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Abominable Invasion/Events - Starting Dec 20th

Discussion in 'News' started by Swayze, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member


    No matter how hard he tried, and he tried with all of his might
    For two years he lost – Those Sosarians, they put up a fight!

    “I need to be bigger” he said with a scowl. “More muscles I need to win this Christmas brawl!”

    He ate all he could, even garbage from the ground
    But he didn't get stronger, he only became more round

    He hung upside down for days at a time
    Hoping he could stretch out his pure evil spine

    But the Grinch did not grow taller; He only got fatter
    “What can I do? This will not, cannot, do!”

    He jumped from his bed as a most evil plan formed in his head.
    He called to his dog, poor homely Max
    “Fetch me some reagents and a large can of wax!”

    “Then bring me some ice! Not a little, but a bunch!”
    “I will make a monster, bigger than I, with a strong pounding punch!

    He tossed all he had, including poor Max, into a large, black cauldron
    Then muttered a spell he learned from a witch named Moradon

    Then the Grinch laughed a laugh as evil as was his plan
    For he had just turned poor Max into a giant abominable snowman!

    The world of UO Forever, will soon be no more!
    He laughed one more time and grabbed the leash from the door.

    Come big, cold Max, to Sosaria we go!
    There we will end Christmas with mounds of ice and snow!

    (Story line credit to Skye of Trinsic)



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  2. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Thank you for allowing me to help be a part of the planning and story again this year! Such fun and can't wait for the events!
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  3. thestand

    thestand Well-Known Member

    Will Sallos users be able to see the monsters?
  4. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

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  5. Steele'Dish

    Steele'Dish Well-Known Member

    R.I.P Max, you poor little pup :(
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  6. NicebabyNiceNcie

    NicebabyNiceNcie Well-Known Member

    oh boy ! i cant wait!
  7. Wizx13

    Wizx13 Well-Known Member

  8. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    We've split this into 3 parts, part ONE was completed tonight, part 2 and 3 will come very soon.
  9. Grish'nak

    Grish'nak Well-Known Member

    Any footage for those that missed it?
  10. Alucard

    Alucard Well-Known Member

    hey pvm farmers )) - no one is watching a strange with Paragon&Christmas chests drop ?
    usually every ~tenth\fifteenth top paragon mob drops chest
    for the last 3 days kill ~ > 80 top Paragons (Balrons, Dragons...) ~ > 30 Christmas top mobs
    never for this days don't drop chest,
    this situation only with me :rolleyes::D ?
    or was downgraded drop success, at the time of Christmas Event ?
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  11. Nart

    Nart Active Member

    Same here, i forgot the paragon chests how they look like :rolleyes:
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  12. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    it like nothing droping @Shane or @Swayze all we are asking is can you check the system
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  13. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member


    Here are some screenshots from the event, if you have taken any yourself PLEASE post them below:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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