08/13/2022 Patch Notes + Hotfixes

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World Patch Notes featuring talisman, animal taming, targeting changes and more. Hotfixes (08/31/2022)


  • Fixed the issue where using vivify on a summon does not extend the timer. It now increases the summon duration by a flat 8 minutes.
  • Vivify will now reduces the chance to be dispelled chance / (Level + 1), rather than a flat 30%. Vivify Level 3 will now reduce the dispel chance by more than the flat amount.
  • Reduced the experience required to level by half. Previous: 18000 * Level. Now 9000 * Level.
  • Max range for receive experience increased to 22 from 12.
  • If your talisman is dyed, Vivified creatures will now get their color from the talisman.

Explosion Potions
  • Fixed using the potion again after it has already been triggered.

  • Fixed the damage/heal packets for non-forever client users.
  • Switched the Bascinet and Norse Helm cliloc numbers. Patch Notes

Meta Mage Talisman:

  • Added Transcendence Relic
    • Relic is similar to a quicksilver type buff for mages.
    • Once using it your character will go into a trance, and be able to cast hostile spells up to -placeholder- times faster for 10 seconds.
    • Your character and clothes will turn blue during this state. Entering PvP will cancel the status.
  • Vivify Rework
    • Is now become an active relic, which will be triggered by clicking the ability and targeting a summoned creature.
    • Upon targeting a summon, an effect will surround the summon, if the summon stays within a 3 tiles it will receive the Vivify buff, empowering it based on the strength of the relic.
    • Can be triggered on an already vivified summon and it will restore health, and mana.
    • XP for the relic will be granted upon killing a sufficiently difficult mob, while also dealing minimum amount of damage.
    • Vivify current levels are halved. Increase in Stats/Skills adjusted to (Level * 6.66%) 66% increase at level 10. With exception to armor. Armor is increased by 4.44% per level.
    • Changed the vivify animation. Heals/Mana/Stamina increases now increase per tick, also work on non vivified summons.

Animal Taming
  • Taming now has a small chance to gain from using tamed animals.
  • Gain chance is based on the relative strength of the pet used, and the damage dealt, and the tamer's skill level.
  • Tamed creature's minimum taming skill required must be within 5 skill points of the tamer's skill level.
  • Relative strength is based on the following: max hit points, strength, dexterity, skills, special abilities such as relics, boss abilities, armor.
  • Gain chance is evaluated upon killing a creature.
  • Added rideable Drakes & Dragons

Meta Mantis
  • New Meta Mantis level 7 - Tempered Armor Mantis

Rolling text:
  • Regular rolling text on the CUO/Regular UO client is limited to damage dealt ONLY.
  • Forever client will be able to display damage, and stat changes.
  • Experience changes for talisman will be displayed by rolling text. (Forever Client Only)

- Hit points, mana, or stamina is immediately decreased upon being de-buffed. For example: If you are weakened and your max hit points were 100, and the weaken brought your max health to 88, your health would be set to 88 immediately.
- Fixed bug where militia shrouds would reduce armor continuously if you attempted to equip them without an equip macro.
- Removed the restriction that prevents non-militia members from being able to move militia shrouds.
- Added tool-tip showing the guild name for militia shrouds.
- Fixed AOE mechanics for friendly spells. This should be applied to both arch cure and arch protection.
- Aggressive spells such as explosion will as of now not apply any aggression until the spell lands.
- Fixed a few issues with cellars.
- Added active ability support to community with the Forever Client.
- Royal Decorator can now be used in upgraded islands.

Combination Item System:
  • This will allow items to be combined into greater items.
  • You can view the recipe required by scrolling over the items and/or the single clicking and viewing the menu.


- Targeting a person with an explosion potion will no longer count as an immediate aggressive action. Though, targeting someone with the potion will now force the potion to hi the person regardless of notoriety. Whereas targeting the ground near the person will follow those same rules.

Overdrive Only
Casting or firing projectiles on targets which do not share a transport (boat) will default to regular RunUO line of sight. Allowing you to cast over the edges of boats and shore lines. If both objects are on a boat regular Sphere style LOS rules will take effect.
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