2021 Halloween Deco Contest

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2021 Halloween Decoration Contest

The Halloween season is upon us! We are ready to see some spooky house designs created by the players.


1. Deadline for submission is October 31st, 11:59PM PST (November 1rst 2:59AM EST/1:59 AM CST/12:59 AM MST). Anything posted after the deadline will be disqualified.

2. Post all of your screenshots in this thread. Only post contest submissions in this thread.

3. One house per player! Do not try to sneak in side by side houses.

4. Do not enter the same decoration design from previous years or copy from a website. Any house designed by me is not eligible to win. Must be completely player built/designed.

5. This is a decoration contest, having a house designed to fit your theme is good, but some form of Halloween decoration is a must.

6. Post the (X,Y) Coordinates of your house in your post. We will visit each one in person on judgment day. If we can not visit your house, then we can not judge it.

7. WE WILL BE JUDGING ALL AREAS OF THE HOUSE! Utilize your space to the best of your ability.

a few tips for success
Have a theme/story to your entry. Example: Pirate themed, dark and gory, and other themes from pop culture. You can also choose to tell a story with the decor. Whatever tickles your fancy! Just make sure it's Halloween related!

Use your space wisely! We judge based off of the ENTIRE house. not just one area. If an area seems to be lacking in sections it will hurt your score. The same is true for over doing it. It will hurt your score if it looks like a box of random Halloween deco exploded all over your house. Quantity<Quality

Small details can make a big impact. Creative use of ordinary items in ways not normally used can easily impress the judges.



1rst- 10k Dono, Golden Breaking Wheel and Hallowed Book of the Undead. (2093 Sparked hue, blessed silver slayer spellbook)

2nd - Sliver Breaking Wheel and 5k Dono

3rd - Bronze Breaking Wheel and 2.5k Dono

First - Dereliction
Second - Phrygian
Third - Kozilek​


My day was like any other day for the past 10 years. Spent in a dimly lit bar, alone with my thoughts.

But, today would end differently. From the door emerged a woman, dressed in all black, the familiar robe of a Cultist from the swamp near Trinsic. Everyone's eyes were on her. I tried to keep my eyes on my drink, but I couldn't help but think I almost recognized her...
She sat right next to me, and that's when I saw her eyes. It was Margaret. Hell, it had to have been years since I saw those eyes. What the hell was going on.
"John, I need your help." she asked, quietly. Everyone in the tavern was watching her, watching us.
She told me her story, of how she had joined with the Cultists and Witches, how they worshiped a Spider God. I had heard all the stories of them, about their obsession with blood, their animal sacrifices. But what she told me, went far beyond the rumors that circled Sosaria. They weren't just sacrificing animals. Men, women, even children who wandered into the swamp often went missing. She claimed that it was the work of the Cultists, that they were attempting to summon a great demon from the void, and needed human blood to do it.
"Why are you telling me all of this?" I asked. "What does this have to do with me?" I used to be an assassin, trained in stealth and good with a blade, but those days were long, long ago.
"I need your help; Ella needs your help." I could see the fear in her eyes and she uttered those words. She had a daughter, and it just now dawned on me that she wasn't here with her.

She told me how told me where I could find their castle, and gave me a robe and hat that she had smuggled out to help me blend in and try to infiltrate the place.

I made my way through the swamp, and found it easily enough. The smell of death and screams of horror led me right to it. I followed behind a group of Cultists and entered with them.

In the first room, you could see that evil, dark magic was common to these people. Horrible smells filled my nostrils, but I didn't dare flinch or risk being caught. I kept on.

In the next room, many of them gathered and listened to one of their deranged preachers spin tales about their "Spider God" and what sacrifices they had to make. It was all sounding very familiar.

I kept making my way through the area, and saw creatures summoned from pure blood sulking around. Summoned to do their evil bidding, these beasts were made out of blood itself, coming to life from a pool of blood in the room as they sang their evil incantations.

Up the stairs, I saw more horrors. A cemetery, surrounded by beasts of pure white, guardians of the place, summoned by death itself, some still draped in the bandages of the dead, corpses dug up from their very graves.

Another room, filled with beasts that looked to be made out of gold itself. Perhaps from the greed of those they slay, always looking for wealth and power.

Next to that, a room filled with dark gore and blood, with a summoning circle and charred creatures, as if they came from an inferno. A door also caught my eye, I might need to remember where this was for when I make my escape.

Up the stairs I encountered a library, no doubt full of books on dark, forbidden magic. 2 doors ahead were closed, maybe she would be in here...

But no, it was full of disgusting green beasts. You could smell the stench of the rotting swamp, the disgusting waste that they no doubt used to summon these creatures.

I made my way out to continue to the last floor.

Here at the top, I saw a horrible, terrible sight. Fountains of pure blood, and an executioner, who's axe was still bloody. This must be where they are making the sacrifices. It was gruesome, but no sign of Ella.

I felt like I had nowhere left to go. Maybe she wasn't here after all. Surely, this place was vile, but I saw no sign of her. Thinking I should make my way out, a strange clock caught my attention, drawing me to it. I went around a corner and hid, using my old ways of stealth, since surely this would have caught someone's attention.

