I appreciate it," I told Skye, "I'll be fine on my own."

    "There might be people living in that house now," she said to me, her tone beginning to change to a little more stern. "They most likely don't know what transpired there and it should remain that way."

    "I understand."

    "You know, it's funny, I almost miss him in a strange way; when he was more human."
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    I looked over to him still standing there. He wasn't looking at me this time. He was looking at Skye. It was as if there was some longing on his part for her; not in some lustful way but in some way like she was someone who could always help him. I turned back to Skye as she said, "He made me realize some things about myself."

    "What things?" I asked, quickly embarrassed. "I'm sorry if that's too forward."

    "That I had this overwhelming need to save him; that I realized we all had this potential to be a monster, even myself."

    I smiled sadly to her and offered, "You don't seem like a monster to me."

    "I've done things I'm not proud of," she admitted. "I guess we all have."

    The truth of that hurt my heart. "Yes," I said quietly.

    "You're young, though," she said, obviously concerned about my curious nature as she saw it, "you should find something else to occupy your time. The Carver is dead." I winced when she said that which caused her to look at me. She asked, "Is there more to this learning experience that you're not telling me?"

    I felt like I was sweating at her accusation. I could tell she knew I was hiding something but I still needed to keep that as guarded as possible, especially if they have no problem killing a child. "I just needed to know what he did," I told her, "and where was. That's all."

    "He is where he needs to be," she sighed, "at peace, I hope."

    "If I decide to go see that place," I began, my throat dry, "would you actually be willing to let me have a map of the area?"

    "Yes," she stood, "I can get you it now."

    "Thank you."

    She headed out of the room and I looked at the fireplace with Carver still standing near me in the shadows. I could feel his stare and I grit my teeth as I looked into the flames dancing.


    "Amelia was her name," he told me, "the girl Skye spoke of that they butchered."

    "Stop talking to me," I spat.

    "We need to go to Swine Land."

    "I'm getting a map."

    "I always wondered how Skye tasted..."

    "Stop it."

    I didn't realize Skye had returned when I said the last thing I said. I looked flushed as she came around the couch and asked, "Stop what?"

    "Nothing, sorry," I said quickly.

    She raised a brow and asked if I was alright to which I assured her I was. She handed me the map which I thanked her for, keeping it furled. It felt like a giant weight in my hands even though it was just parchment but it was what it contained that made it weigh heavily upon me.

    "I better head back to the inn," I said, standing.

    "Do you wish to stay here?" she asked. I looked at her for a long moment, not knowing what to say.

    "In your house?" I asked.

    "I can have Sally Mae make up the guest room," she offered. "It would be much better than the inn."

    "I don't want to impose."

    "It's not a bother."

    I smiled to her and extended my hand. She shook it and I told her how much I appreciated it. She told me I could go up and Sally Mae would bring me up some clean water and food. I did just that and saw upon the guest bed which was more comfortable than any bed I had ever been in. I looked to the corner of the room to find Carver standing there.

    We just stared at each other for a long while, neither of us saying anything. I began to feel scared. I wasn't scared for the journey to Swine Land or anything like that but, instead, was now scared because I was in Skye's home where she was and I had already killed people due to Carver's influence. I didn't want it to happen again.

    Sally Mae did eventually bring me food and water which I happily ate and drank. I got settled in bed later into the night and laid there for a long while before saying to the murderer hiding in the corner, "Don't make me do anything tonight, please."

    I closed my eyes to try and sleep and even though I didn't see him I could tell his nasty pig-face was smiling.

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    Part Six: Underground
    I snapped awake. I clutched my chest as my heart pounded. But it calmed as did I and I sat up slowly in bed. I scanned the room for a moment before placing my bare feet upon the wood floor. I moved to the drawers near the corner of the room; it felt like I was almost gliding to them. I opened the top drawer to reveal a knife, alone, inside.

    I picked the knife up and found myself outside of Skye's bedroom. I stared at her door like I wanted to burn it down. I clutched the doorknob, cold to the touch, and twisted it slowly. The door popped open and I made my way inside. She was asleep in the bed, her blue hair cascading over the pillow like a beautiful river. I was standing over her and I realized what I was there to do.

    I didn't feel guilt nor fear and I knew this was the right choice. She moved a little bit, stirring awake, and I watched her turn and open her eyes at me. She was beautiful; she was angelic. She looked at me with the most confused look I had ever seen. I whipped my arm through the air, hand clutched on the knife, and stabbed Skye in the chest. She cried out in terror and pain. Blood was everywhere, painting the bedroom red. I stabbed her again and again until she was dead, blood seeping from the dozens of stab wounds.

    I let the knife drop from my hand and that's when I realized what I had done. I began to cry and panic as Skye's lifeless body stared back at me. I had killed this woman; a woman Carver maybe wanted to kill for so long. And now he had finally done it.

    I cowered back to the wall and watched in horror as her lifeless body rose from the bed and her dead eyes became black as she looked at me. Her angelic face was now twisted into something vile and her blue hair looked wet and dripping with black goo.

    "You will always be a monster," she spat at me, blood and bile dripping from decaying teeth. "Look what you did you monster!"


    I was scared out of mind. I screamed as Skye lunged for me. Suddenly I was sitting up in the guest bed at Skye's house, panicked. My heart felt like it was going to explode and I was breathing so fast I was worried my lungs might as well. Sweat soaked the sheets as well as my clothes. I tried to calm down as the warm sunlight from outside shined through the window onto my face.

    "It was a dream," I said softly to myself.

    I stood, got dressed in the clothes Sally Mae provided, and went downstairs to find Sally Mae with a neatly wrapped bundle. She handed them to me and with a sweet smile said, "Skye had to attend to business in the city. In here is some food and outside is a horse tied to the fence."

    I took the bundle and thanked her. She went back to cleaning the house while I went outside to find a beautiful horse staring at me. I secured the bundle to the side of the saddle, released her from the fence, and mounted him. I held the reigns in my hand while I looked at the map. When I figured out where I was heading I took the horse into that direction.

