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Activity Report 1-13-2018

Discussion in 'The Knights Guild' started by Sir., Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Sir.

    Sir. Grandmaster

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham

    When the Halls of the Knight's guild are silent, 'tis surely a sign there must be a quest at hand, for the ever-vigilant guild of Knights have been all but inactive in the passing weeks and months.
    *pulls out his iStone*

    These here handy devices allow us ta communicate rather easily using the recently discovered magic of "disco". This allows us ta continuously stay in touch and gather together for adventures in the realm that sometimes leave areas such as these message boards quiet... Rest assured, we Knights be active and continue the quest for good, virtue and fight the odds against an increasing army of murderers, thieves and worse... Here be a review of some o the things we've done in the past few months (but not near all of it)!


    Taking on the minotaurs at an RDA! Huzzah!

    Everyone turns in Zombieland...

    Orcs can't hide!

    Nor can their master! Huzzah!


    Friar Enoch says a prayer over us before our Quest...

    The goal is simple...

    Torches with light levels off for epic atmospheric effect!

    The treasure keeper... and the real treasure; virtue! Huzzah!

    ... Spreading messages of peace.


    Game Night at WBB!

    Wrasslin night at the Spiritwood Spirits Tavern! We had to cheat to beat Blaine, haha! He's a good sport!

    But the Gypsy strikes back at the FNFK event!

    Promotion ceremonies and recruitment initiations!


    The Knights and Trinsic Guard rally to patrol the world for murderers! Be afraid, evil doers! Huzzah!

    Defending the people of the realm at the Arch Daemon from murderers:

    Tracking down and eliminating those who would declare war on the good and virtuous alliances of the realm!

    Laying siege to the Orc Fort! Smelly green skinned savages! Have at thee!!

    Double barreled dragon knights - I feel bad for that murderer! Huzzah!

    All must reconcile for their sins!

    Got what it takes to stand in rank with the good guys against a world of thugs and scoundrels? If ye really want a challenge, join the blue team; red is everywhere. Huzzah!!

    Stay posted for more reports in the future, or get in touch with one of our disco officers below to join the Knight's Guild today! Huzzah!!

    see sir.uoforever.com for more information

    Contact a recruiter on disco today!
    Sir. ( Sir.#1409 )
    Sir Reginald ( Sir Reginald#8813 )
    Sesshomaru ( Steele'Dish (Sesshomaru)#4331 )
    Rick Steves ( Rick Steves#1254 )
    Arctium Minus ( Arctium#7558 )
    Pentagruel ( Gargantua#1825 )
    Talmanes ( Talmanes#9528 )
    Talys ( m1splaced#8488 )
    Factavi ( Factavi#7389 )
    Garem ( uomo#5552 )


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