Upon touching it, I was transported. I thought what I had seen up above was true horror. Now I knew, it was only the start. What rituals must take place here...

And that's when I saw it. A massive pit they had dug into the very ground itself, into an infinite darkness. This would be their most obscene summoned creature yet. A beast from the very void itself. I could see an evil claw start to emerge. Nearby, a group of cultists happily feasted on the remains of those people they had slain. I couldn't believe my own eyes... cannibals. Bloody remains and their evil tools were scattered across the table. Their demons had just torn another man apart nearby, as they collected the blood for their rituals.

I made my way, quietly, around the corner. I was too far in now, there was no going back. I had to try to find her... That's when I saw it. In this room full of the worst devices I had ever seen, instruments of pure torture... a white bonnet. How would I be able to tell Margaret.

I saw a ladder, and hoped maybe it was a way out. Climbing it, I could see the bones and body parts thrown everywhere... and then I saw it. Their Spider God, with two guardians sitting upon a thrown literally built from the bones of their victims. I knew I had to get the hell out of here, now.

I made my way as quickly as I could without revealing myself, back to the second floor. That door wouldn't catch too much attention as I fled.

I must now go spread this tale all throughout Sosaria. This evil cannot be allowed. We must storm this terrible castle and put an end to this horrible evil. They must not be allowed to summon this terrible void monster, or slay any more of our innocent citizens! We must stop them before they complete this ritual on All Hallows Eve!

Thank you for reading through my description of my Halloween Decoration Competition house this year. It was a lot of fun designing this plot around a story and theme that I hoped would provide a cool experience as you moved through the large 24x24 area. I think my favorite part would be the red windows on the first floor, they came out really cool! Thank you again. The house is completely open, anyone can walk on through. It's at 1892, 2333 in the swamp. Please turn off Circle of Transparency when making your way through, for the best experience. I tried to keep the design clean and readable, while still being immersive and fitting the story, hope you enjoy.


I had two very different ideas I wanted to run with and tried to combine them on different levels. Hope you guys enjoy! House is open to the public with teleporters access to anyone if people want to visit and explore!
Coords: 2017, 1052


First floor:

Now this next piece deserves some explanation....

ITS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Happened to a friend of a friend of mine... actually it happened TO ME! (many times, and yes, boots have been involved)

Now... To lighten the mood a little. Next floor please.


And then if you're looking for a bit of a party and sexual harassment (the scariest part honestly) head to the roof:

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


I've been really busy due to work, some of my decor has gone missing, and I'm honestly to tired to continue. I would have loved to work on it more but outside of one vendor that I added I haven't changed much from the screenshots.
71, 11N
49, 46 E

The idea was:
You heard of a house that only appears during Halloween, and it gives out the best candy. Visiting it, it's a witch's shop where you hear ghoulish screaming and howls. You explore the shop after getting candy and discover the basement with more candy then you could imagine, but below it you'd find the slaughtered remains of everyone whose entered the house and stayed past midnight.

But after midnight it would be revealed to be a prank house. The ghoulish screams from the "bedroom" upstairs, and other things as part of the mushrooms outside. But Again I couldnt finish it due to just everything crushing down. I hope it at least looks cool.


since i am looking for a bigger house, this might be the last chance to see my jewel : )
my entry for the decoration contest , i like crates no fancy deeds

theme: abandoned house, ruins
1442, 3082

the whole thing


kitchen, workshop

library, stable & storage


i couldn't have done this without the use of the white royal super ultra magic decorator tool, thanks


Located at X,Y coordinates (2122, 2400)

This Halloween are you….

Feeling lonely? Have no friends?.... or even just plain tired of “normal” people? Oh boy! Have I got some amazing news for you!

HELL’S GATE is now recruiting… and don’t worry, it’s not a CULT! HAHA, why would you think that? You don’t even have to be castrated! That’s optional... anyway… there are so many benefits! Come with me and I’ll take you on a personal tour…

First of all, you no longer need to worry about fashion, because we all wear the same clothes! Besides, the end is near and our very own Prophet Ramon (located on the 2nd floor just above the sacrificial chamber) has made personal contact with the aliens and he’s willing to allow YOU to join us on our voyage to the spacecraft as soon as it flies over head! Can you believe how selfless this guy is?! What a freakin’ Saint!


Heck! Once you join, you can even participate in the slaying of non-believers! It doesn’t stop there… you can basically slay anyone you want by bringing them to our talented Executioner, Titus (located on the top floor where all can see!)! He’s a little crazy… but as long as you wear your black robe and red shoes… you’ll be fine… maybe. If you end up on the top floor, mention “bones” or “blood” to hear Titus’ crazy ramblings. It’s quite horrifying. He doesn’t just execute… no…. he takes pride in removing all flesh from the bone and decorates the place with the remains. He calls it “art”…… we just let him express himself however he wants….