    At the edge of the jungle I peered in, kind of scared somehow some type of creature would just pop out at me. I didn't feel Carver at all this entire time and the absence of him almost made me more scared. I cautiously had Caleb (what I named the horse) make his way through the jungle.

    The sounds of various types of wildlife and the sounds of Caleb's hooves walking along fallen leaves put me a little more at ease. The sun would only peak through the canopy once in awhile so the jungle was a little dark; it added to the peacefulness. I pulled from the bundle a small portion of jerky and chewed it quietly as I continued to head towards what was known as Swine Land.

    Soon the jungle turned into a swampy mess. There was murky water, algae, wet looking trees, and the overwhelming stench of death. I held my nose as Caleb sloshed through the swampy muck until we came upon a house built on top of a platform. The platform was built above wood beams that went into the greenish water, presumably to keep the house from sinking into it. I looked in wonder at it. It looked like a simple house, a little bigger than I even thought it would be.

    "This isn't right," I heard Carver say next to me and I jolted a little atop Caleb.

    "Stop doing that," I said. "Stop just showing up and scaring the shit out of me."

    "This is not what I know," he said, staring angrily at the house.

    "Skye said they built over whatever you had."

    "I want to see the dungeon. It still has to be here."

    "I can talk to the people that own this place."

    "No," he spat, looking to me. "Waste of time. Kill them. We need them out of our way."

    "I'm not listening to you," I angrily shot at me. "I hate you for the things you've made me do. I won't add to it. Now get away from me."


    I gave Caleb a small kick in the side so he'd trot to the pier that led to the platform itself. We moved along the long pier before I stopped him and hitched him to a fence near a small garden that the owners' had grown upon the platform. I took a deep breath and made my way to their front door. I knocked and waited. And waited. And waited.

    I turned to Caleb who was staring at the flowers on the other side of the fence he was hitched to. I smiled, knowing he wanted to eat them if he could get at them. I looked back to find Carver staring at the front door.

    "We need to get inside," he told me.

    "Whoever lives here isn't home," I replied angrily.

    "Break in."

    "How am I supposed to accomplish that? Also, why would I do that?"

    "We need this, Alix."

    He looked down at me with eyes that reminded me of my own. I sighed before brushing past him to try the doorknob itself. To my surprise, the door opened. I took a small step back, hesitant about entering, but then made my way inside. The house was simple and looked like perhaps only one person lived there. It appeared cared for, as if someone tidied up before leaving for however long they decided to leave for.

    I made my way to the kitchen then the bedroom. Nothing seemed odd or anything that would give some sort of indication that a dungeon lingered below. I went back to the main room and sat on a chair in the corner. I put my chin upon my hand and my elbow upon my knee and felt at a loss. This trip seemed to be a waste of time.

    "Your dungeon must be flooded," I said aloud. "Was this a swamp when you lived here?"

    "Not like this," Carver said, looking around the room.

    "How did it look before? The house that sat upon it I mean?"

    "I don't remember. I just know it was different. It didn't have to sit upon a platform."

    "Then Trinsic must've flooded this area more," I concluded. "Perhaps to make sure the dungeon would never be sought after."

    "We're not giving up, Alix," he shouted to me.

    I stood, grabbed the chair I had sat upon, and hurled it at him. He didn't even flinch as it flew right through him and shattered against the wall. I angrily looked at him, fists clenched, blood boiling.

    "I am done with this!" I yelled. "I don't want to know anymore about what's going on with me and why you're here! I am going back to Mama and being done with this!"

    I stomped my foot down hard and I heard a hollow echo beneath my foot. I looked down at the floor, surprised and concerned at the hollow sound. I looked back up at Carver who looked at me with a determined gaze. I got to my hands and knees and placed my ear to the floor. I knocked a couple times and heard the same echo.

    I began to frantically search for any type of seam or handle before clutching a piece of wood that seemed to come up some from the rest of the floor. I could see it was a lever, cleverly disguised to blend in. I pulled up and pried the trap door open. I looked down to see nothing but blackness. I could hear water and realized what I was looking down into was the inside of one of those wooden beams.


    I went to a shelf that housed a lantern, lit it, and brought it to the opening to see if I could peer down. Attached onto an iron hook, just below the opening, was a long rope that stretched far into the beam. I attached the lantern to my belt and climbed into the beam, holding tightly onto the rope. I was scared but I had to do this.

    As I climbed down the air got heavier. Suddenly I didn't hear water anymore and when I looked up the opening was barely bigger than an acorn. I finally got to the bottom of the rope and looked down. The light showed there was a small drop to the stone floor that was below. I let go and hit the ground with a soft thud. I pulled the lantern free and held it up high.

    I couldn't see much and when I turned around I looked at many boulders and rocks piled together. I walked to them and tried to peer through cracks to see if anything was on the other side. There looked like an old stair case but it was heavily caved in as well. I turned back around and slowly searched around before coming across a torch. I got it lit by using the fire from the lantern and held it up, casting more light.
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    Oct 10, 2014
    The dungeon was simple, with some stone tables, old wooden shelves and cabinets, a small jail, and an old cot. There was dried blood by a table in the far corner. I walked to it and looked upon the table. I found more dried blood.

    "This is where it happened," Carver said, standing next to me. "This is where she killed me."

    "She?" I asked. "Skye said it was a man."

    "No," he told me, "it wasn't. He was helping her but he didn't deliver the final blow. I had his dead on this table. I was finally going to kill him. I had him captured here long before that and he came for me many times after but this was going to be it. I was going to finally kill him for good. But then the woman he was with shot me."

    "Who was she?"

    "I don't remember."

    "So this is just where you brought people to kill?"

    "Not always," he looked around. "Sometimes I'd feast on remains here or I'd prepare for what was next."

