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Discussion in 'Looking For Group & Guild' started by PerrinBlackbow, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. PerrinBlackbow

    PerrinBlackbow Member

    May 11, 2017
    Perrin Blackbow
    Dakkon Blackbow
    Darg Blackbow
    Gecko Blackbow
    We got it all u want to join an awesome guild with some great players then look no further SKG is currently looking to expand its roster with a limited number of slots available! We are not a Mass recruiting guild so this is ur chance to join! Looking for some PVM Fun we do Champs/RDA's/Guild Hunts! Looking to PVP we have COM Factions! Looking to just PK and dirtnap some peeps with all ur L33Tness then we just may be the guild for u! Also now featuring a brand new Pirate/Assassin Roleplay group if that is ur thing! Guild events with a unique System for giving out rewards! We primarily use uoforever as our primary means of communication download @ www.discordapp.com
    Look me up on uoforever Dargothic#0681 or contact Jes#6832 either way we welcome you to the guild or the battlefield against us!
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