Adds to Treasure Chests


I have noticed a few things on the monsters that I and others farm. Mostly, people will take the gold and move on, almost no one goes thru the bags on the monsters body. But there are a few things I will look for in the bags sometimes like bandages and food for pets and such. If you could add to Treasure Chests a bag of needed things. For instance every treasure chest had the chance to have one of the following bags in each . Each bag would help a specific skill set. Then you could get rid of the spell scrolls and add these bags to each treasure chest.

Blacksmith Bag: 100 Iron ingots (lesser chance better ingots) & a BoD

Carpenter Bag: 100 logs (lesser chance of better logs)

Mining Bag: (Gargoyle Pickaxe, Sturdy shovel, Prospecting tool) and Ingots

Tinkering Bag: 100 logs and 100 Ingots

Inscription Bag: 100 Blank scrolls, Scribe pen or 100 recall scrolls

Magery Bag: 50 of each regent

Tailoring Bag: 100 leather (lesser chance of better leather), Cloth & BoD's

Interested to hear from other people. Zigra