    Suddenly his gaze changed, became almost sad, as he fixated on something I couldn't see in the distance. He walked toward it and I followed, letting the torch's light bathe the room in its glow. He was standing in front of a stool near one of the other tables. I looked at it, not understanding what the significance was. But as I kept looking I noticed a small piece of fabric wedged between the seat itself and the legs. I pulled it free and looked at it. It looked like a small piece from a dress.

    I understood and looked at him. "This was Amelia's dress wasn't it?" I asked even though I already knew the answer.

    "They killed her," he told me. "They killed her for what I did. She was just a girl."

    The thought made me queasy and it also made me feel a little angry toward Skye for allowing something like that to happen. But I also felt, in a very maddening way, that it almost was a blessing for that girl that she didn't have to become like Carver. The thoughts raced through my head and all I could think to say to him was, "We should go."

    "This is where I belong," he told me. "I belong buried here."

    "I agree," I said, genuinely. I oddly didn't mean it in a vicious way, I just thought maybe this was peace for him as well as myself.

    I was startled by a sound and I turned to see a man with a torch of his own staring at me. In his hand was a flintlock pistol with the hammer pulled back. I was looking at him in terror.

    "Who the hell are you?" he asked. "How did you get down here?"


    "Please," I began, my lip trembling, "I didn't mean any harm."

    "I own the house," he told me. "Breaking your way in and finding your way down here tells me you were. No one knows about this place except some of Trinsic. And you don't look like any girl I've seen in Trinsic."

    "He's going to kill you," Carver told me, "unless you kill him first."

    I watched as the man approached me, cautiously. I was too scared to move and all I could think to do was throw my torch at him. He ducked it but it still bought me time to run and hide in the dark. I found a small area to hide in while he searched for me, using his own torch light as his guide.

    "You little shit!" he yelled. "Who do you work for?"

    He continued to search while I felt Carver's hand atop mine. I looked to him and he shifted his eyes to look at me. Something came over me, suddenly; I had this undying urge to get us both of out there. I didn't even care as to why I suddenly felt that way. I looked around, finding an odd shard of metal, perhaps shrapnel from something, and held it close to me.

    The man approached and as he turned to face me I lunged at him. His flintlock went off but his arm had flung and he couldn't pull the trigger fast enough as I had already stabbed him in the groin with the metal shard. He yelled out and stumbled back to the table that had dried blood on it. I ran over, yanked the metal from him and began stabbing him multiple times in his torso, each time more visceral than the last. I was yelling louder and louder as I did until finally I left the metal in him and screamed into his face for what felt like an eternity.

    I collapsed onto the floor and began sobbing uncontrollably. I didn't look up but I knew Carver was walking up to me. I was just a heap of a blubbering mess as he knelt down. He put his arms around me and held me close to him. My sobbing began to cease and I looked up to him. He wiped my tears away with his thumbs and smiled at me.

    "Why was this time different?" I asked. "Why did I want to kill him?"

    "It was either you or him," he said to me. "It was different because this time you felt like you needed to."

    "Oh my God," I realized he was right. I wanted to kill him because he was trying to kill me.

    "How do you feel?" he asked me.

    "Good," I admitted.

    "Soon you feel that way every time you kill. Soon they will all be swine to you too."

    He kissed my forehead softly and I found myself smiling warmly at the gesture.

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    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Seven: Growing
    The climb back into the house was more difficult than the climb down into the dungeon. I sat on the wood floor and tried to slow my breathing; my lungs were burning from the effort and I felt like my veins were bulging, trying to burst out of my skin. I had killed the man who owned the house and I didn't feel the least bit bad about it. He was trying to kill me and I had to defend myself.

    I stood on wobbly legs before falling back down to the floor with a thud. I laid there, staring up at the ceiling. Carver entered my view and looked down upon me as if a father showing concern for his child... only this was true. He was my father. I felt his arms scoop me up into them and he carried me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. But that couldn't have been true; he was in my head so somehow I got to the bed myself.

    I pulled the covers over myself and slowly drifted off to sleep. When I awoke I sat up in the bed not seeing Carver anywhere to be found. I didn't even feel his presence. For the first time since this all started I felt sad that I was alone. I got out of the bed and walked outside to find Caleb still patiently waiting for my return. I mounted him and took one last look at the swamp before heading back in the direction of Trinsic.

    It was dark when I arrived inside the city limits and I was still exhausted even with that small amount of sleep. I took Caleb to the stables and had them take him. I pet him on the snout with a smile before making my way back to Skye's house. All I wanted was for actual sleep. I knocked lightly on the door and Sally Mae answered; Skye was nowhere to be found. I nodded to Sally Mae and she nodded back, both of us silent. I made my way to the guest room, took off all my messy clothes and looked at myself before realizing I was a mess.

    Sally Mae offered to give me a bath when I went downstairs, clothed again, to find her. I agreed even though I felt a little awkward letting some woman I really only knew a little bathe me. But, she treated it as if it was some normal every day occurrence and it made me wonder if she still gave Skye baths. I just looked to the fireplace as the fire gently crackled and felt the warm water on my body and Sally's occasional scrubbing upon me.

    I returned to the guest room with fresh clothes on while Sally told me she'd clean the ones I had worn. I sat at the edge of the bed and stared at myself in a vanity mirror. My face looked odd to me; my face looked more determined and more callous. My wet hair was slicked back with something Sally Mae put in it, saying it would help it look more full and lush, but right now it simply added to how I felt I looked: like a killer.

    That's what it was! I looked like a killer. But I had to kill him. It was the only way. He was going to kill me. Carver was nowhere to be found, even now, and I felt very alone. But then something else came over me as I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled coyly at myself and the thought of what I had done to that man.

    I was fearful when it happened and scared after. But Carver comforted me and it was the first time I had allowed him to do so. I simply let go of everything and let him comfort me. And it had worked and the thought of it now made me feel even better. But what made me feel even more alive was how I was fine with what I had done; shit, I actually was happy with what I had done. The thought raced through my head and my heart began to beat faster.

