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    Lone wolf Idea AKA solo players.

    Just a idea I was tossing out.
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    Lone wolf Idea AKA solo players.

    I have been playing UO for over 20 years solo. I was thinking of forming a guild, called wolfpack. It will be in 4 sections 1 PVM players can go do events as a team 2 PVP that group leader can train members in the art of PVP. 3 Mage leader can help train, and advise in the dark arts. 4...
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    Kind of new here.

    Why doesen't anyone one play on overdrive? am I missing something?
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    Another Noob question

    What are these runes with letters? do they mean anything? any value?
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    Stupid question. What is UO overdrive?

    Is this place worth planting my flag in? What is the difference from playing UO forever?
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    Question, before I get in too deep here.

    Is there housing ? Not looking for max storage. something in mid range? something to get my feet wet. Will look for larger later down the road.