In case you missed it on our way up to the top floor, don’t forget to stop at the “Idol’s hookah lounge” on the patio of the 3rd floor (next to the gallows which… obviously hasn’t been used in years because no one dare question Titus’ execution methods lest they become his next art project). Isadora is the master of crafting delicious concoctions laced with all kinds of illegal substances that’ll definitely turn you into a believer.


Now once you head back inside, you’ll see our very own fortune teller suite with a really cool waiting room. Our teller’s name is Nostra Dumbahss. He’s good friends with Prophet Ramon and is the one who actually revealed when the world will end. Take a number… head in there and ask anything your little heart desires.


After you’ve visited the Idol’s Hookah lounge and had your fortune read, lets head back downstairs. You’ll find a teleporter in the northeast corner if you mosey on past the little armory and that creepy Jack-in-the-box “know-it-all” clown. I swear that thing is watching me and it definitely reads my mind… at least it used to because now I just block its brainwave hack attempts with my handy dandy tinfoil hat. You might wanna invest in one of those, they have many uses here…..


Oh yeah…. I almost lost my train of thought…. So anyway, take that teleporter right below the human excrement some protestor threw against the wall before he met his bitter end and was scattered on the roof…. hahahaha…. and it’ll bring you down to the old storage room. It’s pretty nasty in there too so put your shoes back on and watch out for rat feces. Honestly though, we really don’t go down there often anymore ever since the cellar was taken over by demons and other Hellish residents.

*Leans in close to your ear to whisper, and you notice his breath smells like he ate Terathan Turds for breakfast…* - The cellar actually used to be where we researched how to turn humans into zombies and bury important leaders. They even researched how to turn zombies back into their old human self just in case one of our own got turned. There’s some pretty crazy high-tech machinery down there too… but you didn’t hear that from me…


If you’re brave enough, over in that corner you’ll see a nice antique Grandfather clock… just give it a touch and it’ll send you right to the cellar. This is as far as I go, though… but be warned… the cellar is not for the faint of heart. I think you need a hall pass or something because there is literally a gaping hole in the earth that leads to Hell, and it’s surrounded by all sorts of creatures that probably aren’t nice. There’s one in particular that is a winged fire-breather in a white mask… he likes to hang out near the entrance and burn anything that comes in. That critter even knows magic and has a dang wand! Well... If you’re too scared to go down there I’ll just show you some old pictures.



*Guide has a confused look on his face* - I’m so absent minded… I forgot to show you the catacombs…. The very first thing you’ll see when you teleport to our big house from Yew Bank. This room used to be just for sacrifice and worship until it had to be dual purposed to include our old, mummified friends after the cellar got taken over.


If you head out the front door there, and look to your left… you’ll see a middle entrance that will take you up to Prophet Ramon’s quarters. The next entrance over there is a bridge that leads you to our graveyard which is followed by a staircase leading to the rest of our humble hideout that we already covered. Just step over that weirdo outcast Juka who somehow died... so perfectly... in everyone’s way, and of course shit himself on his way out…. *The guide rolls his eyes* We’re actually looking for a volunteer to remove the body and clean up his doodoo juice. I don’t know what his diet consisted of but that’s probably why it smells like two-week-old boiled dollar store canned cabbage and turnip greens with a hint of freshly baked crescent rolls…. as if it didn’t stink enough in that area since the bridge he’s on spans a small swampy area…


And be careful at the top of the stairs leading into the building there because Executioner Titus thought it would be funny to dump blood-filled torsos right above it to bathe newcomers in fresh, warm blood…. He’s a bit of a prankster.

So tell your friends to head on over here by horse, or go to the east side of Yew bank where we have 2 recruiters on either side of a free house-to-house teleporter! Can’t miss it! And don’t forget, before you step on the teleporter, grab your FREE robe and boots from either Bishop or Ardis so you’ll instantly fit right in!





My fellow Sosarians! Finding a good pizza can be hard, amirite? So last week, me and my friends were chilling in Covetous and we found the cutest little pizza place ever!!! When I say this place makes a tasty pie, I mean it. And they have such a fun atmosphere! Located at beautiful (2424,827) South of Minoc, you'll find Jeff's Pizza Paradise! Seriously, $9.99 for an extra large sausage pizza is such a good deal too. Check them out next time you're in the mood for some good pizza!














My business is death... Dario is the name. Dario the Damned. My mother did the make up corpses... my father designed instruments of torture. I took upon the job as caretaker of Paws Graveyard - and business was indeed booming. Now, I am left with the company of returners. You may call them the undead, but we have struck an unholy alliance. I now ply my trade by day, and pour through my library by candlelight; seeking to bring life to my bride. I fell in love with a dead girl.


My business is death... Dario is the name. Dario the Damned. My mother did the make up corpses... my father designed instruments of torture. I took upon the job as caretaker of Paws Graveyard - and business was indeed booming. Now, I am left with the company of returners. You may call them the undead, but we have struck an unholy alliance. I now ply my trade by day, and pour through my library by candlelight; seeking to bring life to my bride. I fell in love with a dead girl.
Research, conservation of fresh limbs... along with highly-tuned surgical devices... I have made a breakthrough in my research. I hope to create my companion.
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