    I slowly began to take off my shirt and pajama bottoms. I tossed them to the floor and then stood up and stared at myself for a moment in the mirror. This was a killer looking back at me. I was a killer. I moved back to the bed and laid on it, looking up at the ceiling and letting out a small breath. I shut my eyes and I could feel my body getting warmer. I placed one hand on my chest to feel my heart fluttering. I moved my other hand to my navel and let fingers tingle down to between my legs.


    I kept the thought in my head of that man lying on the table. The image of me stabbing him; the memory was almost in slow motion with muffled sound within my head. I could see and hear it while at the same time I could hear my breathing going on now in real life. The feeling inside of me was getting more intense and I began to feel hot as my toes were beginning to curl into the bed sheets.

    I could almost feel the bed washing over me; the wetness of it all on me as well as wetness from touching myself. His dead eyes looking up at me while I shouted into his face. I was so close with a small moan escaping my lips when a loud knock came and I snapped my eyes open in a panic.

    "Do you need anything else?" Sally Mae's voice on the other side asked.

    "No," I answered, trying to calm myself. "I am fine, thank you. Goodnight."

    "Goodnight," was her reply and I heard her footsteps retreat back down the stairs.

    I laid there for a long while before smiling to myself and falling asleep. In the morning I got dressed in a new outfit that I found on the dresser and figured Sally Mae must've come in at some point and placed it there. I put on the dark purple shirt with black slacks and black boots and headed downstairs.

    The house was empty but a plate of fruit and a muffin were on the table with a small note that simply said: "Alix." I ate everything on that plate in a very unladylike fashion before heading out and into the city. I went back to the town hall and stared at the spot where Carver had told me he was executed. I looked behind me as I suddenly felt his presence but saw nothing. Instead I walked toward the small river within the town hall's park and looked at my reflection.

    But my reflection wasn't mine; my reflection was Carver's face. I stepped back from the river for a moment in surprise before coming back to now see my actual reflection looking back at me. That's when the urge hit me harder than anything I had ever felt before: I wanted to kill again. It felt like how I felt in the dungeon; I felt like I wanted to kill because I needed to kill or something would happen to me. The voice telling me that's insane and that I didn't want to kill was very small and it was almost impossible to hear.


    "Are you alright, miss?" a voice startled me to my left. I looked to find a city guard looking at me with a smile. His face looked gruff from perhaps years of fighting but his eyes were kind and his intentions were to genuinely see if I was alright.

    "Yes," I said to him, "I am alright. Thank you, sir."

    "I've not seen you around here before," he told me. "New to Trinsic?"

    "Yes although I have been here for a few days so I am getting used to it."

    "Well a young girl like yourself, although getting accustomed, still needs to be careful in a new city. Unfortunately, every city has its share of bad people."

    I smiled some and replied, "I guess that is true. But that's what they have you for, right? I have never felt safer in a city."

    He chuckled some. "We do what we can, miss."

    I nodded to him and he gave me a small salute before starting to head off. But that's when I suddenly got an idea in my head. I couldn't believe it was there but it was and I didn't seem to mind it being there.

    "I'm staying at the inn," I said, causing the guard to turn to me. "And, well, you now put it in my head that perhaps I shouldn't just go there alone."

    "Oh?" he smirked.

    "Maybe I should have a strong guard escort me there," I said, batting my eyes a little and smiling coyly. I almost wanted to stop just because of how ridiculous I felt. I had never tried to be sexual before like this and I felt like I was doing a dumb job at it.

    He looked a little flustered but smiled, "I would be happy to make sure you get to the inn safely, miss."

    I let him walk beside me as we slowly headed to the inn. I often would try to push my chest out as much as I could even though I didn't have much to offer in terms of what I assumed men would find attractive. I would smile at him a lot and he would return the smile as we made our way inside the inn.

    "Well, here you are, miss," he told me. "You are safe in here. The innkeepers here always make sure their guests are safe."

    "What if someone comes in through the window of the room?" I asked, pretending to act concerned. "I'd feel safer if you inspected the room to make sure no one could get in."

    "I really need to get back to my patrols," he told me, rubbing the back of his neck.

    I bit my bottom lip some and looked at him as if aching for him to be with me. He let out a small sigh and nodded and I led him into my room. He looked around for a bit, seeming to find nothing. He even shut the curtains like I asked on the window. He turned to face me as I stood in front of the closed door.

    "Everything looks good, miss," he stated with a smile.

    "I feel safer already," I replied, putting my head upon my heart, my fingers dancing upon one of the buttons to my shirt. "I'm glad I got a handsome and strong guard to help me."
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    Oct 10, 2014
    He looked uncomfortable at the comment and a small tinge of guilt hit me but passed. I needed this. I really needed this to happen. The urge was becoming almost unbearable. "Just doing my duty," he offered after a moment, clearing his throat.

    "Maybe you'd like to stay?" I asked, tilting my head a little and smiling at him.

    "I beg your pardon," he blushed. "How old are you?"

    "Old enough."

    "I am on duty," he stated, obviously nervous. He also looked to be at least twenty years older than me so, perhaps, he also felt odd like he was with a child. I had to show him I wasn't one. I had to make him feel at ease so I could take what I wanted.

    "I won't tell if you don't," I told him, my voice barely above a whisper. I pulled one button to my shirt free and let my fingers dance down to another.

    "I don't think I should," he said, his face bright red.

    "Come over here and tell me that same thing," I dared.

    I began to playfully walk to him while he stood, frozen, at my approach. Once I got to him I placed my hands upon his armored chest. I came in close and let my tongue flick his chest piece.

    "I bet there's something I want under all of this armor," I said.

    I looked up at him and he nervously smiled. "I could get reprimanded for this," he said quickly.

    "I guess that means you're bad like me," I giggled.

    He grabbed my shoulders and I stood on tip toes to kiss him. He was shy at first with it but then began kissing me with passion. I hated it but knew this was the best way to get what I needed. I laid on the bed while he removed his armor and set his weapon, a mace, onto the side table. I quickly got my clothes off while he removed the remainder of his and climbed on top of me.

