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Attn: Shane & Staff - Bring back Ship Ransom System, please?

Discussion in 'Ultima Online Forever: Naval Combat' started by Bruno D, Dec 30, 2015.

Bring back ransom system for ship vs. ship PvP

  1. No, I'm all about that tram life.

  2. Yes, because I like to -earn- my keep.

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  1. Bruno D

    Bruno D Well-Known Member

    Ahoy, Shane, Staff, UOF, landlubbers. salty sea worms and for those whom it may concern,

    When your ship is sunk there should be consequences, especially if you are a pirate.

    If you sink somebody's ship then you should be rewarded, especially if you are defending yourself.

    I am Dread Pirate Bloodbeard, The Pirate King of the infamous Buccaneers of the Blood Tide (Har).

    My crew and I are the undisputed champions of Sosaria's oceans therefore my input needs to be taken into consideration when determining the future of naval combat on UOF.

    Because of the way that the system is now, nobody cares about being sunk, and why should they?

    There is no fun in a fight when there is nothing worth fighting for.

    Naval combat used to be epic and now it has turned into a safety zone with risk free wealth to be had by all.

    Loot is easily removed from the ship to your bank or house while at sea, leaving no risk and no reward in ship vs. ship PvP.

    Ship upgrades are cheap and easy to replace IF they are even used.

    Why would you put upgrades on a ship if there is no reason to defend it and no reason to engage other ships?

    Most simply recall out to the bank and wait for their ship to be delivered to them free of charge, courtesy of us, so that they can come right back out and keep earning risk free gold on OUR waters and quite a lot of it.

    There is no risk and there is no reward in naval combat anymore.

    Breath a little life into the sea again.

    Bring back the ransom system, please.

    This time allow the sinker of the ship to determine the price of the ransom and if the sunken does not agree then they can sail back and repair it, give them a 30 minute window if you have to, plenty of time to rally a crew, some dragons and fresh cannon balls.

    By bringing back a ransom system it will give players a reason to use ship upgrades because they won't want to lose a fight.
    This will help the overall economy by increasing the value of upgrades in general by putting them in higher demand.

    By bringing back a ransom system it will motivate people to hunt down pirates like ourselves so that they may be rewarded with our glorious fleets filled with treasure and our powerful upgrades.

    By bringing back a ransom system players will have a reason to build new ships. This will also help the overall economy because it will give players a reason to go out on the whirlpools to gather the materials needed to build ships. Ships will also be in higher demand.

    This will make naval combat worthwhile and epic again, the way UO should be.

    This will give people a reason to play -together- instead of AFKing alone while becoming rich at no risk to them in the process.

    Go ahead and make (Blessed) ships available on the donation vendors once in a while in unique hues, hell make strobe ships if that is what it takes (E X P E N S I V E ones!!). This way those that who wish to continue becoming wealthy without risking anything can do so without shedding a single tear. (Players will have something worth donating cash for and you will get paid for your dedication, hard work and so that UOF can be glorious again, or at least worth playing again for sea lovers.)

    This is a win, win, win solution to the current sad state of affairs on our waters and a chance to get more donation $ to help the server continue to thrive into a worthwhile future.

    This is our only demand.

    In return, (Har) and our new allies are more than willing to make the seas interesting for everyone again and promise to be as honorable as our salty hearts will allow while everyone adjusts to a worthwhile life at sea again.

    Thank you for your time and consideration on this pressing matter.


    Dread Pirate King Bloodbeard,
    Captain, Buccaneers of the Blood Tide (Har)
    On behalf of my crew, our allies and everyone who desires for a worthwhile life at sea again.
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  2. Trojandrew

    Trojandrew Well-Known Member

    or you could make a ransom only if both ships are involved in naval combat.

    im not taking a gallon out to catch some nets/mibs, I'm taking a small dragon. so i (may) lose up to 35k gold, and not have to risk my hide. but if we're all out and trying to pvp action on the seas in boats that are prepared, i can understand using a bounty in that situation.

    it would make actual naval pvp more interesting
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  3. bane

    bane Well-Known Member

    Didn't read whole post so sorry if this was already covered but it would be best if ships ransom functioned like temp stat loss with a shorter timer. Essentially pay the ransom to get the ship back immediately or wait until a time expires to get the ship back.
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  4. Jacob Scallywag

    Jacob Scallywag Well-Known Member

    [e chuckle

    Thank you for the laugh...I'm Jacob Scallwag...my brother @Jake Scallywag and I, as well as @Phineas and @Godsrage and the rest of the Trinsic Navy/RedRum, are the "undisputed champions" of TRINSIC waters (fixed it for you).

    You say your name is Bloodbeard...how is it I have NEVER seen you out at sea, and you believe that your word means a lot? Sure, maybe against the Blackwind you may have had some fights, but against Two Scallywags One Boat, you have never been seen sir.

    You had me all...


