Cave + Island Summer Sale

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Cave + Island House Sale
With the new addition of new island designs and the ability to use the entire island as your house as promised last year, we have decided to put on a sale for not only islands but caves as well. This will run for a limited time.


From now until August 31st we will be offering the following:
Cave House - 40% Discount including Free Res Ankh ($250.00 Value)
Cave Upgrade To Island - 16.67% Discount
Island House - 28.5% Discount including Free Res Ankh ($250.00 Value)
No Lockdown Island Upgrade - 16.67% Discount
Lockdown Island Upgrade - 10% Discount

Each island comes with:
A 30x30 Ageless Plot (Never decays or drops)

The choice of putting your entrance wherever you wish in the world within reason (Not too close to towns or dungeons).
Option for a custom build by staff (to be discussed upon purchase)
Ability to customize not only your plot, but your entire island with addons and more. *Islands only*

Ability to upgrade to other island types and environments.
The purchase goes towards your over-all tier rewards.

How to purchase:
Message Shane in Discord referencing this post.
Ultima Online Forever Discord:
IF you know what you already want or you want to see prices you can simply:
Head to The Sale Store

Please note this is not retro active and will only apply from 07/19/2022 - 08/31/2022
If you have any concerns or issues please contact staff in our discord.
You can see original
prices here.
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