    "No," I whispered, "I like being on top."

    He nodded and laid on his back while I straddled him. He closed his eyes in anticipation but I realized I couldn't let this go any further. I didn't want to have sex with this man. So, in a flash, I grabbed the mace and began pummeling his face with it. The only sound that came was a whimper from him before being replaced by the sound of metal smacking and caving in his head. Blood was everywhere and I stood looking at the sight.


    I felt cold and I felt scared. I wasn't scared because I killed the man but because I didn't see how I could get away with it. People had seen us together. The innkeepers led us to the room. I quickly went over to a wash basin on the dresser and did my best to clean myself off. I got dressed, cleaned up the blood splatter as best I could before covering the body with the sheets and covers.

    I exited the room, smiling at the innkeeper who smiled back at me. I mouthed "tired" at him and he nodded as if understanding I was implying the guard was sleeping. I knew it would buy me very little time as he had to think it was odd. I got to the stables, took Caleb, and headed outside the gates.

    I spared a glance at Skye's house, almost wishing I could tell her and Sally Mae goodbye but I knew soon enough they'd not exactly think very kindly of me for what I did to one of their guards. I also didn't know where to go. I was too scared to go back home but I couldn't stay in Trinsic.

    "Britain," a familiar voice said near me. I looked down at the Carver as he looked into the direction I assumed that was. "We will go to Britain. It's time you know who I really was."

    "I killed him," I said. "That guard."

    "I know," he looked up at me, "and I'm proud of you."

    I felt tears in my eyes and I smiled at him. I then began riding in the direction of Britain. I would find out more about my father and, maybe, more about myself in the process.

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    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Eight: Found
    The humidity associated with Trinsic was dissipating as I crossed the river bridge that led me closer in the direction of Britain. I didn't think about anything other than the man I killed in Trinsic. By now I'm sure he had been discovered which made me wonder if the guards of the city would issue some sort of hunt for me. It didn't matter because I had no plans on returning there. Part of me almost was concerned about what I had done and why I had done it but it was drowned by the other part of me that felt, somehow, I had to do it.

    I came across a small farm on the way and felt it was a good spot to rest. It looked abandoned which I was welcoming as I didn't wish to deal with another person until Britain itself. I arrived at the dilapidated farmhouse and tied Caleb to one of the porch's beams which held up part of the roof. I stared at the door for a moment before Carver said to me, "This was the beginning."

    "Did you live here?" I asked, continuing to stare at the door.

    "No," he told me, placing a hand on my shoulder. I looked to him to see him staring off at the barn and I looked toward it as well. Without even thinking I was walking to it. When I entered the barn there was nothing but dirt and old troughs that looked old and filthy.

    "What was in here?" I asked.

    "Swine," Carver told me, suddenly standing at the far end of the barn, looking down at something I couldn't see in the shadows. I walked up to his side and looked down to see a dead pig; it had been there awhile as flies were swarming it and maggots eating at its flesh and exposed insides.


    "You killed pigs?"

    "I killed the farmer," he told me, kneeling down and continuing to be transfixed with the dead pig near us. "These people were just like this. They were swine and needed to be liberated."

    "This was the beginning of your new life," I said matter-of-factly.


    Inside the farmhouse itself it looked like whoever lived there left quite awhile ago. Furniture looked older and no longer cared for and there was rotten food in the kitchen area. Flies were all about as well as other insects. I made my way up the stairs and checked the few bedrooms. Nothing in them but old beds, old dressers, and some articles of old clothing.

    "Did you kill all of the people who lived here?" I asked.

    "I killed the farmer," he repeated. "But I feel like... there was another. I don't remember."

    I looked up at him as he shifted his gaze to me. "You did what you needed to do," I told him. "You did what you needed to do."

    He nodded simply and looked back at the empty bed. I sat upon it and stared out the window at the road in the distance and even further than that, the small outline of Britain. We were close and for the first time since I left Trinsic I was anxious. I gathered myself, headed back down to Caleb, untied him, mounted him, and continued towards Britain.

    I reached the outskirts of Britain and saw poverty and lowlifes. It was as if it were a different world outside the west Britain bridge and although I should've felt scared it was as if they all looked at me with an unsettled gaze. I didn't understand it but I was not upset by it either; the last thing I wanted was to deal with a mob of desperate people thinking they could mug me, kidnap me, or worse.


    Once I passed over the Britain bridge, however, I was transported into a bustling city. People selling their wares, guards, noblemen and women, beautiful structures and a castle so large it was unlike anything I had ever seen. I rode through almost unnoticed as people were so busy so when I arrived at the inn I was surprised I could even get inside due to how many people where coming in and out.

    When I was able to finally see one of the women behind the counter they told me the inn was completely full and my best bet was to try the one in East Britain. I sighed but returned outside and rode Caleb into the east of the city. The eastern part felt less busy but also felt less wealthy. I started seeing more common folk and it made me feel a little more at ease. It almost reminded me of life on the farm with Mama and Papa.

    The inn there was more accommodating and I was able to get a room. I slept for what felt like an eternity but was merely a couple of hours before waking up and seeing Carver standing at the foot of my bed.

    "There is a place," he began to tell me, keeping his gaze fixed upon me, "where I used to work. That's where you will learn who I was before I became myself."

    "What is the place?" I asked.

    "The old Sosarian Intelligence Agency."

    "Where can I find it?"

    "It's on the outskirts of town," he nodded. "You will have to break in."
  16. The_Carver

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    Oct 10, 2014
    I nodded and looked out the window at the night time glow of the city in the distance. I collected myself, left the inn, and headed for the old unlit building on the edge of town where Carver told me to go. It was boarded up and looked like it had been that away for quite awhile. I approached one of the boarded up windows, made sure no one was near, and I pried it free from the window.


