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Connection Issues (2016-07-06)

Discussion in 'News' started by Swayze, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    UPDATE 3 (July 7 - 3:37PM EST):

    Host has yet to fully set up the new server.

    UPDATE 2 (July 7 - 1:40PM EST):

    New server has been purchased. It is currently in the process of being set up.


    We have ordered a new host and will be switching over on the 7th (tomorrow).
    We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused a few of you during this, it's all been very interesting on our side.


    Some of you may be experiencing some issues logging in. We are looking to resolve these issues with the server host and have been working with them for the past 4 hours.

    Please try and get ahold of a staff member on the forum, IRC, discord and provide your IP address to us. If you do not know how to find your IP address visit the following: http://www.whatsmyip.org/

    In the mean time if you are having issues please try the following:

    1. click start
    2. type "cmd" (without quotes)
    3. once the command window comes up type "ipconfig /flushdns" (without quotes)
    4. restart your computer

    Basically the short version of the issues is a few people's IPs who have been blocked by the server because of suspicious activity. We have been working with the host to get this resolved.

    If the above does not work please try some of the following:
    - Update the firmware on your router/modem
    - Change the credentials to log into the router/modem
    - If possible, disable WAN-side administration to the router/modem
    - Scan your PC and home network for malicious software and viruses
    - Update the firmware and change the passwords on other internet connected devices -- particular video surveillance devices

    We want to apologize for any inconvenience this has cause and are working to get it resolved ASAP.
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  2. Szapherdok

    Szapherdok Well-Known Member

    I will try that method in a moment but I'll have to shut down all the wifi and router and shit in the house to do it so I'll try that once kiddos are in bed here in a bit.

    Thank You for acknowledging the issue and working to fix it and providing some methods to try to resolve the problem.
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  3. Szapherdok

    Szapherdok Well-Known Member

    Basically the short version of the issues is a few people's IPs who have been blocked by the server because of suspicious activity. We have been working with the host to get this resolved.

    ^ Is that completely random / generalized type of statement BTW? I know for a fact I have never tried to DDOS our server or do anything 'suspicious' to the server here, and even if I were (which, again, I would never try to harm the server I play on lol) I'm sure as hell not dumb enough to use my own standard IP/ISP to do it haha.
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  4. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

    No, sorry I should have explained that a bit more. We are not accusing you of anything but what some DDOS services do is take a bunch of IP addresses (they seem to have used your ISP (charter) to get these IPs) and use those to send requests to our server.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, we are working to get this resolved.
  5. noobs705

    noobs705 Well-Known Member

    Tried the 4 steps no dice for me :(
  6. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Whatever service that was used to do the DoS attack must have been using chartered bots and so the host blocked a bunch of the charter ISP which is their right to do so for sure. This is not our fault, your fault or our hosts fault.

    We will get this fixed up for you, just hang tight for now, we appreciate it.
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  7. Szapherdok

    Szapherdok Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all the staff for working on this. Shane I responded to your IRC PM about Sallos, but in case it helps in any way, I personally don't use Sallos, have never installed it to my recognition or downloaded the offical UOF sallos installer.

    I enjoy too many of the original art files and sounds and stuff haha.

    Thanks again !
  8. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    is anyone in the game or is the system still down
  9. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, there's people in game - I am. System is not down.
  10. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    I have been trying to load the system up to the point were i put in the password and the system is not responding at all
  11. Johntruman

    Johntruman Well-Known Member

    Will not let me on still

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  12. Johntruman

    Johntruman Well-Known Member

    Charter Internet ftw, not...

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  13. bobwhite

    bobwhite Well-Known Member

    I spoke with NFO.

    They basically told my SPECIFIC IP address was used in an attack against them.
    Having more knowledge about DDoS than NFO does, I attempted to throw some logic at them.

    "Attacker meticulously locates IP addresses of players on this server, infects them at a router level, and uses them to attack the very game server they play."

    Pretty much 0 chance of that happening unless you target infected people on an OS level, not a router level. Gaining all of our IPS and then bruting our routers, again, pretty much 0 chance of that happening unless we were all infected on an OS level, not a router level as NFO suggested to me.

    I also came back to this server like a week ago, the chances of target infecting me on a router level and using my IP in this charade, again, pretty much 0.

    Having made sure my PC and my Router are not hijacked or infected, I am lead to believe you are correct and NFO literally has no clue what they are talking about.
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  14. Cerebellum

    Cerebellum Well-Known Member

    This is absolute BS.

    Furthermore, if it is indeed the same host, just a different IP range, how were these IP's not blacklisted an hour before the migration?

    Blacklisting an IP based on the IP range it attempted to "attack", and not the entire host is a piss poor security measure.

    Doesn't add up.
  15. ethirty

    ethirty Member

    still nothing here. tried all of the above
  16. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    This was my first thought too thats why i asked Szaph if he used a sallos program recently.
    Chances of this is extremely slim, we are leaning towards the host just being lazy/not caring. They will most likely just lose our business over it.
  17. Johntruman

    Johntruman Well-Known Member

    So basically I cannot play until when?

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  18. bobwhite

    bobwhite Well-Known Member

    They are actively working (and by this I mean waiting for the CEO to get online and approve) the removal of the IP addresses from the blacklist. Supposed to be done tonight.
  19. bobwhite

    bobwhite Well-Known Member

    Have you guys considered OVH? Great L4 DDoS protection and fairly stable data centers. They are the go to for most game hosts who need protection. You can null NFO for $5, the same cannot be said for OVH.
  20. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    OVH ping isn't the best, this host has been the best so far ping wise
    OVH only offers canadian / euro servers i believe.

    We will probably switch back to the backup host for now we are talking. We are looking into all options atm.
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