    Good day sir!
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  5. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Actually I kinda like this ^^
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  6. Malkraven

    Malkraven Well-Known Member

    Actually Har dominated this new system when it was first release

    first galleon (har) (me)
    2nd galleon (har) (The Goonsquad guys)

    me and @ScooterUo dominated everyone at sea for the first 2 months this system was in to the point everyone said we cheated. then we got bored at the complete lack of competition. then trinsic finaly got a galleon and went to sea and PCH turned up

    By this point i was bored as fuck and went back to real pvp. As for Phineas i gave this kid his first cannon balls when he used to run from his own guildy ships..... but lets not derail TKS thread just cos you are a buthurt nerd. its a good idea and would get more people back on the sea
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 30, 2015
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  7. Phineas

    Phineas Well-Known Member

    Lmao.. easy now girlie man
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  8. Malkraven

    Malkraven Well-Known Member

    haha chill bitch and you know for a fact i gave u loads of mods and cannon balls when ships first came out.

    just after we quit the sea u got railed out by TRIN so much u joined them. You also know its true you used to run from me while i was chasing your spamming dude im in your guild come back!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 30, 2015
  9. Phineas

    Phineas Well-Known Member

    It's all true.. I couldn't take the pressure.. Trin forced me into submission.. lol
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  10. Jake Scallywag

    Jake Scallywag New Member

    Such hate..I recall that first galleon being sank in like 10 minutes once put out ha! @Jack Scallywag

    anyways would love more people at sea yes
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  11. Malkraven

    Malkraven Well-Known Member

    it did when we left it afk yes
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  12. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    *grins mischievously*
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  13. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    But honestly, I don't know if it would bring more people out. May bring more pirate types but the general population would be too afraid to lose their boats that cost a decent amount of money, especially galleons. You can't have people spending millions on a boat for it to be captured. No one would take one out. Maybe it a ransom system was put back in place it might work. The idea is to have more battles, not collect 100 boats.
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  14. Bruno D

    Bruno D Well-Known Member

    So the way the ransom system worked was that if you sunk somebody's ship then they could pay the small ransom to get it back right away or they could come and repair it themselves.

    If they did not pay up then the ship could be repaired by anyone with a repair kit and kept for themselves.

    This worked well because those who didn't want to lose their ships could easily pay up, those who wanted to fight for it had 15 minutes to get back and fight before we could begin repairing it.

    The ransom can be determined by the player that sinks the ship or it can be pre-determined based off of the value of the ship model, either solution would work as long as the ransoms are significant enough to encourage players to defend their ships from being sunk.
  15. Jax Monroe

    Jax Monroe Well-Known Member

    Must be a different UOF because you've never been a champion of anything. Nor has your little ragtag pirate "guild."
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  16. Bruno D

    Bruno D Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that you agree with me about the ransom system.

    Don't be mad because we filled and surrounded your fair city's canals with 100's of ships, some players love to collect ships, it's a sandbox game, everybody has a different "idea" as to what is fun for them.

    For myself and my crew we enjoyed collecting ships, but more so we enjoyed the risk involved in collecting them, as well as the risk involved in losing everything if we were to lose a fight. We go out pirating with 100's of thousands of gold worth of loot on board in hopes of enticing players to fight us for it.

    That is what made the sea life exciting and now it is completely dull despite all of the other great additions.

    If someone is sailing around by themselves on a million dollar galleon, has no idea how to defend it and it gets sunk then that is on them. They don't have to use a galleon to make millions fishing.

    By making ships sinkable/loot-able you are giving the average player a chance to be able to sink players like that in order to earn the ship they deserve without spending a million gold to create it.

    That is why I suggested Shane add a donation item blessed ship to the donation vendor. This way, players that are about that tram life can float around and pretend to be a big sea dog without risking losing their ship.

    It won't take long to earn the gold to buy the donation coins as a fisherman on this server, since right now you can farm all the gold you want without having to risk anything.
  17. Jax Monroe

    Jax Monroe Well-Known Member

    Oh the irony.
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  18. Bruno D

    Bruno D Well-Known Member

    Jax, are you trying to say that you would rather conveniently place my ship in my bank box for me while saving me the trouble of dry docking instead of sinking it and getting a chance to keep it for yourself?

    Or are you just confirming that you like the way things are because you're afraid of a "rag tag pirate guild" taking your ship while we feel sorry for you?
  19. Jax Monroe

    Jax Monroe Well-Known Member

    Oh I'll tell you exactly what I meant in a PM if you want. Not going to make this some huge derailment.

    As far as your idea goes, sure, it'd be cool to have some risk because it would make sea fights fun again. It would make being a pirate mean a lot more than just the bragging rights of sinking a ship and that's it while the person just comes back like nothing happened. But, as @Skye Wolfbane pointed out, the major issue is most people who do MIBs and whirlpools and all that aren't there to PvP so they're not going to want to worry about losing their ship. And, yes, I know you already proposed some dono blessing thing. Well, then if that happens and most people do that, then aren't you back to square one? Doesn't really make sense. Either have it be unblessed and have risk, or leave it the way it is.

    And how could I be afraid of you? I forgot your guild even existed until 45 minutes ago.
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  20. Bruno D

    Bruno D Well-Known Member

    With the system Yoar was designing before leaving staff, the ship model would still go to your bank when sunk but you would have to repair it before replacing it back out on the water.

    I thought it was a little better then the way it is now but IMO the repair cost should be given to whoever sunk the ship, at least.

    However, I'd still like to see a ransom system in place that allows people to loot ships from those that are not willing to pay.

    UO is about risk vs. reward.

    (Har) made our fortunes when you -had- to risk losing your ships in order to gain wealth on the sea.

    AFK resource gathering is a perma ban grade offense because it is risk free gold.

    AFK fishing is also risk free without the risk of losing your ship.

    Some balance and excitement would be fantastic.

    If Dono ships are ever added they should be extremely expensive so that people still have to "earn" them one way or another. Either by supporting the server or by playing the game.

    Everyone could benefit and it would be easy to fix the current sad state of affairs on our waters.

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