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    A Proposal for the Return of Stealable Rares

    Think theyre added but to mobs s drops?
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    Haven't played in years. Are my characters still there?

    If you remember your account details then you should be golden. I came back after 3 years +. Everything was still there. Just download everything and continue. Also download discord as this isnt used as much anymore. Good luck Chief
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    WTB Vanquishing Supremely Accurate or close Double AXE'S PM me

    Ok I'll do it tonight or sometime today
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    WTS Some crap

    How much for the black 'merica staff? I'm not sure what to offer
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    WTS FREE Ice Dungeon Entrance House

    You got it Chief
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    Came back. New forum name same old Cack

    Aww I love you too. Going through some old threads here a lot of people missed me when I was gone. That means I did my job. My point was always to make people laugh. You never could know when someone needed it. P.s. @Harry Berries
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    Where is everyone from a few years ago?

    Tell his ass to get back on forums. I have no knowledge of this discord
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    A Proposal for the Return of Stealable Rares

    When it comes down to existence or non existence...I'd choose existence even if with knowable times. I speak for myself and Cack and Egor since he's gone again
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    WTS FREE Ice Dungeon Entrance House

    Missed the point completely. Congratulations! You win 25 gold. Please collect your winnings at WBB. Character name Super Obese Man
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    WTB Vanquishing Supremely Accurate or close Double AXE'S PM me

    I got a vanq double axe. See super obese man tonight
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    The quest for the blaze pack horse statue.

    Legend has it @cups went crazy and is still killing pack horses in a random lonely forest to this day. A second legend has @cups being turned into a pack horse by the uo God's after killing so many
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    Mass Item ID

    Just sell everything to a blacksmith. They'll id itf you at no cost or trouble
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    A Proposal for the Return of Stealable Rares

    Stealable rares were I've been checking my spots for nothing? Well that gives me more time tine to harass the crafting area
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    Archers misses a lot

    I'll sell you bows that hit 130% of the time...
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    Dragon Fruits

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    Dragon Fruits

    Gold is boarded too...please make gold decay! Nowz!
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    It's been a little while

    I don't think they would erase it. I didn't log in for 3 years and my accounts are fine. I just had to remember the passwords and account names. Broke into my accounts really. I'm sure you'll have to do the same unless @Shane can do something. I'd be interested in that because I can't remember...
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    WTS Brittanian Ship

    "cocaine fueled drunken binge" Don't know about anyone else but I'd like more info on this Bump for bromistas behemoth ship
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    Welcome. Your consciousness will be added to the man pile of consciousnesses