    Once inside, the darkness made it impossible to see anything. I quickly searched the floor by feeling around until I found an old lantern. I was able to get it lit and began searching around the place. There was broken furniture everywhere, papers strewn about, and what looked like old weaponry in a cabinet that no longer had its doors.

    I came across a small cabinet that still had doors but they were locked tight with a padlock of some kind. I looked back at the weapons' cabinet, grabbed a sword, and began to pry at the lock until it broke free. I dropped the sword and opened the cabinet. Inside was many different leather-bound books filled with pages that seemed to detail former inspectors of what I assumed was this Sosarian Intelligence Agency.

    I skimmed through most of them, not finding much, but I stopped when I got one that stood out to me: the dossier to Alexander Quentin. I remembered the name from when Skye had told me about it in her house. I began looking through it but soon heard a voice yelling from outside, "Who's in there?!"

    I quickly put out the lantern; my heart began pounding through my chest. I began to make my way to the window as I heard the voice call out, one more time, "This is the British guard! Whoever is in there better come out now!"

    I slipped out of the window and ran and hid in the shadows of a nearby building. Soon I saw two guards walk to where I had broken in and they began to inspect the area. I wasted no time, but still remained stealthy as possible, in moving back to the inn. Once I was safe I quickly locked myself into my room and began pouring over everything they had on Alexander Quentin.

    He was a well decorated inspector, solving several cases and winning medals of valor in the line of duty. They had a simple sketch of him on one page and I was surprised at how handsome he appeared to be. Part of me almost was expecting him to look like a pig for real. I continued looking through and started reading about the accusations of his murders of prostitutes throughout the city. There were then also pages discussing his past as it had been revealed he had killed his mother as revenge for her days as a prostitute and also the murder of Alexander's father, Johnathan. Upon reading these things I began to feel tears in my eyes.


    "So much pain," I heard him say behind me. I looked away from the pages for a moment, not back at him, but away, before returning them back to the dossier.

    It was becoming clear to me now. These women were his mother. These women all represented the vile and disgusting things human beings are capable of. His mother was no different. I found a sealed envelope inside the dossier and pulled it free. I opened it to find a simple letter addressed to Alexander himself from someone named Senior Inspector Robert Donovan. It was a top secret order to assassinate Lord British himself! I couldn't believe it. Once the murders of the women were discovered they exiled Alexander from Britain.

    "That's when you went to the farm," I said aloud. "That's when you became you."

    "You see?" he asked and I looked at him. "I did what was needed. This world needed liberation and I became its liberator."

    "I understand now," I told him. "They could never understand. It wasn't until it was too late." I stood up and walked up to him. I brought my hands up to his face and removed the mask to show the very man from the sketch looking at me; I was looking into the eyes of my father.

    "This isn't me any longer," he said simply. "It's you."

    "I know," I replied.

    He smiled at me and held me close to him. Then it was over and I was alone in the room. I knew I would no longer see the image of him and no longer hear his voice. The manifestation of Carver, of Alexander Quentin, was no more for he was now living and breathing through me.

    I put all the documents away, got into bed, and slept the most peaceful sleep I had ever slept in my life. Tomorrow was a new day and my eyes were completely open. I would continue what my father had started so long ago.

    First thing was first the next morning: I needed to find a pig farm.

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    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Nine: Manifestation
    When I left Britain I headed through its farmlands to the west, not finding any suitable place to stop at. I continued through the mountain pass and headed north up the road. The air was warm or perhaps it was the warmth I now felt inside myself from my father. He was truly only alive through me.

    It took me several hours before I was finally at a farm that looked suitable. Night had fallen but that would simply make it easier to be more stealthy and hidden from whoever was around. Rain slowly began to drizzle the landscape and myself as I approached the farm, keeping an eye out for anyone that would get in my way. I pulled free a knife that I had stolen from the blacksmith in Britain and held it close.

    The farm was large with a barn looming in the distance. That's where I headed, clinging to the shadows and letting them envelope me like some kind of coat. I didn't see anyone even though I could tell there were lights present in the farmhouse meaning people were, indeed, present on the farm. I continued to the barn, slipping inside with relatively little noise.


    Once inside I surveyed the various livestock as they had cows, horses, and pigs. I bit my bottom lip seeing the pigs, anticipation making me get excited as my heart began racing. I walked up to the pen the pigs were being held in and I looked at them all. They moved around in their muddy mess, all huddled closely together. They looked miserable as one would imagine due to the cramped conditions of the pen. I looked back, for a brief moment, at the horses and I felt sad that I had to leave Caleb behind in Britain. I needed to be one with darkness on this one and Caleb had no place in that type of environment.

    When I saw the biggest and brutish pig I gripped my knife tighter. Part of me was nervous, not for the pig's death but because there were other ones in there and I didn't know if they had some instinctual herd mentality and would charge me or not. I tried to not think about it as I climbed the pen slowly and carefully, throwing a leg over the top, then the other, and climb down into the pen itself amongst the pigs.

    They all kept doing what they were doing but the one I was after stopped and eyed me as if it could sense I was there for him. I was trembling some even though I tried not to be. I very slowly began walking toward the brute pig as it stood staring at me. Once I got up to him I placed my free hand gently upon his head and pet him. He seemed to enjoy it and I continued to do so, smiling at his pleasure of the contact. He grunted some and I continued to smile as the feeling of my father coursed through my veins.

    I quickly ran the knife across the brute pig's throat letting it squeal out in pain. It thrashed at me and I quickly took several steps back while it continued to do so, blood seeping out of its throat and into the mud. The pig ceased thrashing and charged me. I wasn't able to move in time and it knocked me to the ground. Its big mouth was right above me and I could feel the beast's breath as its blood fell upon me like the rain outside.

    I stabbed at him viciously, creating dozens of wounds in his body with my uncoordinated stabs. He continued to squeal and cry out and soon he backed up off of me. I stood and walked up to him and stabbed him directly into the brain. He gave one last gasp and grunt before collapsing into the mud with a loud splosh. I was covered in mud and blood from him and I was breathing heavily, scared but excited. I looked around to make sure the other pigs kept their distance and then went over to the dead brute.


