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  1. Bromista

    WTT Completed

    thanks much
  2. Bromista

    WTT Completed

    sent you a friend request (banned from uof general)
  3. Bromista

    WTT Completed

    I am so down to buy the default hue/orange one Any interest in tiki torches? Or are we just doing cold hard currency?
  4. Bromista

    New to this server but not the game

    Your avatar is fucking boss
  5. Bromista

    WTT Completed

    Deal completed, 3 festival lights have been attained and 2 tiki torches are still available for trade/sale
  6. Bromista

    WTT Completed

    I believe I have arranged for the purchase of one festival light for gold piecez Will complete trade tomorrow and report back I know y'all are dying to see this thing come to a close
  7. Bromista

    WTT Completed

    I have 2 tiki torches and 2 festival lights I would like to have 4 festival lights Tiki torches have traditionally sold for a bit more than festival lights have. I am willing to trade down in value to get the items I desire. I value the festival lights at 400kish and the tikis at 500kish give...
  8. Bromista

    WTS Sold

    I bought dis
  9. Bromista

    WTS sold

  10. Bromista

    WTS Spirit Vines

    I'm banned on uo forever disco, I petitioned to @Shane since he was the one that pulled the trigger that he could lift the ban and mute me but he has chosen a different path I can only guess (no reply to PM)
  11. Bromista

    WTS Sold

  12. Bromista

    WTS Sold

  13. Bromista

    WTS Spirit Vines

  14. Bromista

    WTS Spirit Vines

    400 for the pair
  15. Bromista

    WTS 100% perfect Ele Ban bow!!

    Nice Get this guy a starting bid (Not actually serving as a starting bid)
  16. Bromista

    Picnic Basket?

    I think these drop from solens in Bucs. They don't seem to fetch a high gold amount.
  17. Bromista

    A Proposal for the Return of Stealable Rares

    Stealables were stealth added back into the game. I know that at least some are new additions. Perfectly stacked ingots are an example. There may be some old re-adds. Hard to say, staff has been tight-lipped about it.
  18. Bromista

    WTS Verite Reptile Slayer Katana

    Yeah I glossed right over that, was an awfully long title shoulda been a dead giveaway but I was probably high
  19. Bromista

    WTS 115 Taming 225k

    Thread is over 1 yr old sorry @Zeus that's a negative