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C'mere Son! You Need To Improve Your Ship. That's Why You Sunk!

Discussion in 'Ultima Online Forever: Naval Combat' started by Mayor, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Mayor

    Mayor Well-Known Member

    New/Upgraded Naval Combat Vendor At Morgan Le Fays Yew Vendor Located North Of Yew Moongate!
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  2. Dewderonomy

    Dewderonomy Well-Known Member

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  3. Aumdadar

    Aumdadar Active Member

    Does this vendor no longer exist?
  4. Dewderonomy

    Dewderonomy Well-Known Member

    That vendor specifically might not, but there is one just east of the Minoc Healers (along the river), right outside of guard zone. Rumor has it that salvaged wreckage and flotsam are resold there by the Commission.
  5. Mayor

    Mayor Well-Known Member

    Indeed the vendor is gone but we have a whole new vendor house specified above
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