    I knelt down and began carving the face off this pig off of his body. It was calming, in an odd way, and it was as if the world became quiet as I did this; making a new face for myself. When I was finished I left the pen with the pig's face tucked away in my pack. I left the barn as rain continued to drizzle down and wash away some of the blood and mud upon me. But then I noticed a young girl with her parents looking at me and I froze.

    It was the farmer himself, his wife, and I assume their daughter. When I saw them staring at me in bewilderment I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. The sight of them reminded me of Papa, Mama, and myself on our own farm. I still had the knife in my hand which the farmer eyed, wielding a sledgehammer. The wife looked frightened of me and the daughter, who looked a little younger than myself, cowered by her mother's side.

    "He's dead," I simply told them.

    The farmer didn't wait for anything else and swiftly walked to me, his hammer being raised. I, without thinking, slashed at him with the knife. It cut him across the midsection and he winced and dropped his hammer, staggering back. The wound wasn't very deep but it was enough that blood seeped out. The mother and daughter screamed and ran, full force, back towards the farmhouse. I didn't hesitate. I ran to the farmer and began stabbing him repeatedly. When he was on the ground I slit his throat and watched his eyes glaze over. I began scooping up handfuls of his blood and running it over myself, through my hair, over my face.

    I stood and made my way to the house. I looked through the windows to find the mother and daughter huddled in the corner of the living room. I began pounding on the door, trying to get it, hearing their screams inside. When I couldn't make the door budge I tucked the knife into my pack, went back to the dead farmer, found his nearby sledge, and headed back to the house. I swung at the door, hearing the wood splinter and crack. I continued to do this until the door shattered and I walked inside.

    The mother was crying as well as the daughter. Both were terrified. And that's what I wanted; the terror. I enjoyed the feeling that they were terrified of me. Like father like daughter I suppose would be what people would say. I held the sledge tight as I walked up to them. The mother stood, still crying and began pleading, "Please don't hurt her." I eyed her daughter for a brief moment before looking back at the mother. "Please don't hurt her," she pleaded again.


    I swung the hammer swiftly through the air, hitting the mother in the neck, cracking and breaking it. Blood poured out of a broken and open neck and she fell to the floor with a hard thud. As blood pooled around her head I looked down at the daughter who was the most terrified person I had ever seen. That's when it hit me that this was me not that long ago. What felt like an eternity ago was simply a mere month or so prior. This girl was terrified like I was and she was awaiting whatever fate I bestowed upon her.

    I set the hammer down and pulled the knife free. As I stood over her she peed herself and I smiled at the sight. I was covered in her father's blood, the pig's blood, the mud, the grime, the filth. I motioned for her to stand up and she did, horrified and scared to do so.

    "You're all animals," I said to her. "You're all beasts. You're all swine."

    I stabbed her in the throat. I yanked the knife free as a fountain of blood sprayed out of her wound. She tried to grab at her neck in some feeble attempt to stop the bleeding but she couldn't stop it. She dropped to the floor after some bit of struggle like a sack of potatoes and died slowly. I stood in a house full of blood and corpses and looked to the mother's lifeless body. I used the knife and began to cut off pieces of her flesh and ate them to satiate my appetite. When I had my fill of her I ate pieces of the daughter and I smiled the entire time I did it.

    I moved into a room nearby that housed a sewing kit. I quickly began collecting scraps of leather and pulled free the pig face from my pack. I worked and sewed until I was happy with my new face. I smiled at it and put it on. I then made my way to a mirror that was mounted on the wall and I looked at the new me. This was who I was, now, and I would carry on what my father did.

    I left the house and walked into the night. I would return to where he did his liberation. The thought of it put a smile on my face beneath the mask. I will fulfill my father's legacy. I will become the manifestation of him.

    I will make you proud.

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    Jan 22, 2013
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  19. The_Carver

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    Oct 10, 2014

    Part Ten: Swine
    I watched her through the window. She was lighting a lantern and setting the table. She set plates for two others who weren't there. She stared at them for a long time. I just watched. Upon her own plate she put down some food; looked like beef and potatoes with some carrots. She sat down. She picked up the fork and knife. She cut into the beef; tiny slices; tiny pieces; tiny meat. She put the beef into her mouth. She chewed. I just watched.

    It was a long walk from that farm but I was right where I knew I needed to be. I was in the shadows by an old tree. She ate her food. She was completely and utterly alone. I was still covered in the blood of that family. I was still clutching my knife. I was still wearing my new face. I had never felt more alive nor correct in my course of action. I barely remember the time I didn't want to do this; it was now a fading memory.

    I creep along the grass towards the house. I spare a quick glance at an empty pen where animals should be but aren't. I go to a window to a room that is dark. I open the window slowly as to not make noise. I climb inside, touching down so softly onto the wood floor. I survey the room, letting my eyes adjust to the dark. I recognize the room. I stare at the closed door. I open it quietly and make my way through the house to the kitchen doorway to see her still eating.

    She stops chewing and swallows her food in a big gulp. She takes many gulps of her water. She sets the glass down and postures up. She can tell I am here. She doesn't look at me in the doorway but she knows.

    "Alix?" she asks, still not looking at me. "You've come back?"

    I take a step forward, letting the light from the lantern illuminate me for her to view. She slowly, nervously, looks up at me. She is scared of what she sees. Her lip trembles and her eyes well up. She is truly the most frightened person I had ever seen. She sobs while I just watch her do so.

    "Yes, Mama," I say, "I'm back. I'm home."

    Her sobbing gets worse and she tries to stand but her legs give out and she falls to her hands and knees. She screams out in terror and, perhaps, sadness? I watched her do all of this and I felt simply empty. She looked up at me and began crawling for the door that led outside. I slowly walk to her as she crawls. Soon I am standing above her. She turns onto her backside to sit and look up at me.


    "Why?" she whimpers out. "Why did you take her from me?"

