2021 Christmas Decoration Competition

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The holiday season is upon us! Show us your best Christmas decorating skills for a chance at some nice prizes!

  1. Deadline is January 5th, before midnight PST! (Jan, 5th 2:59am EST) Anything submitted after the deadline will not be given consideration!!!!
  2. Post only your submissions in this thread! Any post that is not a valid entry will be deleted.
  3. Include the x,y coordinates in the post. We will visit each house in person to judge. (We would appreciate not using the coordinates with degrees, please don't make us bust out a sextant to locate your home.)
  4. This is a decoration contest, please include some form of decorations. Creativity with custom housing is nice, but decorations are a must!
  5. Any entries that are a copy of previous entries, or copied from a website will not be accepted.
a few tips for success

Have a theme/story to your entry. Example: Pirate themed, dark and gory, and other themes from pop culture. You can also choose to tell a story with the decor. Whatever tickles your fancy! Just make sure it's holiday related!

Use your space wisely! We judge based off of the ENTIRE house. not just one area. If an area seems to be lacking in sections it may hurt your score. The same is true for over doing it. It will hurt your score if it looks like a box of random holiday deco exploded all over your house. Quantity<Quality

Small details can make a big impact. Creative use of ordinary items in ways not normally used can easily impress the judges. Using deco in a transformative manner is more impressive than just simply setting out deco.

Be on time!

Good luck to all who enters! We look forward to seeing your hard work!



First place: 10k Dono , Gold Animated Christmas Tree , White Strobing Elven Shoes.
Second Place: 5k Dono , Silver Animated Christmas Tree
Third Place: 2.5K Dono , Bronze Animated Christmas Tree
All Participants: Greater Gold Nutcracker



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I'm submitting my house for consideration. Coordinates are 3957, 367. The house is located on NW Dagger Island immediately adjacent to the SE corner of decoy's keep.


We've all seen what has happened in 2021 with shipping and manufacturing delays. Well, I've got news for you, Santa is no different. So, the big guy thought this would be a good time to outsource a little, add another operation to help smooth out the delays. But, like so many other companies trying to squeeze every ounce of profit out of the population that they can during this pandemic, some corners were cut. Let this be a lesson, to always do your research, and have a hands on approach to your expansion. By the time the big guy came to see how things were going in the new division, it was too late. Poor hiring practices, lack of management, and substandard wages... well, this is what you get. I don't think these were the presents that he had in mind. They didn't take too kindly to him finally showing up and trying to boss everyone around last minute. You can still see his cape, next to the flames.

On another note, if you know anyone overweight with flight and animal handling experience, and hell, even a burglary background, send em our way, we need a new Santa.




Located on Booty Island, at 4128, 2036. Just listen for the mix of Christmas music and screams, can't miss it.


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Santa's Evil layer
Over the years Santa the Overseeyer has decided that no one deserves to make his nice list. The world is full of Naught, sending the world into a darkened madness of gifts.

Santa the Overseeyer is always making sure toys are being made 24/7, and elf dare not stop making toys or their head ends up on his tree.

While out delivering gifts he has his hooded goons ready to drop the hammer on anyone caught slacking.

The Homicidal Elves make gifts ready to deliver an explosive surprise

Location (1854,1057)


Happy Holidays from Santa's Log Cabin Resort!

Santa's missing, and I see some charred legs underneath his sleigh... and a bunch of dead reindeer.... probably all COVID deaths.

Coordinates: 3999, 265 on the North side of Dagger Isle up against the mountain.










71, 11N
49, 46 E

I made a poem for my entry:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Santa's elves were busy making shit for the toy shelves
Santa was happy all jolly with joy
for he was getting ready to deliver all good girls and boys their toys.

His wife chuckled and told him to not stay out late
She'd be excited to see the new food he'd bring back for their plates.
Santa went out on all Christmas Eve

after giving his sled a good heave
On Dasher on Prancer
The jolly man went

on Commit and Cupid
up into the sky his sled ascent.

To the land far away, to streets old and new
to houses toppling over, to the mansions in Yew.
Santa went on delivering his toys
collecting the food left out by the good little boys

He went until the dawn had arrived, back to his home with a great happy sigh
his wife of forever, and elves they knew
the great night he had and the chest full of strange brews

Cookies and cakes
large slices too

great legs of meat and cocktails ensued
The elves spent much time, they knew he took care

of each new food dish to add to his lair.
rows upon rows of sugary sweets
of fine meats and ale, and wine to drink.

The elves knew where to place each sack upon the ground for Santa to extract
he'd look over each plate, each sauce in the land, to add new ones to his hoard and give the rest to the elven clan.

they were happy, the food was so great, that no matter the rough year they always had food on their plates.
And as the dawn rose, the elves held hand and hand

as the dawn shined over the largest food collection in the land.
Santa held his dear, and hugged her tight He'd have fun with the edible underwear he found for her last night.
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