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    Scam Alert *In Game Vendor*

    Busted haha
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    Meta Mage Guide (A to Z)

    Little late for answers probably, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Currently I run mage/med/eval/resist/wrestling/spirit speak/alchemy and its okay I guess. Its especially good when doing champs or whatever with guildies, but the lack of armor while gaining experience really makes it hard to fend...
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    WTS Sold

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    WTB Shadow Disciple Relic 9m

    PM on here please or message on dis cord xyz987 #9173
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    WTS Dragon Egg Hue 1284 (Cyan) 3m

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    RAZOR PROFILE CLONE for new characters?

    Steam has a "dupe" option, do you see anything like that? Sorry corrupted my razor files somehow recently (I blame Endless Journey bullshit), or I would just figure it out for you. There's many helpful posters that frequent this forum and I'm sure one of them will be glad to help you the moment...
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    Animal Taming Question

    I don’t know this for sure, but I would assume the animal taming and animal lore requirements would be close to that of a nightmare. Somewhere around 92-96 real skill shown on both. But that’s only a guess, I have one but only got it after GMing taming. I would suggest grinding your taming and...
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    How to start AKA Sell me this pen

    Graveyards a good place to learn to manage your skills as they are generally pretty close to the guard zone, Jhelum graveyard is right beside the bank as well. You’ll outlevel these pretty quickly if you haven’t already, so it’s mostly just a place to get a hang of how your character will play...
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    How to start AKA Sell me this pen

    I began on this server by mining. Think I mined up something like 20k ingots to start with, sold those for around 150k, made a provo mage and jumped right in farming all but the toughest monsters. Might not be the most exciting way to start, but it is relatively risk free, and will get you a...
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    Skill points getting stuck

    Definitely no reason for it to be stuck then, try paging a GM in game.
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    Skill points getting stuck

    Have you tried dropping a point and seeing if you can gain after 50 then?
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    Recasting Bless for Duration Refresh

    Debuffs* not rebuffs, thanks auto correct.
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    Recasting Bless for Duration Refresh

    I think casting bless on a target that is already blessed should refresh the duration of the spell. Possibly even have this work for all stat buffs and rebuffs, though I’m not sure what kind of ramifications that would bring with it. The goal for me personally is that I will always be able to...
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    Boiling Blood...

    Also posting to say I like your house design.
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    WTS 100k s/b rares are back!

    175 for npc statuettes di-scord xyz987 #9173
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    [Solo-PVM] Lumberjack Question.

    I would say he most likely doesn’t have magery in this build, or LJ. But you’re right, you can only have 7x GM skills. I think he’s suggesting alchemy as an alternative to magery or hiding for your 7th skill, and I would agree that it would be a good way to go. Alchemy increases damage done by...
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    GUIDE: Taming 0-110 (now with science!)

    I've managed to make it to 110.5 by taming large hell cats, hell hounds, lava lizards, and imps. But gains have really stalled for me. What monsters would be more difficult to tame without the "angered" response? Are "angered" tames my only real choice at this point?
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    "face" book

    Sold mine for 650, was trying to get 800 lol but that's where we ended up at.
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    Dono Item: House to House Teleporter Deed

    How many charges does this originally come with? edit: sorry meant gold sink item