    I'm not understanding. I have a puzzled look on my face but she can't see it beneath my new face. "Why did you take her from me?!" she shouts now through her tears and then I understand. She thought I was gone, replaced by the Carver; my father. I begin to laugh. The sound makes her blood run cold and her face is that of pure terror. I reach up and pull my new face off so she can see my old one and I smile at her.

    "Mama," I tell her, "don't be afraid. It's still me. I'm still me."

    "No," she whimpers, "you're not my Alix. I know what you are now. You're a monster. Your sickness has poisoned her and she's gone. You killed my little girl."

    "You're wrong," I say, anger in my voice. "I am not dead, Mama. I am here right before your eyes. I am still Alix. I now understand what my purpose is."

    She looks to me in defiance mixed with her fear. Her face is wet from tears and her eyes are glistening. "You won't get the satisfaction from killing me," she tells me, "not the one you want. You will feel empty. You're just a mindless beast roaming through this world. So go on then. If you're going to kill me then kill me."

    I look at her for a long moment before putting my new face back on. I reach out and she flinches but I still continue and place my free hand upon her cheek. She cries some, nestling her face into my palm. "I told you," I begin, looking down at my mother, "I would keep you safe. I am not here to kill you, Mama."

    She looks up at me with a puzzled look of her own. I help her to her feet and we look at each other; a mother and her child. She doesn't know what to say so we just look at each other. She wipes her eyes and nose before looking to one of the empty plates on the table. She then turns to me and asks, "Are you hungry?"

    I am eating some beef and potatoes, no carrots. I shovel the food into my mouth while my new face rests on the table near my plate. I don't look at her but I can tell Mama is watching me from across the table. She's still very scared of me. I ravage the food like an animal and then look up to her. "Is there more beef?" I ask.

    "Yes," she replies, "but it isn't cooked yet."

    "Bring me that."


    She lets out a scared deep breath before going to the cupboard and pulling free some wrapped up raw meat. She places it on the table while I finish what's on my plate and I quickly grab the wrapped up beef, unfold the paper, grab hold of the beef, and take a giant bite off of it. Mama watches me do this and I feel like she's about to be sick.

    It was sometime later when I was standing at the grave of Papa. I look down at it while Mama stands next to me. She is staring down at it too. "I want my real father's remains to be buried here as well," I tell her. "Do you know where Trinsic buried him?"

    "I don't," she tells me. "I don't want him buried here, Alix."

    "It's the right thing to do. He was my father."

    "He was a monster."

    "I wish I could make you understand, Mama," I say, looking up to her. "He wasn't what you thought he was. I understand him. It helped me to understand myself. And I hope, in time, you'll understand too."

    I walk back to the house while she stands at the grave for a little while longer. I grab my new face off of the table and head to my bedroom, lighting a lantern and stand at my window peering out. It wasn't that long ago I was having those nightmares of my father staring back at me. Now I saw something different; I saw myself staring back at me. I knew what I had to do.

    "What will you do now?" I hear Mama ask from the doorway.

    "I will finish what he started," I tell her, still looking out the window. "I will kill all those swine in Trinsic. I will make them pay for what they have done. And, unlike my father, I will do something he never could or maybe didn't want to: I will kill Skye Wolfbane."

    I turn to face Mama but look in surprise as she's pointing a loaded crossbow at me. "I won't let you do this," she says, aiming the crossbow right at my chest.

    "Mama-" I begin.
  20. The_Carver

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    Oct 10, 2014
    "Stop!" she shouts. "You are not my daughter! You've corrupted her! I know you are in there! Your filthy sickness courses through her veins now! I will put a stop to this before it even begins!"

    I narrows my eyes at her and grit my teeth. "If you're going to kill me," I say, my voice becoming more low and guttural, "then shoot. Otherwise get out of here."


    "Damn you," she says and fires the crossbow. The bolt sails through the air in a flash and hits me in the chest. I stumble backward a little bit and stare down in shock that she did it.

    I look back up at her with a look of disbelief followed by disappointment. She looks at me, puzzled and frightened that I have not toppled over. I yank the bolt free and let it drop to the ground. I let out a very long and disappointed sigh before I look up at her.

    "I really wanted you to see," I tell her. "I really wanted you to understand. But you never will understand."

    I pull open my coat to reveal armor underneath; hard studded leather with a hole from the bolt. The armor saved me from the bolt piercing my actual flesh. She is paralyzed with fear and lets the crossbow drop. I look at her with anger. I pull my knife free from the small sheathe attached to my belt. I put on my new face. I walk to her as she backs up slowly, frightened.

    Soon I rush her and knock her to the ground. I begin repeatedly kicking her as she cries out in agony. I feel ribs crack underneath my boot and I hear her screams echo inside my head. She is crying and afraid. I kneel down so I am on top of her as she looked up at me. She reaches a hand up to try and grab at me and I slice her wrist with the knife. Blood pours out and she looks in panic at it before looking up at me. Her breathing is loud and scared.

    "You're wrong about me," I tell her. "I am still Alix. But Trinsic will know me by my father's handle."

    Her eyes are so wide I feel like they're going to burst out of their sockets. Her mouth is open and trembling. I place the knife against her throat. "Carver," I tell her, "they'll also call me the Carver."

    I slit Mama's throat and let the blood seep from the seam. I watch her look up at me as the life drains from her face and eyes until she is still and the light is gone. I stand and look down at what I have done. She would never have understood and I couldn't help her.

    I buried her in the same grave as Papa. I grabbed the lantern I had with me and heaved it into the barn at the hay bales. They lit up in flames almost instantly and soon the barn was on fire. I did the same with the house, letting it burn. I watched from the forest the giant fire as the structures began to collapse upon themselves.

    I smiled under my new face, turned into the opposite direction, and headed for Trinsic. I would finish this. They will know fear once more. They will be liberated. They are swine. They need to be cleansed.

    Maybe Mama was right. Alix is dead.

    For I am the Carver.

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